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Bad Boy Mowers PUP Seriesの取扱説明書
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MODEL 48031001
MANUAL PART#: Q0336 $4.00 REV: 0


PTO GRASS COLLECTION SYSTEM TABLE OF CONTENTS SECTION PAGE SECTION PAGE Safety - ------------------------------2 2-12 Lengths Of Hose Adjustment - ------------13 Safety Alert Symbols----------------------3 2-13 Upper Hose Installation ----------------13 Warranty -----------------------------4 2-14 Lower Hose To Blower Cone Installation------13 2-15 Lower Hose To Boot Installation -----------13 I INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTION - - ------------5 2-16 Front Weight Installation----------------13 1-1 I


SAFETY WARNING! NEVER operate the unit unless the discharge guard and either the deflector assembly or the vacuum collector adapter are fastened securely in place. WARNING! Do not work around the mower deck boot or the blower area until you are certain that the mower blades and the blower impeller have stopped rotating. WARNING! To avoid serious injury, perform maintenance on the vacuum collector; ONLY AFTER STOPPING THE MOWER’S ENGINE AND WAITING FOR ALL MOVING PARTS TO COME TO A COMPLETE STOP.


PECO LIMITED WARRANTY FOR NEW PRODUCTS A. WHAT IS WARRANTED? PECO extends the following warranties to the original purchaser of each new PECO consumer product subject to the following limitations: 1. PRODUCT WARRANTY: Any part of any consumer product, which is defective in material or workmanship as delivered to the purchaser will be repaired or replaced, as PECO elects, without charge for parts or labor, if the defect appears within 12 months from the date of delivery of the product to the orig


SECTION I INTRODUCTION AND DESCRIPTION 1-1 Introduction 23HP, 32HP Vanguard & 26HP Briggs ELS - Add (2) flat washers P#(K0131) between clutch and pump We are pleased to have you as a Bad Boy customer. pulley, use (1) 7/16”-20 x 4” HHCS P#(K0359) and (1) Your collection system has been designed to give you a 7/16” lock washer P#(K0053) to fasten engine pulley low maintenance, simple, and effective way to collect the assembly. grass clippings from your mower. This manual is provided to give you th


2-3 Belt Installation 2-2 PTO Assembly Installation Remove the pulley guard P#(B0075) by removing the (2) Remove the (2) existing bolts and nuts from the right 1/4”-20 x ½” HHSTS P#(K0353), see page 9, diagram # side that fastens the mower’s rear frame to the 38 and #39 for part location. Loosen the (2) bolts that mower’s chassis. Align the (2) lower holes on the PTO assembly P#(A0610) (Figure 2) to the (2) lower holes secure the gear box assembly P#(A0429) to the PTO on the mower’s rear frame.


2-4 Cam Assembly Adjustment Figure 7. Lower Mount Tube The cam assembly P#(A0422), which controls the Bad Boy Receiver Hitch blower belt tension, comes from the factory pre-adjusted. If the belt is too tight or becomes too loose, remove the hair pin clip P#(K0099) from the belt tension rod P#(K0326) and pull the “L” end of the rod out of its hole in the cam assembly. The tension rod may then be screwed out to tighten the belt or screwed in to loosen the belt. Replace the “L” end into the top hol


Figure 11. Exploded View Of The (2) K1144 - 5/16”-18 x 1” A0549 - Bagger Assembly CARRIAGE BOLT (6) K1142 - 5/16”-18 x 3/4” CARRIAGE BOLT (4) K1010 - 1/4”-20 x 5/8” CARRIAGE BOLT (1) V0002 - PLASTIC TOP (2) K1126 - 1/4”-20 (1 LEFT, 1 RIGHT) FLANGE NUT B0237 - PIVOT BRACKET (2) K0037 - 1/4” FLAT WASHER (1) V1054 - INLET (1) C0048 - LATCH MOUNT BRACKET (2) K1025 - 1/4”-20 (1) B8002 - PLASTIC x 1” CARRIAGE SCREEN BOLT (2) J4005 - FLEXIBLE (2) C0051 - LONG DRAW LATCH SCREEN MOUNT STRIP (2) C0047 - P


1 Exploded Parts View 2 5 3 Exploded View Of The 8 A0610 - PTO Assembly 9 10 11 4 6 7 13 22 14 23 18 12 27 28 15 25 30 16 32 17 19 33 20 31 34 24 35 21 26 36 29 53 34 51 52 37 38 48 50 47 41 46 49 45 42 40 42 44 39 43 43 9


Parts View 65 66 69 56 59 64 70 54 71 57 61 60 67 62 72 58 55 68 63 Item Part No. Qty. Description Item Part No. Qty. Description 1 -----K1125 -- ------7 -----1/4”-20 x 1” HHCS 40----- K1215 - - ------2 -----3/8”-16 FLANGE NUT 2 ----- E4004F - ------1 ----- BLOWER HOUSING FRONT 41----- A0436 - - ------1 -----BELT TENSION BRACKET 3 ----- K1225 - - ------2 -----1/4”-20 x 1” HHCS G8 ASSEMBLY 4 ----- K1211 - - ------1 ----- 3/8"-16 x 1-1/2" HHCS G8 42-----K1142 -- ------4 ----- 5/16”-18 x 3/4” CARRI


2-9 Boot To Mower Deck Installation 2-7 Upper Frame Assembly Installation 60” Boot Plate Mounting Instructions To mount the boot plate P#(B0184) to the boot NOTE: During this step, it is suggested that two people P#(E1113) use (2) 3/8”-16 x 1” carriage bolts P#(K1182) install the upper frame to the lower mount tube. and (2) 3/8”-16 flange nuts P#(K1215). See Figure 11 for bolt placement. Using two people to lift the upper frame, lift the upper frame above the lower mount tube making sure the 48”


lock bushing, forcing the blade to break-away from the Figure 12. taper-lock bushing. If the impeller will not move, hit the base of the impeller, between each vein, with a hammer, then try again. To Replace: Place impeller blade over the engine shaft. Slide the taper-lock bushing into the engine shaft and into the impeller blade, aligning the non-threaded holes of the taper-lock bushing to the threaded holes of the impeller blade. Fasten by using (2) 1/4”-20 x 1” HHCS Grade 8 (torque to 15 ft.


2-12 Lengths Of Hose Adjustment 2-14 Lower Hose To Blower Cone Installation The hoses in steps 2-13 and 2-14 must be cut to fit your machine. Follow steps 2-13 and 2-14. Do not cut the Slide a 7”-8” hose clamp P#(J6006) over both ends of hoses until you have tried to fit them on your machine. the lower hose. Then proceed to slide the lower hose Remember that the hoses have to be long enough to onto the blower cone. Tighten the hose clamp. The allow for enough clamping surface between the inlet,


Figure 20. 2-17 Installation/Removal Of Plastic Top Collection Bags To install the bag onto the bag ring, first make sure the bag ring end caps are fastened to the bag ring. Place the seam openings of the bag onto the bag ring openings and turn the bag until the slot bracket in the bag ring is protruding from the opening in the bag (Figure 19). Do this for each of three bags. Install the completed assemblies onto the support frame and close the plastic top. Fasten both draw latches to hold the p


SECTION III 3-3 Disengagement Of The Blower OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS A. To disengage the blower, rotate the engagement 3-1 General Safety handle towards the mower. Only qualified people familiar with this operator’s manual WARNING: The blower will continue to spin. DO NOT and the mower’s operator’s manual should operate this TOUCH the blower, pulleys, or the belt until the tractor is machine. turned off. DO NOT adjust the belt tension until the mower is turned off. Refer to section 2-3 and 2-4 of


3. Make sure all shields are in place and in good 4-2 Lubrication condition. Repair or replace any missing or damaged shields. NOTE: Use only white lithium based grease for 4. Perform lubrication per paragraph 4-2. lubrication of the shaft on the blower assembly. 5. Listen for abnormal sounds, which might indicate 1. On initial use: Grease the fitting on the blower shaft. loose parts, damaged bearings, or other damage. Correct any deficiency before continuing operation. 2. Every 25 hours of use:


SAFETY DECALS To promote safe operation, Bad Boy supplies safety decals on all products manufactured. Damage can occur to safety decals either through shipment, use or reconditioning. Contact your local Service Center for replacement decals. Part # R1051 Part #: R1054 Part #: R1057 Part #: R1065 Part #: R1050 Part #: R4037 Part #: R1083 Part #: R1052 17


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