ArtDio SS-200の取扱説明書

デバイスArtDio SS-200の取扱説明書

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ArtDio SS-200の取扱説明書
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Index 1 Uninstalling The Software 11
Product Features 2 Trouble Shooting 14
Product Overview 3 Frequently Asked
Controls 4 Questions 18
(Voice Over Internet Protocol) SPEAKER
Connection 4 Product Specifications 20
With Built-in Microphone & USB Hub
Installing The Software 6 Safety Instructions 22
Please read and understand all safety instructions before use.


2 3 PRODUCT FEATURES PRODUCT OVERVIEW FRONT VIEW The ARTDIO SS-200 VoIP Speaker is a full duplex mono speaker with built-in microphone, which designed for you to listen to music and enjoy conversations through the Internet with a hands free experience. USB Port Power LED DSP (Digital Sound Processing) with echo cancellation and noise suppression technology assures best voice clarity and quality for 3-Port High Speed making calls through the Internet. The SS-200 speaker is truly USB USB 2.


4 5 (5) Power LED CONTROLS (please refer to picture [A]) Red LED will light to indicate the speaker is connected properly to the picture [A] computer, powered and ready for use. (6) 2.5mm Headphone Jack Connect to headphone with 2.5mm connector for private conversation. (4) Note: A mono headphone with built-in microphone is included. (1) (2) (6) (3) CONNECTION (5) (1) Call Button & LED ( support Skype only ) 1.Connect the mini USB connector to the mini USB jack located on the bottom left


6 7 2) Note:Please connect the INSTALLINGTHE SOFTWARE SS-200 speaker to your computer before continue the Note:You must connect the SS-200 speaker to your computer before installing setup. the software. 1.Place the installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive on your computer. 2.The setup program will start automatically;if the auto run does not start,please install manually by double-click on the setup (.exe) file on the CD-ROM drive. 3.Please follow the instructions in the setup program to comple


8 9 5) Select or create a folder to 8) The installation for SSCtrl driver install the SSCtrl driver, or the begins. setup will install in the following folder C:/Program Files/ ArtDio/ SSCtrl Click “Next” to continue the setup. 6) Select the installation method as 9)The installation for SSCtrl driver shown in the screenshot. Choose is completed. “Typical” as recommended for the installation. Click “Next” to continue the setup. 7) Click “Next” to begin installation, 10) Please wait while th


10 11 11) Then, continue with the 14) Click “Next” to continue the installation for ArtDio USB setup, or “Back” to change any driver. settings. Click “Next” to continue the setup. 15) The installation for ArtDio USB 12) Select the items to be installed driver begins. in your computer, including √ Install ArtDio Driver √ Install Demo Program Click “Next” to continue the setup. 13) Select or create a folder to 16) The installation for ArtDio USB install ArtDio


12 13 17) After restarting the computer, UNINSTALLINGTHE SOFTWARE click on Skype to execute the Note: Please exit all programs before uninstalling the software. program.A window will pop-up to ask for permission UNINSTALLING SS-CTRL DRIVER for the installed SSCtrl driver Please follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software. to access Skype. Click on“Allow this program to UNINSTALLATION SCREENSHOTS use Skype”,to allow the SS-Ctrl driver and the SS-200VoIP 1) Go toWindows Start> All


14 15 3) The uninstallation for SSCtrl 2) Click “OK” to continue the driver begins. uninstallation. 4) The SSCtrl driver has been 3) The uninstallation for ArtDio USB successfully uninstalled. driver begins. Please “Restart” your computer after the software is uninstalled. UNINSTALLING ARTDIO USB DRIVER Please follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall the software. UNINSTALLATION SCREENSHOTS


16 17 ARTDIO USB 3D SOUND CONFIGURATION SETTINGS [1] MAIN SETTING [2] MIXER Output Device Audio Settings Analog Output Select the appropriate audio output device, such as Vol “ ”: Use the Volume Control to increase or decrease the volume, drag Headphone “ ” and Speaker “ ” . the Balance slider to change the balance between left and right speakers. S/PDIF Output Select S/PDIF for digital audio output settings. Audio Jack Audio output jack “ ” (green) for speaker, and au


18 19 [3] EFFECT [4] KARAOKE Environment Choose from the icon on the left menu or more options from Microphone Echo Use the Microphone Echo slider to increase or decrease the drop-down menu to select the appropriate environment setting for microphone echo. best audio performance. Key Shifting Use the Key Shifting slider to increase or decrease key shifting Environment Size Select


14 15 [5]INFORMATION TROUBLE SHOOTING No. Symptom Possible Problem Solutions The USB driver is not Download the USB functioning. driver from your computer manufacturer’s website, or install the software CD-ROM included. 2 No sound is coming The power isn’t Repeat the step 1 - No from speakers. turned on. power LED is lit. Go to control panel, The computer doesn’t double click on Sound detect C-Media USB and Audio Devices, Sound Device as Sound under


16 17 TROUBLE SHOOTING (con’t) No. Symptom Possible Problem Solutions No. Symptom Possible Problem Solutions The operating Check the operating 7 When 2 parties are The Call Button on the Please use the mouse system’s volume is system volume level talking over the speaker does not and click directly on set too high. and decrease it if internet phone call, the support to answer 3rd the Answer Call b


18 19 phones. Included with the package, is a specially designed 2.5mm mono FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS headphone with built-in microphone, for you to use it to listen to music and enjoy your conversation through the Internet. 1. Does the SS-200 VoIP speaker support instant messengers such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, QQ and more, other than Skype™? 4. Does the feature of auto music pause and resume for incoming/ outgoing calls support Mac or Linux operating system? Yes, the SS-200 VoI


20 21 SPEAKER SPECIFICATIONS Built-in Speaker Total Power Output 2Watts incoming/outgoing call, green LED will light when the call is Frequency Response 120HZ-18KHZ connected Driver 1 1/4 inches 4Ω NdFEB Orange LED will light USB Hub Power LED Magnet when the USB storage Built-in Microphone Coverage 5 M (±60 degree) device is connected to the USB port Sensitivity -40dB Other Headphone Input 2.5mm Mono Frequency Response 50HZ-10KHz Connection Headphone Input Jack Digital Sound Echo Can


22 23 USB HUB SPECIFICATIONS 7. Location – The appliance should be installed in a stable location. 8. Heat – The appliance should be situated away from heat sources such as radiators, USB Host Interface USB 2.0 (backward compatibility with USB 1.1 and heat registers, stoves, or other appliances (including amplifiers) that produce heat. 1.0) 9. Cleaning – The appliance should be cleaned only with a polishing cloth or a soft dry USB Ports 3 USB ports cloth. Never clean with furniture wax, benz

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