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デバイスApple 95014-2084の取扱説明書

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Apple 95014-2084の取扱説明書
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Video System
User’s Manual


K Apple Computer, Inc. © 1996 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Under the copyright laws, this manual may not be copied, in whole or in part, without the written consent of Apple. Your rights to the software are governed by the accompanying software license agreement. The Apple logo is a trademark of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Use of the “keyboard” Apple logo (Option-Shift-K) for commercial purposes without the prior written consent of Apple may c


CONTENTS Communications regulation information iv Preface vii 1 Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 1 What you should have 2 Installing the video input card 2 Installing the software 41 Connecting video equipment 43 2 Learning About the Software 51 Opening the Apple Video Player 52 Getting help 53 Choosing the correct video source 54 Adjusting the sound 56 Adjusting the picture 58 Changing the video window size 59 Changing the window color


Communications regulation information FCC statement This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device in accordance with the specifications in Part 15 of FCC rules. See instructions if interference to radio or television reception is suspected. Radio and television interference The equipment described in this manual generates, uses, and can radiate radio- frequency energy. If it is not installed and used properly—that is, in strict accordance with Ap


This product was tested for FCC compliance under conditions that included the use of Apple peripheral devices and Apple shielded cables and connectors between system components. It is important that you use Apple peripheral devices and shielded cables and connectors between system components to reduce the possibility of causing interference to radios, television sets, and other electronic devices. You can obtain Apple peripheral devices and the proper shielded cables and connectors through an Ap


PREFACE This manual tells you how to install and use the video input card and software, and connect video equipment, so that you can m view video from a variety of sources in a window that you can move or resize m adjust the color and sound m capture a single image or a series of images on disk vii


CHAPTER 1 Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment This chapter covers installing the video input card and software. It also shows how to connect video equipment to the card. If you purchased your computer with the video input card already installed, go to the section “Connecting Video Equipment,” later in this chapter. 1


What you should have Check your package to make sure you have both the video input card and an attachment screw. Your package also contains floppy disks from which you will install the software later. Video input card Grounding clip Attachment screw Note: The grounding clip may be a separate piece in your package. If so, you will attach it by following instructions later in the manual. Installing the video input card You install the video input card by attaching the card to the computer and the


Your compact computer may look like either of the computers pictured below; the steps for installing the card vary slightly depending on which model you have. If your computer looks like Style A, follow the first set of steps to install the video input card. If your system looks like Style B, skip to the second set of steps, “Installing the Card in Style B.” Style A Style B Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 3


Installing the card in Style A 1 Make sure you save any open documents and quit any open applications. Then turn off the computer. m Choose Shut Down from the Special menu, or press the Power key on the keyboard. m Then press the power switch at the back of the computer. Press the side of the switch marked with the j symbol. 2 Unplug all the cables except the power cord from your computer. Leaving the power cord plugged in helps protect the computer from electrostatic discharge damage. Importan


3 Use a screwdriver to remove the screws from the back panel. Note: Your computer may have only two screws (on either side of the back panel) to remove. Even if the back of your computer looks different, all the ports should be in the same location as pictured here. Remove these screws. (Your computer may have only two screws.) Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 5


4 With your fingertips, locate the two latches on the underside of the computer’s case. With your fingertips, locate the two latches on the underside of the computer’s case. 6 Chapter 1


5 Pulling gently, swing the panel up and slip it out. Pulling gently, swing the panel up and slip it out. Remember: Don’t walk around the room until you have finished installing the card and closed the computer. Move the logic board as little as possible while it’s outside the computer. Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 7


6 There is a wire handle on the back of the logic board. Swing it down and use it to pull the logic board toward you. Wire handle The logic board is plugged into a slot inside the computer. You may have to brace the computer with your other hand and pull firmly at first. Slide the entire logic board all the way out of the computer. 8 Chapter 1


7 Locate the video-in access cover on one side of the vertical plate attached to the logic board. Remove the cover from this opening by squeezing together the plastic tabs that hold it in place. Note: Your logic board may not look exactly like the one pictured here, but the video-in slot and plastic access cover are in the same position regardless of the logic board you have. The plastic access cover is on the other side of the vertical plate. Metal retainer Plastic tabs Video-in slot Vertical


8 Remove the video input card from its static-proof bag. Handle the card by its edges in order to avoid touching the connectors. 9 Attach the grounding clip to the S-video port of the video input card, if it isn’t attached already. Important Without the grounding clip attached, the S-video port may send insufficient power to equipment you connect to it. S-video port Grounding clip 10 Chapter 1


10 Making sure the grounding clip is on the card (as shown in step 9), plug the video input card firmly into the video-in slot on the logic board. Fit the three ports on the card into the port access hole. Make sure the card is firmly seated in the slot. Check to make sure the grounding clip is attached to the card before installing the card in the video-in slot. Ports Video-in slot Port access hole Vertical plate Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 11


11 Screw the card to the vertical plate on the logic board. (Use the provided attachment screw.) 12 Chapter 1


12 Swing the wire handle on the logic board back up into its storage position, securing it under its catch. Then fit the logic board into the guide rails on both sides of the computer’s interior. Make sure the logic board slides into the guides that are on both sides of the computer’s interior. Swing the handle up, into its storage position. Installing the Card and Software and Connecting Video Equipment 13


13 Press the reset button on the logic board. Then gently but firmly push the board back into place within the computer. You will need to push a little harder at the end to make sure the connectors at the back of the board are seated in their slot. Note: If you can’t find the reset button, it may be in a different location on your logic board. Check the manual that came with your computer, in the section in the appendix about installing expansion cards. An illustration there shows where the res

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