Sony 42LX1Eの取扱説明書

デバイスSony 42LX1Eの取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony 42LX1E
カテゴリ: 薄型テレビ
メーカー: Sony
サイズ: 1.31 MB
追加した日付: 7/3/2014
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2-149-745-03 (1)
Flat Panel Display

Operating Instructions
Mode d’emploi
Manual de instrucciones
Istruzioni per l’uso

 2004 Sony Corporation


This equipment has been tested and found to comply with WARNING the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a Owner’s Record residential installation. This equipment generates, uses, and The model and serial numbers are located on the rear. can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and Record the model and serial numbers in the spaces used in accordance wit


English Table of Contents Precautions ............................................................... 5 (GB) Location and Function of Parts and Controls ....... 7 (GB) Front / Rear / Side .................................................... 7 (GB) Indicator Section ...................................................... 8 (GB) Control Button Section (Top) .................................. 8 (GB) Connector Panel ....................................................... 9 (GB) Remote Commander RM-98


Setting up the Multi Display .................................. 34 (GB) Adjusting the Sound Quality ................................. 35 (GB) Adjusting the Treble, Bass, and Balance, etc. ....... 35 (GB) Restoring the Adjust Sound Menu Items to Their Original Settings ............................................... 35 (GB) Selecting the On-screen Language ...................... 36 (GB) Adjusting Color Matrix ........................................... 36 (GB) Controlling Power On/Off Automatical


Precautions • If you display a still image for a long time, ghosting may occur. This will disappear as time passes. Precautions • The panel surface or the cabinet may warm up during use. This does not indicate a malfunction. On safety •A nameplate indicating operating voltage, power On cleaning the display consumption, etc. is located on the rear of the unit. The panel surface • Should any solid object or liquid fall into the cabinet, •Be sure to unplug the power cord before cleaning the unplug


Precautions Warning on power connection Use the proper power cord for your local power supply. United States, Continental United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan Canada Europe Australia, New Zealand a) Plug type VM0233 COX-07 636 — VM1296 Female end VM0089 COX-02 VM0310B VM0303B VM1313 Cord type SVT H05VV-F CEE (13) 53rd (O.C) HVCTF Minimum cord set rating 10A/125V 10A/250V 10A/250V 10A/125V Safety approval UL/CSA VDE VDE DENAN-HO a) Note: Use an appropriate rating plug which complies with local regula


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 1 Indicator section For details on the Indicator section, see “Indicator Location and Function Section” on page 8 (GB). of Parts and Controls 2 Control button section For details on the control button section, see “Control Front / Rear / Side Button Section (Top)” on page 8 (GB). 3 Stand installation hooks Front Use these hooks to install the stand (not supplied). 4 SPEAKER Socket Connects the speakers (not supplied) to this socket to output the audio


Location and Function of Parts and Controls Indicator Section Control Button Section (Top) 12345 6 1 2 1 INPUT button 1 Remote control detector Receives the signals from the Remote Commander. Press to select a signal to be input from the INPUT or OPTION connector. 2 POWER/STANDBY indicator The signal to be input switches as follows each time Lights up in green when the display unit is powered you press the INPUT button. on. Lights up in red in the standby mode. Lights up in INPUT1


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 1 CONTROL S IN/OUT (Control S Signal Input/ Connector Panel Output) Connector (Minijack) You can control multiple devices with a single remote commander when connected to the CONTROL S connector of a video device or other display. Connect the CONTROL S OUT connector on this display to the CONTROL S IN connector of the other device, and 1 connect the CONTROL S IN connector on this display to the CONTROL S OUT connector of the other device. 2 2 REMOTE (R


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 7 COMPONENT/RGB IN (A BKM-FW11 is RGB/COMPONENT ACTIVE THROUGH preinstalled only in the FWD-42LX1.) ADAPTOR BKM-FW12 (Not supplied) Y/G PB/CB/B PR/CR/R IN (BNC) : Connects to the analog RGB signal or component (YUV) signal output of a piece of video equipment or a computer. HD VD IN : Connects to the synchronization signal output of a computer. 1 AUDIO (Stereo minijack) : Inputs an audio signal. Connects to the audio output of a piece of video equipmen


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 7 PICTURE button Remote Commander RM-980 Selects Picture mode. Each press toggles between Vivid, Standard, and User 1 to 3. 1 2 8 ASPECT button MUTING DISPLAY STBY ON 3 Press to change the aspect ratio (Wide Mode). 4 5 qf 9 M/m/


Location and Function of Parts and Controls qk CHROMA button Adjusts the chroma when the picture mode is set to any of “User1” to “User3.” Press this button and adjust the chroma with the M/m or


Caution When mounting the display horizontally Caution Front 7 25 (9 /8) Provide an ample amount of space around the display 10 10 (4) (4) •When you use the display, make sure there is more space around the display than that shown in the figure below. This will allow for proper ventilation. 7 25 (9 /8) • The ambient temperature must be 0 °C to +35 °C (32 °F to 95 °F). •When installing the display horizontally, use the Side 5 (2) display stand SU-42FW/32FW (not supplied) as a stand. •Regarding th


Connections To remove the AC power cord Connections After squeezing the AC plug holder and freeing it, grasp the plug and pull out the AC power cord. Before you start • First make sure that the power to each piece of equipment is turned off. Attaching the ferrite cores •Use connecting cables suitable for the equipment to 1 Attach the ferrite cores to the ends of the cable, be connected. closing it until it clicks. • The cable connectors should be fully inserted into 13 Within 10 mm ( /32 inch) t


Connections Cable management The display has the cable covers on its back. Before connecting the cables to the display, pull the cable covers to open. After connecting the cables to the display, close the cable covers. Cable cover (bottom) Cable cover When you connect the speakers SS-SP42FW (not Using the cable holders supplied), route the speaker cords through the speaker cord holders on the rear of the display unit. (Only for You can neatly bundle the cables with the cable the FWD-42LX1/42LX1E


Using On-screen Menus 3 Press M/m to move the cursor (yellow) to the item you want to select and press ENTER. Using On-screen Menus The menu for the selected item appears. Select an different item by repeating this Operating Through Menus procedure. 4 Press M/m to adjust or select the setting and press ENTER to set it. Menu operating buttons The setting is registered and the menu returns to the previous menu. Use the buttons on the display unit or the Remote Commander for menu operations. To com


Using On-screen Menus PICTURE AND PICTURE (PAP) Adjust Sound menu You can make fine adjustment of the sound. Set Picture Mode to any of “User1” to “User3” first. You can show two pictures from different signal sources, such as a computer and a video, side by side. Note PICTURE AND PICTURE(PAP) You cannot adjust the following items when Picture PAP: Off Active Picture Mode is set to “Vivid” or “Standard.” Picture Size Picture Position For details, see “Adjusting the Sound Quality” on page 35 (GB


Using On-screen Menus HD Mode CUSTOM SETUP menu Selects a mode according to an HD analog component signal input to the display unit. You can reduce power consumption or set various 1080i: When a 1080i signal is input kinds of modes. 1035i: When a 1035i signal is input CUSTOM SETUP Power Saving: Standard RGB Mode Speaker Out: Off Closed Caption: Off Display: Off Sets the mode when a device that outputs RGB signals Color Matrix: Y/PB/PR HD Mode: 1080i is connected to the display unit. RGB Mode: D


Using On-screen Menus Illumination INITIAL SETUP/INFORMATION Switches the brightness of the “SONY” logo on the menu front of the display unit. You can select the on-screen language or the input signal, or set the Security Lock option. Remote INITIAL SETUP/INFORMATION Language: English This menu is used for remote control settings. Color System: Auto Auto Shut Off: Off Security Lock: Off Information Index Number Sets the index number of the display. Note Select Set ENTER Exit MENU When you set t


Using On-screen Menus Security Lock TIMER/CLOCK menu Sets the security lock on the display unit. Off: Disables the security lock. You can set the timer, adjust time, display the built-in On: With this item set to On, requires a password to clock, or make the unit power on/off at a set the security lock. predetermined time. For details, see “Setting the Security Lock” on page 38 TIMER/CLOCK (GB). Clock Set Clock Display: Off On/Off Timer Information This menu is used for displaying various infor

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