Sony DR-BT22iKの取扱説明書

デバイスSony DR-BT22iKの取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony DR-BT22iK
カテゴリ: ヘッドフォン
メーカー: Sony
サイズ: 1.92 MB
追加した日付: 7/11/2013
ページ数: 44



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3-280-122-11 (1)
Wireless Stereo
Operating Instructions
© 2007 Sony Corporation
DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


iPod is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WARNING The Bluetooth word mark and logos are owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any To reduce the risk of fire or use of such marks by Sony Corporation is under license. electric shock, do not expose this Other trademarks and trade names are those apparatus to rain or moisture. of their respective owners. To reduce the risk of electrical MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology and shock, do not open


CompatibleiPodmodels The compatible iPod models are as follows. Update your iPod to use the latest software before you use it. iPod nano 2nd generation iPod 5th (aluminium) generation (video) iPodnano 1st generation iPod 4th generation (color display) iPod mini 1st generation iPod 4th generation Notes This Bluetooth transmitter is designed for
=> iPod only. You cannot connect any other portable audio players. Sony cannot accept responsibility in the
=> event that data recorded to iPod is


 DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1) DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


Calling with headset ..................29 Preparation for calling Table of (Bluetooth connection) ...........29 To receive a call.............................31 Contents To call ...............................................31 To terminate a call .......................31 What is Bluetooth wireless Controlling the Bluetooth technology? ...............................6 mobile phone – HFP, HSP........32 Features .........................................7 Calling while playing back music ...


What is Bluetooth wireless technology? ™ Bluetooth wireless technology Communication System: is a short-range wireless Bluetooth Specification version technology that enables wireless 2.0 data communication between Compatible Bluetooth Profile: digital devices, such as a A2DP (Advanced Audio – computer or digital camera. Distribution Profile) Bluetooth wireless technology AVRCP (Audio/Video – operates within a range of about Remote Control Profile) 10 meters (about 30 feet). (The f


Features This product is an audio kit comprising of a transmitter and headset using Bluetooth wireless technology. You can enjoy music wirelessly by transmitting the audio signals to a headset by connecting the Bluetooth transmitter to iPod (see page 3 for compatible iPod models) with the iPod connector* (30 pin). * iPod connector is a dedicated multiple connector for connecting accessories to your iPod. This product’s features are as follows: Wireless headset and transmitter for streaming


Getting Started Checking supplied items Bluetooth headset DR-BT22 (1)
=> Bluetooth transmitter TMR-BT8iP (1) AC power adaptor (1)
=> Operating Instructions (this book) (1)
=> Warranty Card (1)
=>  DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


R Location and Function of Parts Bluetooth headset   Headset indicator (blue) Right housing  Indicates the communication  Multi function button status of the headset. Controls various functions  Headset indicator (red) when calling with a headset Indicates the power status of by combining with a the headset. Bluetooth mobile phone.   Jog switch POWER button Controls various functions  Microphone when listening to music with a headset.  RESET button 


Bluetooth transmitter   iPod connector (0 pin) Power button Connects to the dock Performs the following: connector of an iPod • Turning on/off of the (page 16). transmitter (page 16). • Pairing (page 21).  Transmitter indicator • Initializing the transmitter Indicates the transmitter’s (page 41). status (page 23). Hereafter, “Bluetooth headset” is abbreviated as “headset,” and “Bluetooth transmitter” as “transmitter.” 10 DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1) DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


Basic use of headset Charging the headset The headset contains a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which should be charged before using for the first time. 1 Connect the supplied AC power adaptor to the DC IN 3 V jack on the headset. To an AC outlet Bluetooth headset To DC IN 3 V jack AC power adaptor (supplied) When the AC power adaptor is connected to an AC outlet, charging starts. Tips
=> If the AC power adaptor is connected to an AC outlet while the headset is turned on, the headset wi


Caution If the headset detects a problem while charging, the headset indicator (red) may turn off, although charging is not complete. Check for the following causes: – Ambient temperature exceeds the range of 0 °C – 40 °C (32 °F – 104 °F). – There is a problem with the battery. In this case, charge again within the above-mentioned temperature range. If the problem persists, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Notes If the battery is not used for a long time, battery may be quickly depleted,
=> h


Checking the remaining battery When pressing the POWER button while the headset is turned on, the headset indicator (red) flashes. You can check the remaining battery by the number of times the headset indicator (red) flashes. Headset Indicator (red) Status 3 times Full 2 times Mid 1 time Low (needs to charge) Note You cannot check the remaining battery immediately after the headset is turned on, or while pairing. When the battery is almost empty The headset indicator (red) flashes slowly aut


Folding Unfolding 1 Hold near the foldable part 1 Unfold the left housing of with both hands and lift up the headband as illustrated. the right housing to fold it as illustrated. 2 Expand the center part of the headband. 2 Close the center part of the headband. 3 Unfold the right housing of the headband. 3 Fold the left housing of the headband. 1 DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1) DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


Notes Wearing
=> Do not pull open this way. 1 Unfold the headset according to the procedures on page 14, then extend the headset to adjust the length. Be careful not to hit your face or
=> eyes with the top of the headband. 2 Put the housing with  indication on your left ear and  indication on your right ear, then place the headset over your head. 1 DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1) DR-BT22iK [GB] 3-280-122-11(1)


Connecting to an iPod Connect the transmitter to the dock connector port of an iPod (see page 3 for compatible iPod models) firmly. Dock connector port (30 pin) Power button To turn on the transmitter 1 Connect the transmitter to the iPod. 2 Press the power button of the transmitter for about 1 second to turn it on, or start to play back on iPod. When the transmitter turns on, the indicator flashes twice. Note If the transmitter cannot turn on, operate the iPod. To turn off the transmitter To


Notes To listen to music from the headphone jack of the iPod, disconnect the
=> transmitter from the iPod. While the transmitter is turned on, it consumes power from the iPod. We
=> recommend disconnect the transmitter from iPod when not using the Bluetooth function. If the headphone is connected to the iPod while the iPod is playing back, it
=> consumes power from iPod. If you turn off the transmitter while the iPod is playing back, iPod will power off.
=> It is not recommended to turn off


Operating Listening to music of the iPod You can listen to music of the iPod (see page 3 for compatible iPod models) on the headset. 1 Press and hold the POWER button on the headset for about 3 seconds. The headset indicator (blue) and headset indicator (red) flash together twice and the headset is turned on. 2 Connect the transmitter to the iPod then turn on the iPod and start playback on the iPod. The transmitter indicator status will vary as follows, and the Bluetooth connection between


 Tip You can control the volume on the headset. (The volume of the iPod is not changed.) You can also fast-forward or fast-rewind while playing back (page 20). Notes
=> Even if you control the volume on the iPod, sound from the headset will not change.
=> If the transmitter and the headset become out of range and the Bluetooth connection terminates, repeat the procedure from step 1.
=> Playback through a Bluetooth connection may cause noise, sound break, or playback speed change depending on


Controlling an iPod with the headset You can control an iPod (see page 3 for compatible iPod models) using the control button of the headset. Before starting remote control operation, check that step 1 and of  “Listening to music of the iPod” are completed (page 1).  Transmitter Remote control Bluetooth headset (playback, pause, etc.) Control for the iPod You can playback or pause the iPod by pressing the  button on the headset. You can turn off the iPod and transmitter by pressing and h

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