Aiphone Intercom System 0311 A OIの取扱説明書

デバイスAiphone Intercom System 0311 A OIの取扱説明書

デバイス: Aiphone Intercom System 0311 A OI
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Aiphone Intercom System 0311 A OIの取扱説明書
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0311 A OI

Apartment Intercom System
Installation manual


PRECAUTIONS Prohibition to Dismantle the Unit Prohibition on Subjecting the Unit to Water General Precautions General Prohibitions General Precautions WARNING 1. All units, except for the entrance station, are designed for indoor use only. Do not use (Negligence could result in death or serious injury.) outdoors. 1. The units must be installed and wired by a qualified technician. Having installation 2. The unit turns inoperative during power failure. performed by an unqualified technician cou


- 3 -


W P W P W P D A M J G T D A M J G T D A M J G T X Q X Q X Q 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 U 9 0 SYSTEM CONFIGURATIONS 1 1-1 Standard system configuration This system is constructed with a 2-line communication system and a 2-line video system and requires minimal work for installation. The system is constructed with video trunk lines consisting of a maximum of 6 trunks from the video bus control system and communication trunk lines tha


W P W P W P W P D A M J G T D A M J G T D A M J G T D A M J G T X Q X Q X X Q Q 1 2 3 B E H4 5 K 6 N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 B 3 E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1-2 Expanded system configuration diagram The wiring of the sub trunk line is the same as the standard system. Common area Audio signal line (1) Video signal line (1) Power supply line (1) Residence trunks Residence trunks Residence trunks Residence trunks #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #


1-3 Residential station configuration For wiring from the control units to each residence, station-to-station wiring or star wiring using a 4-way video junction unit is possible. Mixing on the same trunk line is not possible. Audio signal line (1) Video signal line (1) Power supply line (1) Trunk line #1 Trunk line #2 Trunk line #3 to #6 Homerun wiring Station-to-station wiring 4-way video junction unit GT-4Z Each residence Each residence Each Each Each Each residence residence residen


AI PHONE JF-DVF Each residence (with recording function) Master monitor station Door station (with recording function) Video door station or doorbell GT-2C-L, GT-2C GT-D Sub master monitor station GT-2H-L, GT-2H PS24 Power supply-related [When sub master monitor stations are connected] If even just one sub master monitor station is connected, it is possible to supply power to up to 2 residences with 1 power supply. However, wiring must be connected from near the terminals of the power


W P W P W P W P D A M G T D A M J G T J A M D J G T D A M J G T X Q X Q X Q X Q 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 9 U 0 1 2 B 3 E 4 H 5 K 6 N 7 8 U 9 0 1 2 B 3 E 4 H 5 K 6 N 7 8 U 9 0 1-4 Wiring distance Standard system Expanded system Each Each residence (with recording function) residence Each residence PS24 * Each residence DP PS24 Each residence PS24 * DP DP PS24 PS24 Entrance station Entrance station PS24 PS24 PS24 PS24 * E


Wire diameter 0.65 mm 0.8 mm 1.0 mm Wiring distance (22 AWG) (20 AWG) (18 AWG) [1] GT-BC - DP *2 3 m (10') 5 m (16') 5 m (16') [2] Entrance station - DP *2 150 m (490') 300 m (980') 300 m (980') [3] Entrance station - GT-VBC 150 m (490') 300 m (980') 300 m (980') [4] GT-MK - DP *2 150 m (490') 300 m (980') 300 m (980') [5] DP *2 - farthest residential station (includes system with GT-4Z) 150 m (490') 300 m (980') 300 m (980') [6] GT-VBC - farthest residential station (includes system with GT-4Z)


COMPONENTS 2 2-1 Entrance Station (Unit type) Panel Module Speech module (guidance-enabled Speech module panel type) (guidance-enabled type) GT-DP-L GT-DA-L (connector included) Speech module Speech module panel GT-DA GT-DP (connector included) Camera module Camera module panel GT-VA GT-VP (connector included) 1-call button panel 2-call button panel GF-1P GF-2P Switch module GT-SW (connector, name card included) 3-call button panel 4-call button panel GF-3P GF-4P Nam


W P W P D A M J G T D A M J G T X Q X Q Mounting parts 4-module front Mounting bracket frame (included with Screws GT-4F GT-4F) 3-module front Mounting bracket 2-module front Mounting bracket frame (included with frame (included with GF-2F) GF-3F GF-3F) GF-2F Joint pipe 2-module back 4-module back box 3-module back box box GT-4B GF-3B GF-2B Mounting gauge Hooded surface- Rain hood Surface-mount box mount box GT-nH GF-nBA GT-nHB 80 cm (32") connection cable GF-C * A number appea


2-2 Entrance Station (Integrated type) USB cable A-B type (1 m) Flush mount entrance station (name scrolling, guidance-enabled, VIGIK-linked type) GT-DMV Flush mount entrance station (name scrolling, guidance-enabled) GT-DM Screws Special screwdriver 2-3 Bus control unit etc. • Installation manual CD • Entrance station + security guard station operation manual • GT-2C (-L) GT-2H (-L) operation manual Bus control unit Special English, French • GT-1C (-L) operation manual GT-BC scr


W P D A M J G T X Q 1 2 3 B E 4 5 6 H K N 7 8 U 9 0 Residential station GT-1A Wood mounting screws Screws Residential station GT-1D Optional handset GT-HS Residential monitor station with handset Option connector GT-1M-L 2-5 Door station For door stations other than the GT-D, see the instruction manual for that door station. Wood mounting screws Door station GT-D Screws 2-6 Security guard station Wood mounting Security guard screws station Option connector USB cable A-B type (1 m)


MOUNTING 3 3-1 Mounting locations • For video entrance stations and video door stations, the picture quality of residential station monitoring is affected by the nature of the external light from above and the surrounding area of the built-in cameras, so do not install these stations in the types of locations shown below. • Locations exposed to direct sunlight • Locations under street lights or door lights • Other locations exposed to strong light • Install master monitor stations and sub mas


3-3 Mounting positions and image view area When using the camera module, if the rain hood is attached a portion of it will show up in the camera display. Mounting position 1350 mm (4' 4") Mounting position 1550 mm (5' 1") Wide picture Up/Down Approx. 2000 mm Approx. 1800 mm (6' 7") (5' 11") Camera center Approx. 1050 mm (3'5") Approx. 1050 mm (3'5") Camera center Approx. 950 mm Approx. 750 mm (3' 2") 1550 mm (5'1") 1350 mm (4'4") (2' 5") 500 mm (20") 500 mm (20") Left/Right Approx. 170 An area


3-4 Entrance Station (Unit type) Joint pipe 1 Make a hole for the cable. 2 Use the joint pipe to assemble the back box. Back box • Make sure the back box is mounted level. Joint pipe Back box assembly dimensions Back box GT-4B Back box GF-3B GF-2B/3B W W Back box GF-2B GT-4B (mm) (inch) x 1 110 4-5/16" x 2 245 9-5/8" x 3 380 15" 295 mm 200 mm 400 mm (11-5/8") x 4 515 20-1/4" (7-7/8") (15-3/4") x 5 650 25-9/16" x 6 785 30-7/8" 25 mm x 7 920 36-1/4" (1") 25 mm 25 mm (1") (1") x 8 1055 41-9/16" W


6 Remove the terminal cover. 7 From the speech module to the next module, insert the attached connector into the socket. Make sure to run the cable under the terminal cover for protection. 8 Connect the connectors between the modules with cables. Mount modules on the back boxes. Example of interconnection of modules Use the GF-C to connect to the name scrolling module. To position the speech module in the center row, run the GF-C throug


3-5 Entrance Station (Integrated type) 1 Open the cover and connect the wiring to the terminal block. Insert the wire into the direct terminal. If it is difficult to insert the wire, insert it while pressing the release button. 2 Close the cover until it clicks into place. Flush mount back box Unit 125 mm (4-15/16") 3 Mount the unit in the flush mount back box. 380 mm (15") Special screwdriver 4 Tighten the locking screws using the special screwdriver. Mounting screws 60 mm (2-3/8") ×4 -


3-6 Bus control unit, 4-way video junction unit and power supply DIN rail mounting The length of the connecting cable between the GT-BCX and GT-VBX is 40 cm. Therefore, mount them adjacently to each other. 1 Mount the unit on the DIN rail. Click the unit into place. 2 When removing the unit, pull the lock release lever down. * When the system does not operate properly, check the wiring. Turn off the GT-BC and GT-VBC power switch and then turn the switch back on after four seconds. This wil


3-7 Residential station Mounting screws ×4 3-gang box 83.5 mm (3-5/16") Mounting bracket 1. Press the release button (to insert or remove the wire). 2. Insert the cable into the terminal. • To remove the terminal block, slide the terminal block and pull it out. • Strip a way the jacket of the cable and in- 8 mm sert all wires into the slots in an orderly (3/8") fashion. Failure to do so could result in pinching that may damage the wiring. Surface wiring * When a 3-gang box is not

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