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デバイスADIC Oven 5.4の取扱説明書

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ADIC Oven 5.4の取扱説明書
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Release Notes
Product: AMASS for UNIX Version 5.4
Operating Systems: IBM AIX 5.1 and 5.2 (32-bit only)

HP Tru64 UNIX 5.1, 5.1A, and 5.1B
HP-UX 11.00 (32-bit and 64-bit)
HP-UX 11i (11.11) (32-bit and 64-bit) (PA-RISC only)
SGI IRIX 6.5.16m - 6.5.23
™ ™
Sun Solaris 8 and 9 (32-bit and 64-bit) (SPARC only)
Date: December 2004
Page Topic
1 Purpose of this Release
2 New Features
5 Additional Support
6 Software Installation
6 System Requirements
8 Compatibility Matrix
10 Tape Fea


New Features These features and enhancements are new in this release of AMASS for UNIX: • AMASS Read Only—AMASS read only allows users to set AMASS to a read only state. You can read from AMASS, but not write or delete. To change the state to read only we use the amasstat command. The options are as follows: Usage: amasstat [-aicfswuy] [-t sec] • -a Changes filesystem to active status. • -i Changes filesystem to inactive status (reads and writes from/to open files continue). • -r Changes file


• 4 = Sets scsi_verbose flag. • 8 = Sets select_debug flag (in libsched select_drive function). • 15 = ALL: 1+2+4+8 • Enhanced Cache—There are enhancements to the AMASS feature Enhanced Cache Control. The core of AMASS is a cache in which data is held prior to migrating to/from media. The cache is broke up into cache blocks whose size is configurable. Without the Enhanced Cache Control feature turned on, AMASS reuses cache blocks which are the oldest on the cache. With Enhanced Cache Control


• -x Turns on SCSI debugging. • -j Directs the medialist command to jukebox ID rather than the default of 1. • Network Attached Libraries—Enhancements to the network attached library interface include: • Reducing the number of 'query drive' commands thus softening the load on the XDI interface. A function to test the need to inquire about library drive status is added. If there are no drive candidates to service a pending IO request, the library query drive command is not called. This will re


• -i Change volume status to inactive. • -f Sets a tape volume to NOT FULL. Adds the value vlk_maxxfr found in amass/scripts/amassconfig2 to the volume capacity. • -F Sets a tape volume to FULL. • -s Sets volume available (AVAIL) size (Mb) volstat -s • -u Displays this usage message. • -y Suppresses confirmation and informational messages. If -a or -i are not specified, then the active status of the specified volume is toggled. Additional Support Additional oper


• 3800ux 128 slots • 7100ux 238 slots • Plasmon G-Series with UDO The Plasmon G-Series libraries were previously supported with optical drives. Mixing drive types within the library is not currently supported. •G64 • G104 • G164 • G238 • G438 • G638 Additional firmware support includes: • ACSLS 7.0 • ACSLS 7.1 • Scalar i2000 library M1 firmware • Scalar i2000 library M2 firmware • Scalar DLC 2.5 Service Pack 1 Software Installation Use the information provided in this section to upgrade your AMA


ADIC assumes that you have installed all of the patches that your vendor Note recommended for your kernel, operating system, network, hardware, and storage devices. View Patches To view a list of the patches that are currently installed on your machine, enter the appropriate command listed in the following table. Operating System Command or Path AIX lslpp -h HP Tru64 UNIX setld -i HP-UX /usr/sbin/swlist -1 product PH\* IRIX versions | grep patch Solaris showrev -p © December 2004, ADIC 7


Compatibility Matrix AMASS 5.4 is compatible with DataMgr 3.6.2 and later. Refer to the following table for information on firmware compatibility with AMASS for UNIX Version 5.4: Description Firmware Level Library ADIC Scalar 24 107A.GY002 Scalar 100 3.22.0003 Scalar 1000 601A.00001 2.23.0004 Scalar i2000 200A-GS01801 Scalar 10K 210A.00003 AMASS supports the Scalar 10K in a Dual Aisle configuration as a large 10K library. The current version of AMASS does not support the high availability and


Description Firmware Level IBM LTO-1 3643 LTO-2 42D1 3590B1A Fibre A_4EF 3590B1A SCSI A_558 NOTE: An installed IBM 3590B1A tape drive in a StorageTek Silo ACS 4400 is seen by the ACSLS as a 9490 Timberline. 3590E1A Fibre D01F_2B9 3590E1A SCSI D01F_2B9 3590H1A Fibre F26E 3592 04A6 Panasonic SW-9571 Multi-Drive A111 Plasmon Plasmon UDO A027 Quantum DLT 4000 150 DLT 7000 276A DLT 8000 0250 SDLT 220 4646 SDLT 320 4646 Sony SDX-300C (AIT-1) 04E5 SDX-500 (AIT-2) 0200.CY10 (with or without WORM suppor


Tape Features In this release, the following table describes the features that are available with the listed tape drives. Configure Tape Compression Automatic Optional Block Size Streaming (volformat Drive InfiniteFile Tape Drives (volformat (config_ 1 1 3 command) Cleaning Life 1 2 command) prod -o) Ampex DST 312 X - --- Ampex DST 314 X - --- IBM 3570 X X X X - IBM 3580 Ultrium XXX X - (LTO-1) IBM 3580 Ultrium XXX X - (LTO-2) IBM 3590 B1A X X X X - See Note 1 IBM 3590B1A-ultra X X X X - Se


Configure Tape Compression Automatic Optional Block Size Streaming (volformat Drive InfiniteFile Tape Drives (volformat (config_ 1 1 3 command) Cleaning Life 1 2 command) prod -o) Sony SDX-700C X X X X Requires (AIT-3) minimum FW level 0102 Sony GY-2120 X X Requires X Requires (DTF-1) minimum FW minimum FW level 1.10 level 1.10 Sony G4-8240 XXX X - (DTF-2) StorageTek X X --- Timberline 9490-E StorageTek XXX - - Redwood SD-3 StorageTek 9840 XXX See Note 2 - A, B, and C StorageTek 9940 A


Upgrade Guidelines When upgrading to AMASS 5.4, please make note of the following upgrade guidelines. Operating Upgrade Guidelines System HP Tru64 To successfully install AMASS while using only part of a disk as the AMASS cache, you must first verify that the c partition of the disk has a file system type (fstype) of unused. Second, you must verify that the user amass has read/write permission to the raw c partition (for example, /dev/ rdisk/dsk2c). You can get this permission by owning the


SCSI-Attached Devices: Connect the storage devices to the SCSI bus on the server. Make sure the SCSI bus is properly terminated. Refer to your library’s user manual for instructions on setting the SCSI addresses. The AMASS installation script retrieves and displays device addresses to aid you in the AMASS configuration process. 7 Apply power to the storage devices and boot the UNIX server. 8 To assist you in answering the AMASS script questions, refer to the “Worksheet” chapter in the Install


Fibre Channel Guidelines The following guidelines exist for AMASS running with fibre channel. HP-UX Fibre For AMASS users in a HP-UX fibre environment connected to a PathLight 5000 SNC, the environment variable: AMASS_PLSNK should be used. A known error condition exists where the first SCSI test-unit-ready sent to the device is never received but rather absorbed by the PathLight and a SCSI bus reset status returned. The detected presence of this environmental variable in the UNIX shell will


# ls -l /hw/scsi total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:38 1000006045170ad2 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:38 2000000087000b63 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:38 2000000087002b04 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:38 2000000087003124 3 Look at the contents of the node directory for that device. # ls -l /hw/scsi/1000006045170ad2 total 0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:42 lun0 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:42 lun2 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 24 12:42 lun4 drwxr-xr-x 2 root sys 0 Apr 2


Operating Guidelines When operating AMASS 5.4, please make note of the following operating guidelines. IRIX: Tape Support (TS) system The tape support (TS) system consists of a tape support driver, personality daemons, and a daemon to manage the personality daemons. Thie TS system is provided by SGI to manage tape devices. AMASS does not require the TS system to run and it has trouble if the TS system is controlling the AMASS drives. The mediad daemon initiates the ts daemon on the AMASS dri


Known Issues Known issues in this release of AMASS for UNIX Version 5.4 are listed in the table below. In addition to the following known issues, be aware of the setup and operational guidelines. For more information, refer to “Installation Guidelines,” “Fibre Channel Guidelines,” and “Operating Guidelines” in this document. Change Operating Request Description Workaround System Number All 4682 After reboot, AMASS database This problem only occurs rarely. check fails with “missing Run sysdb


Change Operating Request Description Workaround System Number All 34938 Set the environmental variable to Cannot delete a file or the volume VOLCLEAN_OLD in the on which the file resides. command window and re-run voldelete. 35398 The nature of this problem is to be READAHEAD does not function determined. as expected. 36867 libio and amassmain cores. Stop and restart AMASS. 37550 amassrecovery with -v option When running amassrestore, corrupts vollabel. do not use the -v option. 37552 k


Resolved Issues Problems that have been resolved in this release of AMASS for UNIX are as follows: Change Operating Request Description System Number All 8688 It is not possible to recover from ACSLS network drop without restarting. 8972 Enhanced Cache Management does not reuse cache blocks according to specification. 10966 MAXLTIME/MINLTIME do not perform as expected. 11201 Volume replacement by IFL does not eject tape; rather, it removes the volume from the database. 12682 The vgimport co


Change Operating Request Description System Number All 36713 Make changes to AMASS/XDI and the ssi daemon to support timeouts. 37250 Database error -6 hangs the system. AIX 34556 AMASS prompt bus failure on AIX install. 36118 test_install failure on AIX 5.2. DEC 5909 The killdaemons -F command panics on DEC. IRIX 25127 AMASS 5.3.3 causes panic on IRIX 6.5.22m. 30540 AMASS is not able to coexist with IRIX tape support. 30639 Tape tried to mount twice without a dismount in between. Documentati

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