Apple AirPort Express Wireless Router MC414LL/Aの取扱説明書

デバイスApple AirPort Express Wireless Router MC414LL/Aの取扱説明書

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Apple AirPort Express Wireless Router MC414LL/Aの取扱説明書
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AirPort Express
Setup Guide



Contents 5 Getting Started 7 Ports on Your AirPort Express 8 AirPort Express Status Lights 9 Using AirPort Express 9 The AirPort Express Network 11 Setting Up AirPort Express 11 System Requirements 12 Setting up AirPort Express 13 Setting Advanced Options 14 Using AirPort Express to Stream Music 16 Tips and Troubleshooting 16 Best Locations for AirPort Express 17 Avoiding Interference 17 Problems and Solutions 3


21 Learning More, Service, and Support 21 Onscreen Help on Your Computer 21 Online Resources 22 Obtaining Warranty Service 22 Finding the Serial Number of Your AirPort Express 23 Sp ecific a tions and S af et y 24 AirPort Express Safety Tips 25 Regulatory Compliance Information 4


Getting Started 1 AirPort Express provides simultaneous dual-band wireless 802.11n Wi-Fi networking for all your wireless devices, including Mac and Windows computers, and iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and Apple TV. When you set up your AirPort Express Base Station, it creates two high-speed Wi-Fi networks:  a 2.4 gigahertz (GHz) network for 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11n devices, such as iPhone, iPod touch, and older computers  a 5 GHz network for 802.11n and 802.11a devic


Status lightReset button Link lights Power Analog/Optical Audio Out WAN Ethernet USB Power cord (Your power cord may look different.) 6 Chapter 1 Getting Started


Ports on Your AirPort Express AirPort Express has five ports on the back: 10/100Base-T Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) port < For connecting a DSL or cable modem, or for connecting to an existing Ethernet network 10/100Base-T Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN) port G For connecting Ethernet devices such as printers or computers, or for connecting to an existing Ethernet network USB port d For connecting a USB printer Analog and optical digital audio stereo mini-jack - For connecting AirPort Ex


Before you plug in your AirPort Express, first connect the appropriate cables to the ports you want to use—including: Â An Ethernet cable connecting your DSL or cable modem to the WAN port (if you’ll connect to the Internet) Â An audio cable connecting your stereo to the audio out port (if you’ll use AirPlay to play music from your iTunes library) Â A USB or Ethernet cable connecting a printer to the USB or Ethernet port (if you’ll print to it using AirPort Express) After you connect the cab


Using AirPort Express With AirPort Express, you can: Â Create a password-protected wireless home network, and then connect to the Internet and share the Internet connection with computers and other wireless devices, such as iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Â Create a guest network, with or without password protection, to give wireless Internet access to friends and visitors. Devices that connect to the guest network only have access to the Internet. Â Connect your AirPort Express to your Etherne


iPhone or iPod touch Computer or iPad AirPort 2.4 or 5 GHz 2.4 or 5 GHz Express to Audio Cable/DSL Out port to Ethernet WAN port modem to Ethernet LAN portto Internet Powered speakers Network printer See the next chapter, “Setting Up AirPort Express,” to find out how to use the AirPort software on your computer or on an iOS device to set up your AirPort Express and your wireless network. 10 Chapter 1 Getting Started


Setting Up AirPort Express 2 Use AirPort Utility on your computer or Wi-Fi settings on an iOS device to do one of the following: Â Set up your AirPort Express to create a new network that wireless computers and devices can use to connect to the Internet. Â Set up your AirPort Express to join an existing network. If the network is connected to the Internet, all the computers and wireless devices on the AirPort network can use the Internet connection. If the network is set up to be extended, Ai


 Windows 7 (SP1)  AirPort Utility for Windows v5.6.1 or later To set up AirPort Express using an iOS device, you need:  An iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch with iOS 5 or later You need iTunes v10.4 or later in order to play audio from your computer to a stereo connected to AirPort Express. You can use AirPort Express with any wireless device that’s Wi-Fi certified. If you’re using AirPort Express to connect to the Internet, you need a broadband (DSL or cable modem) account with an Internet serv


3 Follow the onscreen instructions for creating a new network or joining an existing one. Wi-Fi settings can only be used to set up an unconfigured AirPort Express. Setting Advanced Options To set advanced options, use AirPort Utility on your computer or download AirPort Utility from the App Store. You can configure advanced settings, such as selecting wireless channels, closed networks, access control, user accounts, security options, and more. To set advanced options or make changes to a net


Using AirPort Express to Stream Music 3 If you connect AirPort Express to your stereo or powered speakers, you can use AirPlay to play music from iTunes on any computer or from an iOS device on your network. To set it up: 1 Connect the Audio Out port on your AirPort Express to your home stereo or powered speakers. Use a digital fiber optic cable, an analog mini-stereo-to-dual-RCA cable, or a mini- stereo to mini-stereo cable, depending on what type of connectors your stereo uses. Note: You ca


If you have more than one AirPort Express, you can connect one to the stereo in your living room and connect another to the powered speakers in your den, for example. Using AirPlay, you can stream your iTunes music from any computer or wireless device on the network to any AirPort Express in your house. You can also stream music to more than one AirPort Express simultaneously using iTunes, but only one device at a time can stream music to an AirPort Express. Chapter 3 Using AirPort Express


Tips and Troubleshooting 4 You can quickly solve most problems with AirPort Express by following the advice in this chapter. Best Locations for AirPort Express The following recommendations can help your AirPort Express achieve the best wireless range and network coverage. Â Place your AirPort Express in an open area where there are few obstructions, such as large pieces of furniture or walls. Place it away from metallic surfaces. Â Avoid placing your AirPort Express behind furniture or insid


Avoiding Interference The following items can cause interference with Wi-Fi communication:  Microwave ovens  Direct Satellite Service (DSS) radio frequency leakage  The original coaxial cable that may come with a satellite dish. Contact the device manufacturer and get newer cables.  Electrical devices such as power lines, electrical railroad tracks, and power stations.  Cordless telephones that operate in the 2.4 GHz range. If you have problems with your phone or AirPort communication, ch


 Make sure you’ve chosen your AirPort Express from the AirPlay pop-up menu ( ) in the iTunes window on your computer, or from the AirPlay pop-up menu on your iOS device.  Make sure you’re using iTunes v10.4 or later on your computer. If You Can’t Hear Music Playing If music is playing (the playback head in the progress bar at the top of the iTunes window is moving) but you can’t hear anything, check the following:  Make sure your remote speakers are selected in the AirPlay pop-up menu ( ) i


5 In the dialog that appears, make the following changes: Â Reset the AirPort Express password. Â Turn on encryption to activate password protection for your AirPort network. If you turn on encryption, enter a new password for your AirPort network. 6 Click OK. AirPort Express restarts and loads the new settings. If Your AirPort Express Isn’t Responding Unplug it from the power outlet and plug it back in. If your AirPort Express stops responding completely, you may need to reset it to its fac


If Your AirPort Express Status Light Flashes Amber The Ethernet cable may not be connected properly, your AirPort Express may be out of range of an AirPort network, or there may be a problem with your Internet service provider. If you’re connected to the Internet with a DSL or cable modem, the modem may have lost its connection. Even if the modem seems to be working properly, try disconnecting the modem from its power supply, waiting a few seconds, and then reconnecting it. Make sure your Ai

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