Sony Entertainment Series SDM-V72Wの取扱説明書

デバイスSony Entertainment Series SDM-V72Wの取扱説明書

デバイス: Sony Entertainment Series SDM-V72W
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Sony Entertainment Series SDM-V72Wの取扱説明書
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1-796-576-23 (1)
Computer Display
Operating Instructions
Mode d’emploi
Manual de instrucciones
© 2002 Sony Corporation


Owner’s Record Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna. The model and serial numbers are located at the rear of the unit. Record these numbers in the spaces provided Increase the separation between the equipment and NOTICE below. Refer to them whenever you call upon your dealer receiver. regarding this product. This notice is applicable for USA/Canada only. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit Model No. ______________________________ If shipped to USA/Canada, install



Precautions Warning on power connections Installation Handling the LCD screen Do not leave the LCD screen facing the sun as Use the supplied power cord. If you use a Do not install or leave the display: it can damage the LCD screen. Take care when different power cord, be sure that it is In places subject to extreme temperatures, for you place the display by a window. compatible with your local power supply. example near a radiator, heating vent, or in Do not push on or scratch the L



Identifying parts and controls 1 Power button (page 16) 7 INPUT button (pages 19 and 25) See the pages in parentheses for further details. This button turns the display on. To turn the This button switches between connected POWER display off, press this button again. input sources, including PC input, 1 Composite video input, S-Video input, and 2 Power LED indicator (page 16) Y/Pb/Pr Component video input. MENU This LED indicates power ON/OFF, power Front of the LCD display 3 8 Stereo spe


Identifying parts and controls - cont. qa Back panel (pages 10 and 14) qh Y/Pb/Pr Component Video and Audio Rear of the LCD display Input (page 12) Remove this panel to access power and These jacks input high quality video and input connections for the display. audio signals when connected to equipment qs HD15 input for PC Input (analog RGB) with component output. This connector inputs analog RGB video qj DC IN connector (page 13) signals (0.700 Vp-p, positive) and SYNC This connector prov


Identifying parts and controls - cont. Remote Card ql MUTE button (page 33) wg Y/Pb/Pr Component Video button ql w; waws (page 12) Press this button to mute the sound. Press Press this button to display Y/Pb/Pr again or + Volume button to restore the Component Video input signal. sound. wd wg wh MENU button (pages 19 and 25) w; PICTURE MODE button (page 26) Press this button to switch between different Press this button to turn the menu screen on wf picture mode settings. and off. wk wa WID




Connecting your display to your computer Setup 2 Turn off the display and computer before connecting. Do not touch the pins of the video signal cable connector as this might bend the pins. 1 Remove the back panel by holding top with one hand as in the illustration then snap out the buttons located at each corner. 2 2 Remove the cable cover by lightly pulling 1 top concave portion. Connecting to an IBM PC/AT or compatible computer Using the HD15/D-sub cable (supplied), connect the compute


Connecting the audio cord Setup 3 Connect the supplied audio cord to the display’s PC audio input jack. The audio cord connector and the audio input jack are color coded. Match like colors to connect. Using the display’s speakers or headphones, you can listen to sound from your computer or other audio equipment connected to the display’s audio input jacks. For more information, see “Controlling the volume” on page 33. - 11 -


Connecting video cables Setup 4 You can connect composite video cables, S-Video cable, and also Y/Pb/Pr Component Video cables for your video needs. Connecting with composite video cables Composite video sends combined signal of color shade (chrominance) and brightness (luminance) through a single cable. For this connection use the traditional A/V cable. (Combined audio L/R and video cable) R L VIDEO Connecting with S-Video cables If your equipment has an S-Video output, use this connect


Connecting the AC adapter Setup 5 Connect the AC adapter (supplied) to the display. AC adapter (supplied) DC IN 16.5V - 13 -


Organizing the cables and replacing the back panel Setup 6 1 Bundle the cables and cords; then route 1 through the base stand. 2 Replace the cable cover by aligning the cylindrical pegs to the holes, then press. 3 Hold the back panel with one hand and press the panel at the corners. 2 3 - 14 -


Connecting the power cord Setup 7 1 First, connect the AC adapter to the display as shown in Setup 5 (see page 13). 2 Connect the power cord to the AC adapter (supplied). To power outlet 3 Connect the power cord to the nearest power outlet. 2 1 3 Power cord AC adapter (supplied) (supplied) DC IN 16.5V - 15 -


Turning on the display, computer, or other equipment Setup 8 1 Press the POWER button on the right The display complies with the “DDC” Plug side of the display. & Play standard and automatically detects all the display’s information. No specific The power LED indicator lights up in green. driver needs to be installed to the computer to operate. POWER 2 Turn on the computer or your video The first time you turn on your computer source equipment. after connecting the display, the setup Wiz


Adjusting the tilt Setup 9 The display will tilt 3 degrees forward and 15 degrees backward. 15° To use the display comfortably 3° Adjust the viewing angle of your display according to the height of your desk and chair, and so that light is not reflected from the screen to your eyes. WheWWhen adjusting the screen tilt, proceed ✍ slowly and carefully, being sure not to hit the display against the desk or the base of the display stand. Grasp the lower middle part of the LCD panel while holdi



Customizing Your Display You can make numerous adjustments to your 1 Select the PC input. display using the on-screen menu. You can select Press the INPUT button on the right side of Before making adjustments your menu and adjustments using the buttons the display until you find the PC input you Connect the display and the on the side of the display or by using your want to select and press the OK button or computer, and turn them on. Wait for remote card. press the PC button on your rem

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