Admiral AAW-06CM1FHUEの取扱説明書

デバイスAdmiral AAW-06CM1FHUEの取扱説明書

デバイス: Admiral AAW-06CM1FHUE
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Admiral AAW-06CM1FHUEの取扱説明書
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Room Air Conditioner
Aire Acondicionado para Habitaciones
Use and Care Manual
Manual de Uso y Mantenimiento
Remote control
Mechanical control
Thank you very much for purchasing an Admiral air conditioner. Please read this Use and
Care Manual carefully before installing and using this appliance. Keep this manual for future reference.
Muchas gracias por comprar


Table of Contents Page Introduction 2 2 Parts Identification Electrical Specifications 4 5 Tips Before Installation Installation Instructions 6 Operating Instructions 9 Care and Maintenance 13 Trouble Shooting Guide 14 Warranty 15 ndice P gina Introducci n 16 16 Identificaci n de las Piezas 18 Especificaciones El ctricas 19 Consejos Antes de la Instalaci n Instrucciones de Instalaci n 20 Instrucciones de Operaci n 23 Cuidado y Mantenimiento 27 Gu a para la Soluci n de Problemas 28 29 Garant


Introduction Thank you for choosing this room air conditioner to cool your home. This USE AND CARE MANUAL provides information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new room air conditioner. If properly maintained, your air conditioner will give you many years of trouble free operation. To avoid installation difficulties, read instructions completely before starting. This manual contains information for the installation and operation of your room air conditioner. Part Identif


Saver Timer Fan T imer Mode A ir c o n d it io n e r Introduction Part Identification Remote control model Horizontal Air Vane Interior Air Outlet Vertical Air Vane Fresh Air Lever (for 6K Estar model only) Cabinet Air Filter(Inside) Front Panel Exterior Interior Air Air Inlet Inlet Grille Remote Control Control Panel Power Cord Remote Control Control Panel Mode High Fan Timer Speed Auto Mode Airconditioner Note: The figures in this manual are based on the external view of a standard model.


Electrical specifications 1. All wiring must comply with local and national ! Electric Shock Hazard electrical codes and must be installed by a licenced electrician. Once you have any If the air conditioner has a serial plate rating of 115 volts and up to and including 7.5 amps questions regarding the following instructions, the unit maybe on a fuse or circuit breaker contact a licenced electrician. with other devices. However, the maximum amps of all devices on that fuse or circuit break


Tips before installation Your Room Air Conditioner unit is designed to Your Room Air Conditioner was designed be highly efficient and save energy. Follow these for easy installation in a single or double-hung recommendations for greater efficiency. window. NOTE: This unit is NOT designed for vertical (slider type) windows. 1. Select the thermostat setting that suits your comfort needs and leave the thermostat at ! CAUTION ! that chosen setting. To avoid installation/operating difficulti


Installation instructions F. Your unit was designed to evaporate condensation ! CAUTION ! under normal conditions. However, under extreme Because the compressor is located on the humidity conditions, excess condensation may cause controls side of the unit (right side), this side base pan to overflow to the outside. will be heavier and more awkward to manipulate. The unit should be installed where condensation Inadequate support on the control side of the unit run-off cannot drip on pedestri


Installation instructions Window installation step 1. If your air conditioner cabinet 18'' wide, it will fit window openings 21'' to 32'' in wide. Minimum opening height is 14'' from bottom of sash to sill 21'' to 32'' (Fig. 1). Fig. 1 2. Insert the guide panels into the guides of the air conditioner. Fasten the curtains to the unit with screws (Fig. 2). 2/5 '' Screws Fig. 2 3. Cut the adhesive-backed seal strip to match the window width. Remove the backing from the seal strip and attach


7.5 7.5 T ime r Mode A ir c o n d it io n e r Fan Installation instructions Inner Sill Outer Sill 5. Install the L brackets on the outer sill with the Center Line 3/4'' Screw short side of the bracket against the back of the 3/4'' Screw inner sill. Install one L bracket 7.5 to each side Bracket of the center line. See Fig. 5. Short Side 6. Carefully lift the air conditioner and slide it into Fig. 5 the open window. Make sure the bottom guide of the air conditioner drops into the notches


Operating Instructions Mechanical control model MODE The mode knob controls fan speeds and cooling speeds. To set desired cooling temperature, simply rotate the mode knob dial to the appropriate setting. See Fig. 9. Thermostat knob Mode knob THERMOSTAT The thermostat automatically controls the cooling cycle (compressor) of the air conditioner to maintain room temperature. However, the fan motor will continue to operate after the compressor (cooling cycle) is completed. See Fig.9. LOW FAN will


Operating Instructions Control Panel You can easily operate this air conditioner by pressing the relevant Control Panel button on the control panel as well as the remote control. button The air conditioner will be started when it is energized or will be stopped when it is in operation, if you press this button. Mode button Each time the Mode button is pressed, the operation mode is changed in sequence: COOLING FAN ONLY ENERGY SAVING COOLING NOTE: After setting the mode, allow


Saver T im e r Operating Instructions Remote control BUTTON 1 The appliance will be started when it is energized or will be stopped when it is in operation, if you press this button. Mode BUTTON 2 Used to select the operation mode. Each time the Mode button is pressed, the operation modeis changed in sequence: COOLING FAN ONLY COOLING BUTTONS 3 Used to set room temperature in Cooling mode or used to set time in Timer mode. Temperature setting range is from 1


Fan r Tim e Mode A ir c o nd it io n e r Operating Instructions Remote control How to Insert the Batteries Remove the battery cover according to the arrow direction. Insert new batteries making sure that the (+) and (-) of battery are matched correctly. Reattach the cover by sliding it back into position. Note: Use 2 LR03 AAA(1.5volt) batteries. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Replace batteries with new ones of the same type when the display becomes dim. If the replacement is done within


Care and Maintenance When servicing the air conditioner, be sure to ! ! CAUTION turn the mode switch to the "OFF" position and disconnect the power cord from the electrical outlet. DO NOT forget to install the air filter. If the air conditioner is left to operate without the air filter, dust is not removed from the room and may 1. DO NOT use gasoline, benzine, thinner or cause your air conditioner to fail. other chemicals on the air conditioner as these When the air filter inlet grill and cab


Troubleshooting Guide Frequently, a problem is minor and a service call may not be necessary, use this troubleshooting guide for a possible solution. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SUGGESTED SOLUTION Air conditioner will No power to the unit. Check connection of power cord to not operate power source. Check fuse or circuit breaker. Set MODE knob to position other than "OFF". Inefficient or no cooling Dirty air filter. Clean or replace air filter. Inappropriate capacity Check with dealer to determine p


Warranty 5 YEAR FULL WARRANTY This product is warranted for 5 years from the date of original purchase. Any part which fails in materials or workmanship will be replaced within the warranty period. This warranty covers in home service. A copy of your proof of purchase, with date of purchase and product name included, is required to arrange this service repair. For the name and location of an authorized service provider nearest you, please CALL 1-877-465-3566. Please reference product name, bra


Introducci n Gracias por elegir este aire acondicionado para enfriar su hogar. Este MANUAL DE USO Y MANTENIMIENTO proporciona la informaci n necesaria para cuidar y mantener en forma adecuada su nuevo aire acondicionado. Funcionar sin problemas durante muchos anos si le brinda el mantenimiento apropiado. Para evitar problemas al instalarlo, lea completamente las instrucciones antes de comenzar. Este manual contiene informaci n acerca de la instalaci n y el funcionamiento del aire acondiciona


Saver Timer Fan T imer Mode A ir c o n d it io n e r Introducci n Identificaci n de las Piezas Modelo de Remoto controlador Aleta de Aire Horizontal Entrada de Aleta de Aire Vertical Aire Interior Palanca de Aire Fresco (s lo en el modelo K Estar) Gabinete Filtro de Aire (en el interior) Panel Frontal Entrada de Rejilla de Aire Exterior Entrada de Aire Interior Control Remoto Panel de Control Cable de Alimentaci n Control Remoto Panel de Control Mode High Fan Timer Speed Aut


Especificaciones el ctricas 1. Todos los cables deben cumplir con los c digos Peligro de Descarga El ctrica el ctricos locales y nacionales y los debe instalar un electricista licenciado. Si tiene preguntas Si el r tulo del aire acondicionado indica 115 relacionadas con las siguientes instrucciones, voltios y hasta 7.5 amperios, la unidad se comun quese con un electricista licenciado. puede conectar a un cortacircuito o fusible utilizado por otros dispositivos. No obstante, 2. Verifique


Consejos antes de la instalaci n El Aire Acondicionado para Habitaciones se ha disenado de modo tal que resulte f cil su instalaci n Su unidad de Aire Acondicionado para Habitaciones en ventanas armadas sencillas o dobles. NOTA: esta se ha disenado para lograr un alto rendimiento y unidad NO se ha disenado para ventanas verticales ahorrar energ a el ctrica. Siga las siguientes (de tipo deslizante). sugerencias para lograr un mayor rendimiento. ! PRECAUCI N ! 1. Ajuste el termostato a un n

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