Samsung BSP-4007の取扱説明書

デバイスSamsung BSP-4007の取扱説明書

デバイス: Samsung BSP-4007
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Samsung BSP-4007の取扱説明書
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Owner’s Manual
for model: BSP-4007
Premium Deluxe Thinline
Blood Pressure Monitor
Made in China
105 Challenger Road, 6th Floor
• Personal Alert Level
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660
• Irregular Heartbeat Detector
• Thin, Lightweight Design
• 3 Zones of 80 Memory - 240 Memory Total
• Memory Average of Last 3 Measurements
• Multi Measurement Options
• Time and Date Indications
• AC Capability and Adapter


Important Warnings/Medical Disclaimer Before using your blood pressure monitor, you should read and understand all instructions and follow all warnings. Information in this manual is provided for informational pur- poses only. This product and manual are not meant to be a substitute for the advice provided by your own physician or other medical professional. You should not use this product, or the information contained herein, for diagnosing or treat- ing a health problem, disease, or prescribi


Table of Contents Healthy Living Important Warnings/Medical Disclaimer ________________1 Purchasing this blood pressure monitor is your first step in living Healthy Living _________________________________3-4 a healthier life, but it is only the beginning. It is also important Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure________5-8 to: Intended Use _____________________________________8 Measurement Method ______________________________9 Important information before using the unit ____________


Commonly Asked Questions Healthy Living About Blood Pressure STAY POSITIVE - A healthy mind goes hand in hand with a Why Should I Monitor My Blood Pressure At Home? healthy body. Daily relaxation techniques such as meditation and By monitoring at home you can manage your health care between yoga may be just what you need to alleviate stress. Keep your visits to the doctor. Also, you now have the means to keep a record mind focused on the positive things in life. Start out by giving of your blo


Commonly Asked Questions Commonly Asked Questions About Blood Pressure About Blood Pressure When the heart contracts it sends blood out into Why Does My Blood Pressure Fluctuate? the body. This pressure is referred to as systolic. Blood pressure changes with every beat of the heart and is in constant fluctuation throughout the day. In addition to natural The pressure that is created as the heart pulls blood back thor- changes, other factors that may affect blood pressure are: ough is called dias


Commonly Asked Questions Measurement Method About Blood Pressure Why Is It Important To Control My Blood Pressure? Healthy Living monitors measure blood pressure and pulse rate Left uncontrolled hypertension can place an incredible amount of by using an oscillometric method, meaning the fluctuations in stress on your heart and arteries. They are both forced to work pressure are measured. Once the cuff is wrapped around the harder to keep blood flowing through your body. Over time this upper


Important information before Important information before using the unit using the unit • Blood pressure measurements should be interpreted by a physician If taking multiple measurements, please allow 10 minutes • or trained health professional who is familiar with one's medical between measurements. This will allow your blood ves- history. By using the unit regularly and recording the results for the sels to return to their normal state. physician to interpret, one can keep the physician infor


Main Unit and Special Features Accessories Main Unit Heart Sense The Heart Sense Inflation System senses your blood (See page 15 for pressure before the measurement is complete, sig- descriptions of naling the monitor to adjust the air pressure amount. screen icons.) The result is a quick, comfortable measurement each time you check your blood pressure. Quiet Inflation A unique, low noise, rolling motor system allows our monitors to Up button inflate quietly. Large 3 Row Display Screen Start


Accuracy Digital Display Symbols Healthy Living monitors have been clinically tested against a Mesurement Reading Screen scientific device called a sphygmomanometer, considered the gold standard in blood pressure measurement. All Healthy Living Self-Diagnostic Inflation Symbol monitors have performed equivalent to measurements taken Smile Face Symbol with this scientific device and are within the accuracy limits pre- SYS. Depress Symbol Systolic Rate mmHg scribed by the American National Stan


Setting Date, Time and Levels Setting Date, Time and Levels Setting date and time Setting personalized levels a. Press "MODE" button ("month" starts flashing) a. Press "MODE" button Press "[ ]" and "[ ]" button to set and adjust the correct (" - - " will flash for 1st systolic self-management) month (1, 2, 3 ....12) Press " " or " " button to set/adjust the personalized b. systolic rate Press "MODE" button again ("date" starts flashing) b. Press "MODE" button Press "[ ]" and "[ ]" button to s


Taking a Blood Pressure Applying the Cuff Measurement • Wrap the cuff around the arm (refer to previous •Insert the Cuff Plug into the Cuff Plug Jack page) on the Monitor. • Sit upright in a chair with feet flat on the floor. • Pull the Velcro tab so the cuff is laying flat • Press " " or " " button to select a particular with the Velcro facing up at you. memory zone then press the "START/STOP" • Pull the cuff to the left of the metal ring to button to start the measurement. The monitor for


Storing, recalling, and erasing Storing, recalling, and erasing measurement data measurement data • Erasing data • Storing data *Press "MEM" into Memory mode. *After each measurement, the systolic and diastolic rates, pulse *Press and hold on "MODE" button and then press " " button, the rate and the time & date will be automatically stored. The memo- pre-set Personal Alert Level and all measurement data will be erased. ry holds data for the latest 80 measurements in each of 3 memory *To confirm


Personal Computer Link Multi-Measurement Options Setting Multi-Measurement Use this software to transfer your blood pressure monitor a. Press the MODE button repeatedly until the figure below shows readings to your personal computer. Separate instructions on the screen. are included with your monitor. *PC program compatible with Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP Home Edition and XP Professional edi- tion in English version only. b. Press " " to select 1, 3 or 5 measurements. When set to 1 the read


Taking Care of Your Taking Care of Your Blood Pressure Monitor Blood Pressure Monitor To prevent malfunctions Maintenance Use the cuff only as instructed and be careful not to twist it. * Lose of Power Do not inflate the cuff when it is not wrapped around the If you use the AC adapter and have lost power, your stored arm. data will not be affected. You will have to reset the time, date and personalized levels once power is restored or bat- Do not attempt to disassemble or change any monitor part


Troubleshooting Troubleshooting Error/Symbol What Does It Mean? How To Fix It Error/Symbol What Does It Mean? How To Fix It The batteries have run Monitor may have been Read page 18 (Applying Replace with four new down. inflated without the cuff the Cuff). "AA" batteries. Make around the arm OR Cuff sure the polarities are may not be positioned positioned correctly in correctly on the arm. the battery compart- ment before continuing to measure your blood Read pages 10 & 11 The cuff tube may be


Lifetime Limited Warranty Lifetime Limited Warranty Samsung America, Inc. will, at its option, repair or replace your monitor, includ- INCLUDING THE WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, ARE LIMITED TO THE APPLICABLE WARRANTY PERIOD SET FORTH ABOVE. Manufacturer and ing the cuff, with the same or comparable model free of charge (except you must pay for shipping charges set forth below) for the lifetime of the original Distributor assume no responsibility for injuries, damages or penalties incurred or s


Specifications Blood Pressure Diary Model BSP-4007 Date Time Systolic/Diastolic Pulse Monitor Premium Deluxe Thinline / Measurement Method Oscillometric / Display Liquid crystal digital display / Measurement Range Pressure: 0 ~ 300 mmHg / Pulse: 40 ~ 199 beats/Minute / Accuracy Pressure: within ± 3 mmHg Pulse: within ± 5% / Memory Stores up to 80 measurements for each / zone / Automatic Power Off Approximately 1 minute after measurement is complete / Batt


Advertencias importantes/Descargo Blood Pressure Diary de responsabilidad médica Date Time Systolic/Diastolic Pulse Debe leer y entender todas las instrucciones y observar todas las advertencias antes de usar el monitor de presión / arterial. / / La información se presenta en este manual solamente con / fines informativos. Ni el producto ni el manual están pre- vistos como sustituto de los consejos que pudiera darle su / médico de cabecera u otro médico. No debe utilizar el / monitor ni la infor


Índice de materias Una vida sana con Healthy Living Advertencias importantes/Descargo de responsabilidad médica_1 Usted ya tomó su primer paso hacia la vida sana con la compra Una vida sana con Healthy Living ___________________3-4 de este monitor de presión arterial, pero eso es tan sólo el Preguntas frecuentes sobre la presión arterial __________5-8 comienzo. También es importante: Uso previsto ____________________________________8 Método de medición ______________________________9 MANTENERSE


Preguntas frecuentes sobre la Una vida sana con Healthy Living presión arterial MANTENER UNA ACTITUD POSITIVA - Una mente ¿Por qué me conviene medirme la presión arterial en casa? sana es el mejor compañero del cuerpo sano. Practicar técnicas de relajación, como yoga y meditación todos los días, podría ser Medirse la presión arterial en casa le permite controlar su salud exactamente lo que necesita para aliviar el estrés. Mantenga la entre consultas con el médico. Además, ahora cuenta con los m

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