Sony CMT-NEZ5の取扱説明書

デバイスSony CMT-NEZ5の取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony CMT-NEZ5
カテゴリ: 車載スピーカー
メーカー: Sony
サイズ: 0.49 MB
追加した日付: 7/31/2014
ページ数: 32



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Micro HI-FI
Operating Instructions
Owner’s Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the rear of the unit. Record the serial number
in the space provided below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your Sony dealer
regarding this product.
Model No. ______________ Serial No. ______________
©2005 Sony Corporation


WARNING This equipment has been tested and found to comply WARNING with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to To reduce the risk of fire or electric provide reasonable protection against harmful shock, do not expose this apparatus to interference in a residential installation. This rain or moisture. equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio To reduce the risk of fire, do not cover the ventilation frequency ene


Table of Contents How to use this manual...........................4 Timer Playable discs..........................................4 Falling asleep to music ......................... 17 Getting Started — Sleep Timer Waking up to music.............................. 18 Hooking up the system............................6 — Play Timer Setting the clock......................................8 Timer recording radio programs........... 19 — Rec Timer CD/MP3 – Play Loading a disc .........................


Discs that this system cannot How to use this manual play  The instructions in this manual are for model CD-ROMs CMT-NEZ5 and CMT-NEZ3. Check your  CD-Rs/CD-RWs other than those recorded in model number by looking at the front panel. the following formats: In this manual, CMT-NEZ3 is used for – music CD format illustration purposes unless stated otherwise. – MP3 format that conforms to ISO9660* Any difference in operation is clearly Level 1/Level 2, Joliet or Multi Session** indicate


Notes on CD-R and CD-RW Music discs encoded with copyright protection • Some CD-Rs or CD-RWs cannot be played technologies on this system depending upon the recording quality or physical condition of the disc, or This product is designed to playback discs that the characteristics of the recording device. conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Furthermore, the disc will not play if it has not Recently, various music discs encoded with been correctly finalized. For more copyright pro


3 # # # Getting Started Hooking up the system Perform the following procedures 1 to 4 to hook up your system using the supplied cords and accessories. CMT-NEZ3 is used for illustration purpose. Right speaker Left speaker 3 1 2 4 FM lead antenna AM loop antenna 1 Connect the speakers. 2 Connect the FM and AM antennas. Connect the right and left speaker cords to Set up the AM loop antenna, then connect the SPEAKER terminals on the unit as it. shown below. Red (3) Black (#) Insert this portion. G


Getting Started Plug type A 3 For models with a voltage selector, set VOLTAGE SELECTOR to the local power line voltage. The voltage selector is located at the rear of the apparatus. Refer to the print on your system’s AM loop antenna VOLTAGE SELECTOR for available settings. VOLTAGE Extend the FM lead SELECTOR antenna horizontally 120V* Plug type B 220V AM loop antenna 230–240V * Saudi Arabian model: 120 – 127 V Extend the FM lead 4 Connect the power cord to a wall antenna horizontally o


Setting the clock Use buttons on the remote for the operation. 1 Press ?/1 to turn on the unit. 2 Press CLOCK/TIMER SET. 3 Press . or > repeatedly to set the hour. 4 Press ENTER. 5 Press . or > repeatedly to set the minute. 6 Press ENTER. The clock starts working. To adjust the clock 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER SET. 2 Press . or > repeatedly to select “CLOCK”, then press ENTER. 3 Do the same procedures as step 3 to 6 above. Note The clock is not displayed in Power Saving Mode (page 20). GB 8


CD/MP3 – Play Playing a disc CD/MP3 – Play — Normal Play/Shuffle Play Loading a disc This system lets you play audio CDs and discs with MP3 audio tracks. 1 Press Z PUSH OPEN/CLOSE on the unit. Example: When a disc is loaded 2 Place a disc with the label side up on the CD compartment. Playing time Track number 1 Press CD (or FUNCTION repeatedly) to switch the function to CD. 2 Press PLAY MODE repeatedly in stop 3 Press Z PUSH OPEN/CLOSE on the mode until the mode you want appears unit aga


3 Press N (or CD/NX on the unit). Playing repeatedly Other operations — Repeat Play To Do this Stop play Press x. You can play all the tracks or a single track on a Pause Press X (or CD/NX on the unit). disc repeatedly. Press again to resume play. Press REPEAT repeatedly during playback Select a track Press . or > repeatedly. until “REPEAT” or “REPEAT1” appears. Select an album Press + or – repeatedly after of MP3 step 2. REPEAT: For all the tracks on a disc, or all the MP3 audio tracks in


CD/MP3 – Play Other operations Creating your own To Do this Cancel Program Play Press PLAY MODE in stop program mode repeatedly until both “PGM” and “SHUF” — Program Play disappears. Erase the program Press CLEAR in stop You can make a program of up to 25 steps. mode. You can synchro record the programmed tracks Each time you press the onto a cassette tape (page 16). button, a track is cleared 1 Press CD (or FUNCTION repeatedly) to from the end of the switch the function to CD. program


6 Press + or – (or TUNING + or – on the unit) repeatedly to select the desired Tuner preset number. 7 Press ENTER. Presetting radio stations 8 Repeat steps 4 through 7 to store other stations. You can preset up to 20 FM stations and 10 AM stations. You can then tune in any of those Tip stations simply by selecting the corresponding Press x to stop scanning. preset number. Manual tuning preset Automatic tuning preset You can manually tune in and store the radio You can automatically tune i


Tuner To change the AM tuning interval Listening to the radio (except for European and Saudi Arabian models) You can listen to a radio station either by The AM tuning interval is factory-preset to selecting a preset station, or by manually tuning 9 kHz (or 10 kHz for some areas). To change the in the station. AM tuning interval, tune in any AM station first, then turn off the system. While holding TUNER/ BAND, press ?/1 on the unit. When you change Listening to a preset station the inter


Listening to non-preset radio Using the Radio Data station System (RDS) — Manual Tuning (European model CMT-NEZ5 only) 1 Press TUNER/BAND (or FUNCTION repeatedly) to switch the function to What is the Radio Data tuner. System? 2 Press TUNER/BAND repeatedly to select “FM” or “AM”. Radio Data System (RDS) is a broadcasting service that allows radio stations to send 3 Press TUNING MODE repeatedly until additional information along with the regular “AUTO” and “PRESET” disappear from progr


Tape – Play Playing a tape Tape – Play You can use TYPE I (normal) tape. Loading a tape 1 Load a tape. 1 Press PUSH OPEN/CLOSE Z on the 2 Press TAPE (or FUNCTION repeatedly) unit. to switch the function to TAPE. 2 Load a recorded/recordable tape into 3 Press N (or TAPE/N on the unit). the cassette holder. Other operations With the side you To Do this want to play/record Stop play Press x. facing towards you. Pause Press X. Press again to resume play. Fast-forward or Press m or M. rewind R


Recording on a tape Tape – Recording manually Recording your favorite — Manual Recording CD tracks on a tape You can record just the portions you like from a — CD-TAPE Synchro Recording CD, tape or radio program on a tape. You can also record from connected You can record a whole CD on a tape. components (see “Hooking up optional You can use TYPE I (normal) tape. components” on page 21). Use buttons on the unit for the operation. Use buttons on the unit for the operation. 1 Load a recordab


Tape – Recording/Sound Adjustment/Timer Sound Adjustment Timer Adjusting the sound Falling asleep to music —Sleep Timer Generating a more dynamic You can set the system to turn off after a certain sound (Dynamic Sound time, so that you can fall asleep to music. Generator X-tra) Use buttons on the remote for the operation. Press DSGX on the unit. Press SLEEP. Each time you press the button, the display Each time you press the button, the minute changes as follows: display (the turn-off time


Other operations Waking up to music To Do this Check the setting 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER — Play Timer SELECT. 2 Press . or > You can wake up to music at a preset time. Make repeatedly until “PLAY” sure you have set the clock (see “Setting the appears, then press ENTER. clock” on page 8). Change the setting Start over from step 1. Use buttons on the remote for the operation. Cancel the timer 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER 1 Prepare the sound source you want to SELECT. play. 2 Press . or >  CD: Load a d


Timer Other operations Timer recording radio To Do this Check the setting 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER programs SELECT. 2 Press . or > —Rec Timer repeatedly until “REC” appears, then press ENTER. You can record a preset radio station from a Change the setting Start over from step 1. specified time. To timer record, you must first preset the radio Cancel the timer 1 Press CLOCK/TIMER station (see “Presetting radio stations” on SELECT. 2 Press . or > page 12) and set the clock (see “Setting the rep


Checking the remaining time Display and titles and the artist names (CD/MP3) Turning off the display Press DISPLAY repeatedly during Normal — Power Saving Mode Play. Each time you press the button, the display The clock display can be turned off to minimize changes cyclically as follows: the amount of power consumed during standby Current track number and elapsed playing time (Power Saving Mode). t Current track number and remaining time or “– –.– –”* t Remaining time of the disc or P

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