LG Electronics MP Free MF MF-PD330の取扱説明書

デバイスLG Electronics MP Free MF MF-PD330の取扱説明書

デバイス: LG Electronics MP Free MF MF-PD330
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LG Electronics MP Free MF MF-PD330の取扱説明書
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Please read this manual carefully
before operating your set.
Retain it for future reference.
Design and specifications are
subject to change without notice
for improvement.
(for CE region)
P/NO: 3828SNB046B P/NO: 3828SNB046B


Contents Warning To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not expose this appliance to rain or moisture. Warning 3 CAUTION RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK Precaution 5 DO NOT OPEN Battery Installation 6 CAUTION What is MP3 PLAYER ? 7 TO REDUCE THE RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK, DO NOT REMOVE COVER(OR BACK) NO USER SERVICEABLE ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED 10 PARTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED SERVICE PERSONNEL. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS 11 INSTALLING SOFTWARE 12 The graphical symbols marked on the bottom or ba


Warning Precaution For customers in Europe If you plan not to use the main unit for a long time, remove the battery to avoid any damage caused by battery leakage and This product is conformed to EMC regulation 89/336/EEC and is therefore marked with the CE-label. corrosion. Avoid listening to the main unit while driving, cycling or Notice for customers in the United Kingdom operating any motorized vehicle. WIRING INSTRUCTIONS This appliance is supplied with a BS1363 approved 3 amp fused Do not


Battery Installation What is MP3 PLAYER ? To install the battery(AAA/R6) MP3 Player is a palm size audio device that uses no moving parts for playback and lets you enjoy a high quality sound product that uses MPEG 3 compression method for quality internet audio. 3 MP3 Player is portable digital audio player that plays 2 5 MP3 files without requiring the use of tapes or CDs. MP3 4 1 Player uses one or two flash memory cards, which is expandable up to 64MB. MP3 is a well known, high Open the batte


What is MP3 PLAYER ? New generation Digital Audio Player that does not How do I use your MP3 Player? require tapes or CDs. You ll need to have MP3 files stored on your computer, Pure sound guaranteed while handling, exercising and a data In/Out cable and your MP3 Player. jogging. Using the MP3 Explorer software, select the MP3 files Multimedia communication audio player through PC, you wish to transfer from your PC to the MP3 Player. network and Internet. You can transfer songs or from your PC t


ACCESSORIES SUPPLIED SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Your MP3 Player needs the minimal system requirements Earphones with remote Carrying case for your computer. control Windows 95/98 CD ROM Drive 486 or higher microprocessor 16MB RAM Minimum 7MB hard disk space Data In/Out cable Battery (Parallel cable) You will need more hard disk space depending on the size of the MP3 files you want to download. Recommended System Requirements Installation CD Multimedia card Windows 95/98 (MMC) 586 or higher microprocess


INSTALLING SOFTWARE INSTALLING SOFTWARE Double-click Setup.exe file. The MP3-Explorer is the communication software that allows your computer to share information with your MP3 Player. In order for your MP3 Player to work properly, The MP3- Explorer software must be installed correctly under Windows. The MP3-Explorer software is available for Windows 95/98, TM but itÕs not available to NT . Installing Automatically Insert the software CD into drive D:\ (where D:\ is name of your CD ROM drive).


INSTALLING SOFTWARE Click Next button. Click Finish button. C:\Program Files\MP3-Explorer directory will be created. The installation of MP3-Explorer software is completed and the MP3-Explorer icon is created on the Windows desktop. Click Next button.


CONNECTING DATA IN/OUT CABLE OPEN MP3-Explorer The MP3-Explorer is the software that interacts with the Connecting your MP3-Player to a PC MP3 Player and a PC. MP3 files or any data files can be downloaded to the MP3 To complete setup, you should connect the supplied Player or vice versa. Data In/Out cable to a PC from your MP3 Player. Double-click the MP3-Explorer MP3 Player icon on the Windows desktop. Data In/Out In case of first run after the MP3-Explorer installation, cable the Parallel por


USING MP3-Explorer The following figure describes the MP3-Explorer software. Large Icons button The various features are explained below. Display the items to the large icon. Small Icons button Display the items to the small icon. List button Display the items in the directory or folder name only. Detail button Display the information of the icons in the display panel. Refresh button Change the information of the folder in the display panel. Rename button Changes the name of the selected item. M


USING MP3-Explorer DOWNLOADING FILES To download the MP3 files or data files from PC to MP3 Upload button (MP3 Player to PC) The Upload button works the same as the Download Player, try as the following descriptions. button, but uploads information to the PC instead. This Preparation will allow you to copy the selected MP3 files or data on the MP3 Player (Multimedia card) into the local directory as a destination folder. The time spent on the 1 Insert the battery into the MP3 Player. copying pro


DOWNLOADING FILES To download files 8 Display the MP3 files or data files on the PC Files display panel and select a file. 5 Buy and store the MP3 files on your PC from the Internet site, CD ROM etc. 6 Double-click the MP3-Explorer icon to run the software. (If the remote controller is inserted into the MP3 Player, PC appears on the remote control display) Connect the Data In/Out cable before running the software. In Data In/Out cable connecting status, if you run the 9 Click Download button of


UPLOADING FILES To upload the MP3 files or data files from MP3 Player to 2 Click MMC1 or MMC2 button and select a MP3 file or PC, try as the following descriptions. data file on the MMC Files display panel to upload. To upload files 1 Select a directory or folder on the PC Directory display panel. (The files of the selected directory or folder will be displayed on the PC Files display panel) 3 Click the Upload button and the selected file(s) will be uploaded into the selected directory or folder


UPLOADING FILES MP3 ERROR MESSAGES The followings are major error messages which may be displayed while using MP3 Explorer. Error Before disconnecting the Data In/Out cable after upload Check Points Solutions Remarks Messages or download, close the MP3-Explorer. Player isnÕt 1) Is the cable Re-insert the After solving If there is no battery is in the MP3 Player or battery ready connected cable the problem, correctly? correctly. supply is insufficient, you cannot upload or download. press the A


BEFORE OPERATING HOLD Using Earphone The hold function locks the main unit and remote control separately to prevent them from operating when you accidentally press a button. Unlock it before operating. If you set the HOLD to lock position or press a button on the remote control in lock position, the will blinks 5 times. (when unused) slide (when using) UNLOCK To prevent getting the earphone cord tangled, raise the slide. You can attach the remote controller with the clip on LOCK the rear of the


PLAYING MP3 FILES To play a MP3 file Extensions of files playable in MP3 Player. 1 Open the MMC door and load the multimedia card 1 Files whose extension is MP3 (*.MP3) or(and) 2. Files whose extension is GU3 (*.GU3) among encrypted MP3 files (If you download the encrypted files into PC through DIGICAP service on the Internet or PC networks, their extensions will be changed to *.CA. If you download these *.CA files into MMC of the MP3 player through MP3 Explorer, their extensions will be cha


PLAYING MP3 FILES MP3 MP3 PLAY MP3 Explorer is the application which is used to PLAY download into a portable MP3 player and play any STOP music file with extensions of MP3 (*.mp3) or CA (*.ca) stored in PC. If you download any music file whose extension is CA, it detects the ID of multimedia card (MMC), changes its extension to GU3, and saves it. It is to protect against unauthorized reproduction, which is required by the Skipping to the beginning of a track organi


PLAYING MP3 FILES Repeat Play RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL MP3 1 2 RPT1 MP3 1 2 RPT1 repeat one track indicator REPEAT X-LIVE M X-LIVE M RECALL RECALL MP3 MP3 1 2 RPT1 PLAY Pressing briefly and repeatedly To skip tracks X-LIVE M Press the button briefly and repeatedly to skip track(s) forward one by one. RECALL RECALL RECALL RECALL MP3 1 2 RPT1 MP3 1 2 RPT1 To play one track repeatedly X-LIVE M X-LIVE M Press the RPT button briefly once during MP3 file playing, to display ÔRPT1Õ on the dis


PLAYING MP3 FILES Random Play MP3 Book Mark function If you set the Book Mark during MP3 file playing, you can Press the RANDOM button briefly once( ) during MP3 file search the set point of the track automatically. playing. All the tracks on all cards (MMC1 and MMC2) in the compartment from the selected card can be played Press the B MARK button briefly twice( ), to randomly. display , during MP3 file playing. RANDOM RANDOM indicator RND MP3 1 2 RPT1 RND MP3 1 2 RPT1 X-LIVE M X-LIVE M B MARK B


OTHER FUNCTIONS Specifications Equalizer MP3 Section Frequency response 20Hz~20kHz Distortion 0.1% Memory(Multimedia card) 16MB or 32MB (extendable) General To select your desired sound, press SOUND during Power requirements AAA/R6 battery(1.5V) playback. Rechargeable battery(1.2V) Press SOUND once to select the X-LIVE Output power 2.5mW+2.5mW(1kHz, 0dB/16 ) Press SOUND once again to select the normal. Equalizer NORMAL/X-LIVE ( X-LIVE will disappear in the display) Remote control jack 3.5mm Di

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