Apple iPod nano 7G 16 GB Flash Portable Media Player MB754LL/Aの取扱説明書

デバイスApple iPod nano 7G 16 GB Flash Portable Media Player MB754LL/Aの取扱説明書

デバイス: Apple iPod nano 7G 16 GB Flash Portable Media Player MB754LL/A
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Apple iPod nano 7G 16 GB Flash Portable Media Player MB754LL/Aの取扱説明書
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iPod nano
User Guide


2 Contents Preface 4 About iPod nano Chapter 1 6 iPod nano Basics 6 iPod nano at a Glance 7 Using iPod nano Controls 11 Using iPod nano Menus 13 Disabling iPod nano Controls 14 Connecting and Disconnecting iPod nano 17 About the iPod nano Battery Chapter 2 20 Setting Up iPod nano 20 Using iTunes 21 Importing Music into Your iTunes Library 24 Organizing Your Music 25 Using Genius in iTunes 26 Purchasing or Renting Videos and Downloading Video Podc


50 Viewing Photos Chapter 6 53 More Settings, Extra Features, and Accessories 53 Using iPod nano as an External Disk 54 Using Extra Settings 58 Syncing Contacts, Calendars, and To-Do Lists 60 Storing and Reading Notes 60 Recording Voice Memos 61 Using Spoken Menus for Accessibility 62 Learning About iPod nano Accessories Chapter 7 64 Tips and Troubleshooting 64 General Suggestions 69 Updating and Restoring iPod Software Chapter 8 70 Safety and Cleaning 70 Important Sa


About iPod nano Congratulations on choosing iPod nano. With iPod nano, you can take your music, video, and photo collections with you wherever you go. To use iPod nano, you put music, videos, photos, and other files on your computer and then add them to iPod nano. Read this guide to learn how to: Â Set up iPod nano to play music, music videos, movies, TV shows, podcasts, audiobooks, and more. Â Use iPod nano as your pocket photo album, portable hard drive, alarm clock, game conso


What’s New in iPod nano  Genius, which automatically creates playlists of songs from your library that go great together  A motion sensor that lets you control certain functions by rotating or shaking iPod nano  Full-screen photo viewing in portrait or landscape format  Quick browsing for songs based on the album or artist you’re listening to  Direct access to more options from the Now Playing screen  New voice recording options  Improved accessibility with spoken menus P


1 iPod nano Basics 1 Read this chapter to learn about the features of iPod nano, how to use its controls, and more. iPod nano at a Glance Get to know the controls on iPod nano: Hold switch Menu Click Wheel Previous/Rewind Next/Fast-forward Play/Pause Center button Dock connector Headphones port 6


Using iPod nano Controls The controls on iPod nano are easy to find and use. Press any button to turn on iPod nano. The main menu appears. Use the Click Wheel and Center button to navigate through onscreen menus, play songs, change settings, and get information. Move your thumb lightly around the Click Wheel to select a menu item. To choose the item, press the Center button. To go back to the previous menu, press Menu on the Click Wheel. Here’s what els


To Do this Play all the songs in a playlist Select the playlist or album and press Play/Pause ( ). ’ or album Play all songs in random order From the main menu, choose Shuffle Songs. You can also shuffle songs by shaking iPod nano. Enable or disable Shake for Choose Settings > Playback, choose Shake, and then select Shuffle shuffling songs or Off. Skip to any point in a song or From the Now Playing screen, press the Center button to show the video scr


Browsing Music Using Cover Flow You can browse your music collection using Cover Flow, a visual way to flip through your library. Cover Flow displays your albums alphabetically by artist name. You can activate Cover Flow from the main menu, any music menu, or the Now Playing screen. To use Cover Flow: 1 Rotate iPod nano 90 degrees to the left or the right. Cover Flow appears. 2 Use the Click Wheel to move through your album art. 3 Select an album and press the Center bu


Albums by various artists and by artists beginning with a symbol or number appear after the letter “Z.” 3 Lift your thumb momentarily to return to normal browsing. 4 Select an album and press the Center button. 5 Use the Click Wheel to select a song, and then press the Center button to play it. Scrolling Quickly Through Long Lists You can scroll quickly through a long list by moving your thumb quickly on the Click Wheel. Note: Not all languages are supported. To scroll quickly: 1 Move y


To return to Search (if Search is highlighted in the menu), press the Center button. Using iPod nano Menus When you turn on iPod nano, you see the main menu. Choose menu items to perform functions or go to other menus. Icons along the top of the screen show iPod nano status. Play icon Lock icon Battery icon Menu title Menu items Preview panel Display item Function Menu title Displays the title of the current menu. Lock icon The Lock icon appears when the Hold switch (on the top of iPod nano


Turning Off the Preview Panel The preview panel at the bottom of the main menu, which displays album art, photo thumbnails, available storage, and other information, can be turned off to allow more space for menu items. To turn off the preview panel: m Choose Settings > General > Main Menu > Preview Panel and then choose Off. To turn the preview panel on again, choose Settings > General > Main Menu > Preview Panel, and then choose On. The preview panel only displays art for a category if iP


Turning Off the Click Wheel Sound When you scroll through menu items, you can hear a clicking sound through the headphones and through the iPod nano internal speaker. If you like, you can turn off the Click Wheel sound through the headphones, the speaker, or both. To turn off the Click Wheel sound: m Choose Settings > General and set Clicker to Off. To turn the Click Wheel sound on again, set Clicker to Speaker, Headphones, or Both. Getting Information About iPod nano You can get details abo


If you disable the controls while using iPod nano, the song, playlist, podcast, or video that’s playing continues to play. To stop or pause, slide the Hold switch to enable the controls again. Connecting and Disconnecting iPod nano You connect iPod nano to your computer to add music, videos, photos, and files, and to charge the battery. Disconnect iPod nano when you’re done. Important: The battery doesn’t charge when your computer is in sleep mode. Connecting iPod nano To connect iPod nano


Disconnecting iPod nano It’s important not to disconnect iPod nano while it’s syncing. You can see if it’s OK to disconnect iPod nano by looking at the iPod nano screen. Important: Don’t disconnect iPod nano if you see the “Connected” or “Synchronizing” messages. You could damage files on iPod nano. If you see one of these messages, you must eject iPod nano before disconnecting it. If you see one of these messages, you must eject iPod nano before disconnecting it If you see the main menu


To eject iPod nano: m Click the Eject (C) button next to iPod nano in the list of devices in the iTunes source list. You can safely disconnect iPod nano while either of these messages is displayed. If you’re using a Mac, you can also eject iPod nano by dragging the iPod nano icon on the desktop to the Trash. If you’re using a Windows PC, you can also eject iPod nano in My Computer or by clicking the Safely Remove Hardware icon in the Windows system tray and selecting iPod nano. To disconne


About the iPod nano Battery iPod nano has an internal, non-user-replaceable battery. For best results, the first time you use iPod nano, let it charge for about three hours or until the battery icon in the status area of the display shows that the battery is fully charged. If iPod nano isn’t used for a while, the battery might need to be charged. Note: iPod nano continues to use battery power after it’s been turned off. The iPod nano battery is 80-percent charged in about one and a half h


Important: If a “Charging, Please Wait” or “Connect to Power” message appears on the iPod nano screen, the battery needs to be charged before iPod nano can communicate with your computer. See“If iPod nano displays a “Connect to Power” message” on page 66. If you want to charge iPod nano when you’re away from your computer, you can purchase the Apple USB Power Adapter. To charge the battery using the Apple USB Power Adapter: 1 Connect the AC plug adapter to the power adapter (they might al


Understanding Battery States When iPod nano isn’t connected to a power source, a battery icon in the top-right corner of the iPod nano screen shows approximately how much charge is left. Battery less than 20% charged Battery about halfway charged Battery fully charged If iPod nano is connected to a power source, the battery icon changes to show that the battery is charging or fully charged. Battery charging (lightning bolt) Battery fully charged (plug) You can disconnect and use iPod nano b


2 Setting Up iPod nano 2 To set up iPod nano, you use iTunes on your computer to import, buy, and organize your music, video, podcasts, audiobooks, games, and other media content. Then you connect iPod nano to your computer and sync it to your iTunes library. Using iTunes iTunes is the software application you use with iPod nano. iTunes can sync music, audiobooks, podcasts, and more with iPod nano. When you connect iPod nano to your computer, iTunes opens automatically. This guide explain

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