Sony DMX-P01の取扱説明書

デバイスSony DMX-P01の取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony DMX-P01
カテゴリ: ミュージックミキサー
メーカー: Sony
サイズ: 0.8 MB
追加した日付: 11/18/2014
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2-347-773-13 (1)
Digital Portable
Operating Instructions
Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and
retain it for future reference.
© 2003 Sony Corporation


The shielded interface cable recommended Owner’s Record in this manual must be used with this The model and serial numbers are located equipment in order to comply with the on the rear. Record the serial numbers in limits for a digital device pursuant to the spaces provided below. Refer to them Subpart B of Part 15 of FCC Rules. whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding the product. For customers in Canada Model No. DMX-P01 This class A digital apparatus complies Serial No.______________


Table of Contents Overview .................................... 4 12. HOURS METER Sub-Menu ............................ 33 Precautions................................ 5 13. POWER ON MODE Using the CD-ROM Manual....... 6 Sub-Menu ............................ 33 CD-ROM System Using the Unit to a Requirements......................... 6 Camcorder .......................... 34 Preparations ................................ 6 Connecting a Camcorder .......... 34 Reading the CD-ROM Manual ... 6 Checking


Overview The DMX-P01 is a portable digital Digital cascade mixer designed for professional Since the unit is equipped with coaxial electronic news gathering (ENG) and input/output connectors, DMX-P01 electronic field production (EFP). The mixers can be cascaded using one DMX-P01 has a compact, lightweight coaxial cable, for applications body designed to be used in field requiring additional inputs. production, making it ideal for use with digital video and audio recording media such as a camcord


Full parameter controls on Solid and lightweight the front panel similar to Since the unit is compact and those of analog mixers lightweight, you can carry it easily. Also, its solid design enables it to Controls and switches are logically stand work in the field. laid out on the front panel to allow fast, easy and accurate setting adjustments. Also, the panel-lock function prevents you from operating the unit accidentally. Precautions • The unit is designed for use in •When cleaning the unit, n


Using the CD-ROM Manual The supplied CD-ROM includes Preparations operating instructions (Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, One of the following programs must Spanish and Chinese versions). be installed on your computer in order to use the operating instructions CD-ROM System contained on the CD-ROM disc. • Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 4.0 Requirements or higher • Adobe Reader Version 6.0 or higher The following are required to access the supplied CD-ROM disc. Note • Computer: PC with


Note If you lose the CD-ROM disc or become unable to read its content, you can purchase a new CD-ROM disc to replace one that has been lost or damaged. Contact your Sony service representative. Trademarks • Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. •Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/ or other countries. • Adobe, Acrobat, and Adobe Reader are tradema


Location and Function of Parts and Controls Front Panel 1 Input section 2 Digital function section 3 Power switch 7 Output section 6 Headphones monitor mode switch 5 PHONES connector 4 LEVEL control 1 Input section 1 PAN control Adjusts the mix level of the input signal sent to the Left and Right buses. The adjustable range is 0 dB to –3 dB 1 PAN control (at the center position) to - ∞ . When the control is turned fully to 2 LCF switch the L side: The signal is sent to the Left bus at a 0 dB gai


2 LCF (Low Cut Filter) switch When the input select switch is set Selects the frequency of the low cut to MIC or MIC+48 V: The range filter of each channel. is between –30 dB (at the fully OFF: Select this position to deactivate counterclockwise position) and the LCF switch. –70 dB (at the fully clockwise A, B: A cut-off frequency between 50 position). and 400 Hz at 48-kHz sampling frequency and between 70 and 400 5 LINK/M-S switch Hz at 96-kHz sampling frequency By setting this switch to the ca


Location and Function of Parts and Controls When M-S is selected on the 5. 2 SLATE switch CH LINK/M-S sub-menu; The Only activates when the unit is in M-S mode. 4 FUNCTION switch is set to Select this position for M-S SLATE. Turns the slate function on or decoding when an M-S off. The slate function allows you to microphone is used. record the scene number or take Connect channel 1 and channel 3 number along with the sound at the to the M side and channel 2 and beginning of a recording for each


When you press the knob and LCD in the lock mode: Displayed release it instantly: in the display mode. You can When you press the knob and select the item to be displayed by release it instantly, the sound or turning the ADJUST knob. signal continues to be output. When you operate locked When you press the knob and switches or controls: The release it again, output ceases. following message is displayed to state that the switch or control is 3 LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) locked. What is display


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 5 ADJUST (PUSH ENTER) knob 6 Headphones monitor mode Used for menu operations. Select a switch menu by turning the knob and execute Selects the signal to be monitored by pressing the knob. through the headphones. When the SLATE function is on, this L/R: Outputs the Left signal of the switch acts as the slate signal output master output signal to the Left button. channel and the Right signal to the Right channel as stereo. 6 Slate microphone L+R: Output


1 PEAK indicator 2 MASTER LINK switch Lights in red when the output signal Setting the switch to the LINK reaches –3 dB from a clipping level. position links the Left channel output When the output compressors/limiters and Right channel output of the master activate, this indicator lights to output. The L MASTER volume indicate the compressor/limiter control adjusts the output level of both operations, as follows. channels. In this case, the R MASTER When the input level exceeds the volume contr


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 5 CASCADE IN (Cascade signal Notes input) connector (Phono jack) • Be sure not to connect devices other Used for a cascade connection. When than a UHF portable tuner. this unit is as the second one • The unit outputs the power, only connected, connect this connector to when the unit operates with an the COAXIAL connector located on external power supply. the right panel of the first DMX-P01. This connector outputs the power by This unit is synchronized


Right Panel 1 PHONES connector 3 Digital output section 4 DC IN 10 - 15V connector 2 Analog output section 5 DC IN 10 - 15V connector 6 STEREO/MONO switch 1 PHONES connector (3.5 mm 1 ANALOG OUTPUT L/R (analog TRS jack) signal output) connectors (XLR type Connects the headphones. The same 3-pin, male) signal as the one output from the Outputs the Left and Right analog PHONES connector located on the master signals. front panel is output. 2 CAMERA (analog signal input/ 2 Analog output section out


Location and Function of Parts and Controls 4 TAPE OUT (analog signal Note output) connector (3.5mm TRS When you change the sampling jack) frequency, turn the power off once, Outputs an unbalanced stereo analog and then turn it on again. After the signal. The reference level is fixed to power is turned on again, the unit –10 dBu. operates according to the new sampling frequency. 3 Digital output section You can check the current sampling frequency at which the unit operates on the Information wi


4 DC IN 10 - 15 V (external power input) connector (DC jack type)/ 5 DC IN 10 - 15 V (external power input) connector (XLR type 4-pin, male) Inputs the 10 to 15 V DC external power. Notes • An external battery other than BP-90 type battery cannot be connected to 4 DC IN 10 - 15 V (DC jack type) connector because the polarity of the DC jack is different. • Do not connect external batteries to both 4 DC IN 10 - 15 V connector (DC jack type) and 5 DC IN 10 - 15 V connector (XLR type 4-pin) at the s


Connections Note Before making connections, be sure to turn the power of any peripheral equipment off. Basic Connection An example of a basic connection where one DMX-P01 is used is as follows. UHF portable tuner Example 1 UHF portable transmitter Boom microphone DMX-P01 to ANALOG OUTPUT to CH-1 INPUT to AES/EBU Digital recorder Example 2 Boom microphone to AUDIO IN connector to AUDIO OUT connector to CH-1 INPUT DMX-P01 to CAMERA to CH-2 INPUT to AES/EBU to CH-3 INPUT UHF portable 2 CH tuner Dig


Cascade Connection An example of a cascade connection is as follows. Boom microphone to CH-1 INPUT First DMX-P01 Video recorder a) to COAXIAL to CH-2 and CH-3 INPUT MD recorder to CH-1and to ANALOG CH-2 INPUT to CASCADE IN OUTPUT L/R b) to COAXIAL to CH-3 and to AES/EBU CH-4 INPUT UHF portable UHF portable Digital recorder Second DMX-P01 transmitter 2 CH tuner a) Set the S/PDIF / CASCADE switch to CASCADE. b) Set the S/PDIF / CASCADE switch to S/PDIF. 19


Display in the Display Mode The display mode, when the About the display mode FUNCTION switch is set to There are four kinds of screen display, DISPLAY, allows you to display all as follows. kinds of meters, the unit operating status and so on. In day-to-day Full size level meter operation, use the unit in the display Displays only the signal level. mode. In display mode, four kinds of This mode is suitable when you want screen display are available. to monitor the signal level. Select a desire

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