BBQ Pro BQ04023-2の取扱説明書

デバイスBBQ Pro BQ04023-2の取扱説明書

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BBQ Pro BQ04023-2の取扱説明書
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Grill Guide
For Model BQ04023-2(BQ52006)
LP Gas Barbecue Grill
o ;
1. Read this Grill Guide before attempting to assemble or operate your grill.
2. Follow all safety instructions.
3. Check tbr leaks according to directions in this Grill Guide betbre operating your grill,
even if purchasing an assembled grill.
4. Keep this Grill Guide for future reference.
5. Contact _ 1-800-933-0527 should you need assembly assistance or have any questions.


Safety Precautions Always read and follow all DANGER, WARNING, AND FOR YOUR SAFETY notices in this Grill Guide. Failure to do may result in serious bodily injury or death, or in a fire or an explosion causing damage to property. 1. Grill installation must conform with local codes, or in their absence, with either the National Fuel Gas Code, ANSI Z223.1/NFPA 54, Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code, CSA B 149.1, or Propane Storage and Handling Code, B 149.2. 2. This gas grill shall be used o


Table of Contents Safety Precautions .................................................................................... 2 Table of Contents ..................................................................................... 3 Warranty .............................................................................................. 4 Customer Support Center ........................................................................... 4 Assembly Instructions ........................................


Limited Warranty The manuthcturer warrants to the original This limited warranty does not cover the cost of consumer-purchaser that this product shall be any inconvenience or property damage due to free from detects in workmanship and materials failure of the product and does not cover damage under normal and reasonable use when due to misuse, abuse, alteration, improper or assembled and operated according to this Grill failure to pertbrm normal and routine maintenance, discoloration, scratches,


Assembly Instructions This page will give you an overview of inforlnation to assemble your grill. The following pages will show in step-by-step detail how to do so. We offer the tbllowing suggestions to make your grill assembly as easy as possible. 1.) Read through the entire Assembly Instructions before you begin. 2.) Choose an area large enough to comtbrtably lay out all the parts and hardware with enough room to easily lrlaneuver. 3.) Have an area with a non-abrasive surthce where you can lay


Parts List BQ04023-2 BQ52006 Detail 1 Thermometer 37 Side Burner Inside Frame 2 Thermometer Seat 38 Side Burner Cover Support 3 Stainless Steel Lid- Outer 39 Side Burner Electrode Side Burner 4 Logo Plate 40 5 Name Plate 41 Side Burner Rear Bracket Side Burner Front Bracket 6 Lid Side Panel - Right 42 7 Lid Side Panel - Left 43 Side Burner Front Panel 8 Hood Handle 44 Grease Pan Grease Pan Handle 9 Handle Connector 45 10 Stainless Steel Lid- Inner 46 Right Side Table 11 Firebox-Back 47 Right Sid



Assembly Parts List CabinetandFireboxAssembly Side Burner Assembly... 1PC Side Shelf Assembly... 1PC Standard Casters...2PCS Locking Casters...2PCS Cooking Grates...3PCS Heat Diffusers...4PCS Warming Rack... 1PC Caster Caps...4PCS Warming Rack Bracket (left) Warming Rack Bracket (right) ,A WARNING DO NOT DISPOSE OF BATTERIES IN FIRE. BATTERIES MAY EXPLODE OR LEAK. Hardware List 4PCS F @) Control Knob 1PC Phillips Head Bolt M6*5/8"L Hex Wrench 1PC Phillips Head Bolt M6*3/8"L 8PCS G % 2PCS H Phill


STEP1 Insert 4 Caster Caps into the legs of the Cabinet and Firebox Assembly. Ensure the arrows on the top of the Caster Caps point out and away t_om the cabinet. Insert 2 Locldng Casters into 2 Caster Caps in the t_ont legs of Cabinet and Firebox Assembly. Insert 2 Standard Casters into 2 Caster Caps in the back legs of Cabinet and Firebox Assembly. Note: We recommend using a hammer and lightly tapping the Caster Caps and Casters into place. I /' STEP 2 Place Side Burner Assembly over the top o


STEP3 Insert 1 Insert 2 Attach the Side Burner Assembly to the Cabinet and Firebox Assembly using 2 Phillips Head Bolts (A) and 2 Lock Washers (D) going from the inside of the firebox and into the Side Burner Assembly as shown in Insert 1. Continue to attach the Side Burner I Assembly to Cabinet and Firebox Assembly using 2 Phillips Head Bolts (B) and 2 Lock Washers (D) going from underneath the Side Burner Assembly and into the cabinet legs as shown in Insert 2. Note: Longer Phillips Head Bolts


STEP 5 Insert the side burner valve into the side burner. The valve should be centered in the stein robe of the side burner. \ o STEP 6 Insert the valve stein up through the hole in the side burner front panel t_om the back side. Secure to the side burner front panel using 2 Phillips Head Bolts (C). Ensure the side burner valve is still centered in the stein robe of the side burner. If not, center it, which may involve loosening the 2 Phillips Head Bolts (C). Attach a Control Knob (F) to the val


STEP 7 Slide the side burner ignition wire over the side burner igniter connector. STEP 8 Place the Heat Diffusers inside the firebox. Ensure the long extensions on the front of the Heat Diffusers go into \ \ the appropriate holes at the *_ont of the firebox. /// 12


STEP 9 Insert the Cooking Grates into the firebox. The bottoms of the Cooking Grates have a support on each corner that should sit on the firebox lip. STEP 10 Attach the Left and Right Warming Rack Support Brackets to the inner left and right sides of the firebox walls using 4 Phillips Head Bolts (B) and 4 Lock Washers (D). Place the Wanning Rack in the Support Brackets. Bolt B Bolt B 13


STEP 11 Insert the smaller ends of"S" Hooks (E) into the side of the Side Shelf Assembly. STEP 12 Unscrew the electronic igniter top. Place the "AA" Battery (I) into the electronic igniter with the Positive (+) end _hcing up. Screw the electronic igniter top back into place on the electronic igniter. l/i/ onotd po batteries in a fire. Batteries may leak or explode. 14


STEP 13 Pull the cylinder support ring up to the top of the cabinet. Place the LP cylinder down into the tank support hole in the bottom panel. Ensure the valve faces toward the left panel of the cabinet. Unhook the LP Cylinder Support Ring as show, lower the LP Cylinder Support Ring over the top of the LP cylinder and wrap around the neck of the cylinder. Secure in place using the same hook. STEP 14 Remove any labels or additional packing material t?Oln the grill. Be sure to clean all tbaln pac


General Information and Instructions Your new BBQ Pro TM Grill has been designed and manufactured to high quality standards. It will provide you with many years of enjoyment with a minimal amount of maintenance. Please keep in mind the following FOR YOUR SAFETY. OPERATION 1. Your gas grill requires reasonable care during operation. It will be hot during cooking and cleaning. You should never leave the grill unattended or move the grill when in use. 2. Children should never use your gas grill. Ke


WARNING . Do not attempt to use a cylinder with any other type of connection device. 2. Do not attempt to use a cylinder with a larger capacity LP CYLINDER FILLING AND EXCHANGE Some areas only allow you to exchange your empty cylinder tbr a replacement that is already full. Other areas allow you to refill your cylinder. If you are in an area where you can refill your cylinder: 1. Use only a licensed dealer. 2. The dealer must first purge a new cylinder before filling. 3. Never fill a cylinder mo


DANGER Bubbles indicate a leak. In that case. call vour LP dealer or fire department immediatelv. TRANSPORTATION AND STORAGE 1. Always use the Safety Cap when transporting or storing your cylinder. 2. Do not store in a building, garage, or other enclosed area. 3. Always store your cylinder outside. 4. Store out of reach of children. Safety Cap [--- / 5. Always transport in an upright position. 6. Do not smoke when transporting your cylinder. Regulator and LP Cylinder Connections ,_ CAUTION MISE


Theregulatormustenterthe cylindervalvein astraight line. Center this nipple of the regulator into the cylinder valve. _.C.C.1 Type1Connector WARNING 1. Do not connect this grill to any unregulated sources of propane. 2. Protect the regulator fitting from damage when disconnected. A damaged regulator fitting may result in a gas leak when connected to a LP cylinder. 3. Inspect the gas hose before each use. Replace the hose assembly before use if you notice any flaying, cracking, or excessive wear.


Grill Placement ,_ FOR YOUR SAFETY AVERTISSEMENT . Minimum clearance required from sides 1. Ddgagement minimal a respecter entre and back of unit to ac[iacent combustible les cotes et l'arribre de l'appareil et uns construction is 24 inches (61 cm). construction combustible adjacente . Do not locate this outdoor cooking gas situde au-dessous de la partie appliance under unprotected overhead supdrieure de l'appareil, soit 24 pouces combustible surfaces. (61 cm) ; des cotes et 24 pouces (61 Cln) d

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