Aussie Vantage LP 6703C8FKK1の取扱説明書

デバイスAussie Vantage LP 6703C8FKK1の取扱説明書

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Aussie Vantage LP 6703C8FKK1の取扱説明書
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LP Gas Grill Assembly and Use Manual
For Outdoor Household Use Only. Not for Commercial Use.
Need Help? Need to Register Your Grill? Looking for Aussie Parts & Accessories?
Visit us online at Or call Aussie Customer Service at 1-800-251-7558
! !
• Failure to follow these intsructions could result in If you smell gas:
fire or explosion which could cause death, serious 1. Shut off gas to the appliance.
personal injury, or property damage. 2. Extinquis


2 NOTICE Meco Corporation strives to be a quality supplier of consumer products. If we omitted any parts needed for assembly, or you need troubleshooting information, please contact us using our toll free number or visit our website. It is important to register your grill and retain your receipt. 1-800-251-7558 Consumer Service Department 8 am - 5 pm E.S.T. Monday - Friday MECO CORPORATION 1-423-639-1171 (Telephone) 1500 Industrial Road 1-423-639-2570 (Fax) Greenville, TN 37745 USA www.aussi


3 Contents Preparation for Assembly ..............................................3 How to Perform a Leak Test ........................................ 16 Lighting Grill Using the Pulse-Spark Ignitor ................18 Packing Lists Manually Lighting the Grill .........................................20 Model 6703C8FKK1 .....................................................4 Lighting the Side Burner ............................................. 21 Assembly Instructions Check the Flame ...........


4 Packing List Box Description 1 Front Leg- Left Front Leg- Right Back Leg- Left 10 Back Leg- Right Fabric Privacy Panel 2 Wheels, 2 pcs. Wheel covers, 2 pcs. 9 Corner Braces, 4 pcs. 3 Cart Bottom Panel Cylinder Blocking Wire 8 4 Side Braces, 2 pcs. 7 5 Grease Pan 5 Foil Pan Bottom Panel 6 Hood/Body 7 Left Side Shelf with Side Burner Right Side Shelf 6 Side Burner Control Knob 7 8 Flame Diffuser, 3 pcs. 9 Cooking Grid, 3 pcs. 10 W


5 Assembly Instructions Step 1 Left Leg Frame Assembly Identify Legs by hole placement and lay on floor as shown. Fasten Corner Braces to Legs with 2) 1/4-20 x .50” bolts each. Attach Brace between legs with 4) 5/32 x .31” bolts each, open side facing up. Closed, flat side of brace will be flush with outside of legs. Left Back Leg - Note hole locations 1/4-20 x .50” Bolt set 4 pcs Left Front leg- Note hole locations VELCRO 5/32 x .31” Bolt set 4 pc Step 2 Right Leg Frame Assembly Repeat Step


6 7 Step 3 Cart Frame Assembly Attach Left Leg Frame and Right Leg Frame to Cart Bottom Panel with eight 1/4-20 x .50” Bolts and eight 1/4-20 x 1.50” Bolts. Fit one Frame onto Bottom Panel at a time and insert the .50” bolts down through the corner brackets into the Bottom Panel then insert the 1.50” bolts through the Legs into the sides of the Bottom Panel. Tighten all securely. 1/4-20 x .50” Bolt set 8 pc 1/4-20 x 1.50” Bolt set 8 pc Step 4 Wheel Assembly Attach the Wheel by first inserting


7 Step 5 Fabric Privacy Panel Assembly Attach the Fabric Privacy Panel between the Front Legs with 6) 5/32” x .31” bolts through the rigid sides of the Panel into the threaded holes on the inside of the Legs. The bottom corners attach with velcro to the Corner Braces. 5/32 x .31” Bolt set 6 pc WARNING ! To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: Never remove guards or devices to prevent storage of spare or oversize LP Gas Cylinders not recommended for this gril


8 CAUTION ! To reduce the risk of bodily injury from lifting, the following assembly steps #s 7 and 8 will require two people. Step 7 Hood/Body To Cart Assembly Lift the Hood/Body Assembly over the cart assembly and set it down until it rests on the top of the cart legs. Align the holes in the side of the Body with the holes in the legs. Insert two 1/4-20 x .50 Bolts through the holes in the firebox flanges (Back Left Side View) and into threaded inserts in the inside face of the back legs. Ins


9 CAUTION ! Prior to performing any further assembly, PERFORM “FIRST TIME USE” LEAK TEST as detailed on pages 16-17. If the grill is fully assembled before performing the First Time Use leak test, the side tables will need to be removed in order to perform the leak test on the valves behind the knobs, inside the control panel. Step 8 Side Table Assembly A. Screw two 1/4-20 x .50” Bolts into the two bottom threaded inserts on the outside of the Bowl. Do not screw Bolts all the way. Leave 1/8”


10 Step 9 Side Burner Valve Assembly NOTE: Side Burner Valve is already attached to the regulator hose. Hose is not shown in illustration for clarity. A. Install the Side Burner Valve from underneath the LEFT Side Table. First insert the valve stem out through the hole in the bezel and fascia on the front of the side table. Next, flex the tube of the burner down and insert the nozzle into the opening in the burner tube. B. Install two 5/32” x .31” Bolts through the Control Knob Bezel and fron


11 Step 11 A. Side Burner Control Knob Assembly Align the flat keyed hole in the Control Knob with the keyed stem of the Side Burner Valve. Push the Control Knob onto the Side Burner Valve stem. B. Side Burner Grid Assembly Place the Side Burner Grid onto Side Burner Table, allowing the three protruded ends to fall into the three holes around the Side Burner. A B Step 12 A. Bottom Body Panel Assembly Slide the Bottom Body Panel into the guides of the Body assembly. Secure Bottom Body Panel to


12 CAUTION ! To reduce the risk of a laceration hazard: • Wear protective gloves when installing warming rack. Hood and Bowl edges could be sharp. Step 13 Warming Rack / Flame Diffuser / Cooking Grid Assembly A. Insert Warming Rack leg ends into holes on top edge of firebox. Seat securely. B. Lay a Flame Diffuser from back to front over each Burner on the lower Body ridges. Place each Flame Diffuser in the individual guides to keep from sliding. C. Place the Cooking Grids over the Flame Diffuse


13 Connecting/Disconnecting the Gas Using Gas DANGER ! Carbon Monoxide Hazard • This appliance can produce carbon monoxide which has no odor. Using it in an enclosed space can kill you. • Never use this appliance indoors, on recreational vehicles, or boats. WARNING ! To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: • Use only propane gas with this LP gas grill. • Do not attempt to convert an LP unit to natural gas. • Always use a gas appliance outdoors in an open area


14 LP Hose and Regulator NOTE: WARNING ! If the hose/regulator assembly is not working properly and you need a replacement, contact Customer Service To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death at 1-800-251-7558 or go to from fire or explosion: Be sure to have the grill model number and serial • Clean and inspect the gas hose/regulator before number printed on the black label, located inside the each use of the outdoor cooking gas appliance. left door of the


15 Before Using Your LP Gas Grill Installation Codes WARNING ! To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: • This installation must conform with local codes or, in the absence of local codes, with either the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54 Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, CSA B149.1, or Propane Storage and Handling Code, B149.2 or the Standard for Recreational Vehicles, ANSI A 119.2/NFPA 1192 and CSA Z240 RV Series, recreational Vehicle C


16 How to Perform A Leak Test “FIRST TIME USE” and as required Supplies Needed for a Leak Test: • Clean paint brush • Water • Dish washing liquid 1. Use an LP Gas Cylinder equipped with an OPD (Overfill Prevention Device) and have it filled at an authorized LP gas dealer by a qualified attendant. 2. Make sure all grill Control Panel Knobs are turned to the “Off” position and verify that the LP Gas Cylinder valve is closed by turning the knob on the LP Gas Cylinder clockwise until it stops. 3.


17 6. Check for leaks by brushing the soap solution on all gas valves, hose connections and fittings. (Shown by the heavy arrows in Fig. 4, 5, and 6) Make sure you generously brush the locations with the soap solution, completely sur- rounding the connections and fittings. Fig. 5 Fig. 5a NOTE: After checking the connections and fittings in Figure 4, replace the control panel in the same manner as it was removed. Take special care to be sure the valve ends are inserted into the openings in the


18 Lighting the Grill Using the Pulse-Spark Ignitor WARNING ! To reduce the risk of death or serious injury from an explosion or a fire beneath the grill: • Inspect and clean Burner/Venturi Tubes for insects or insect nests. Spiders or small insects can build nests, webs, and lay eggs in the grill’s Venturi Tubes, (Fig 15, page 27) obstructing the flow of gas to the Burner. The backed-up gas can ignite behind the Control Panel and cause a fire beneath the grill, posing the risk of death or ser


19 5. Push the Igniter Button in until the Burner is lit. Listen for the spark ignition, and look to make sure the Burner is lit. If no spark, see Troubleshooting Section on page 30. 3/16” gap Gas Collector Box - If no spark, pinch together or open Gas Collector Box to adjust 3/16” gap between electrode tip and V-notch. Fig. 10 6. From the “Off” position, light all other Burners from left to right, making sure each Burner is lit before lighting the next. Your grill has a Crossover Ignition


20 Manually Lighting the Grill WARNING ! To reduce the risk of serious bodily injury or death from fire or explosion: • Open Hood before lighting the grill to prevent an explosion from gas build-up. 1. Open the Hood. 2. IMPORTANT: Make sure Control Knobs are turned “Off.” (Fig. 7 - P.18) 3. Turn the LP Gas Cylinder valve open counterclockwise until it stops. (Fig. 8- P.18) 4. Locate either the left or right match-lighting hole you intend to use underneath the Grill Bowl. Push in and turn either

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