Admiral ADM8IB - 10080020の取扱説明書

デバイスAdmiral ADM8IB - 10080020の取扱説明書

デバイス: Admiral ADM8IB - 10080020
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Admiral ADM8IB - 10080020の取扱説明書
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Operating Instructions (GB/USA)
Manuel d’utilisation (FRE)
Bedienungsanleitung (GER)
ADM8IB - 10080020 BRITIAN
ADM8IE - 10080030 EUROPE
Read these instructions before operating the machine
Lire ce manuel avant d’utiliser la machine
Bitte lesen Sie diese Anleitungen, bevor Sie die Maschine in Gebrauch nehmen
86038270 10/12/07

PRV NO. 98655


TABLE OF CONTENTS MODEL DATE OF PURCHASE SERIAL NUMBER SALES REPRESENTATIVE # DEALER NAME Data Log/Table of Contents.............. 1 Maintenance..................................... 15-17 Safety Instructions ............................ 2 Technical Specifications................... 18 Controls ............................................ 3-5 Parts Lists......................................... 19-34 Operations .................................


SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using an electrical appliance, basic precaution must always be followed, including the following: READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE USING THIS MACHINE. This machine is for commercial use. ! WARNING: To reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury: Connect to a properly grounded outlet. Do not leave the machine unattended. Unplug machine from outlet when not in use and before maintenance or service. Use only indoors. Do not us


CONTROLS/COMPONENT LOCATIONS 1. Main Handle. Used to pull and maneuver 4 5 6 8 9 machine. 2. Handle Adjustment. Used to adjust height of handle. 3. Electrical Cord. 4. Solution Switch. Turns on pump. Continuous position (bottom) activates electro-valve to dispense solution to floor through jets. Intermittent position (up) requires operator to depress 1 of 3 trigger switches to dispense solution. Center position is off. 7 5. Brush Motor Switch. Turns on brush motor. 6


CONTROLS/COMPONENT LOCATIONS 1. Solution Accessory Tool Hookup. Used for various auxiliary cleaning tools. 2. Vacuum Hose Door. Used to connect various auxiliary 1 ½ inch cleaning tool 11 vacuum hoses. 3. Brush Height Adjustment. Used to regulate brush height from storage position 10 to various carpet heights. 4. Recovery Tank. Used to collect dirty cleaning solution. 5. Solution Tank. Used to hold cleaning solution. 1 6. Recovery Tank Dome. 7. Vacuum Shoe. 9 3


CONTROLS/COMPONENT LOCATIONS 1. Solution Intake Cover. 2. Vacuum Intake Cover. 3. Float Shut-Off. 4. Clean-Out Opening. 5. Pour Spout. 6. Lift Handle. 6 1 2 4 6 5 3 ADMIRAL 86038270 05/22/07 5


FILLING OPERATIONS STEP 1 RECOVERY TANK Remove recovery tank SOLUTION TANK STEP Add water 2 8 gal. or (30.3 ltr.) 140°F (60°C) FILL LINE STEP 3 8 – 16oz. (237ml – 473ml) FILLING THE ADMIRAL NOTE: Use clean bucket of water to fill solution tank Add cleaning Do not put defoamer, solvents, spotter or chemical prespray chemicals in the solution tank. Do not allow water to spill into vacuum motor inlet. Dry spillage from to


OPERATIONS STEP Remove electrical cord and literature 1 from recovery tank. Fill solution tank (see filling instructions page 6). STEP Plug cord into grounded outlet. Note: 2 Be sure dome is seated on recovery tank, and float shut-off is installed correctly. STEP Adjust brush to proper setting. Note: 3 For good operation the brush must 1/8in skim the carpet. If circuit breaker (3mm) trips raise brush to prevent damage CORRECT to motor or carpet. INCORRECT STEP Turn on brush


OPERATIONS STEP Adjust handle to comfortable 5 operating position. Tip machine back by main handle to move to starting point. STEP Lower machine to floor. 6 STEP Select continuous setting to start 7 solution spray or select intermittent setting to enable use of trigger switches to start solution spray. INT The intermittent setting requires the operator to hold any one of the CONT three trigger switches in the “on” position with the fingers, and is typically used in small areas w


CLEANING PROCEDURE STEP Start at wall closest to power outlet. 1 Pull straight back without pushing down on handle. STEP Release intermittent trigger 2 switches or turn off continuous setting on solution switch approximately 1 foot before ending 1ft. cleaning pass. (30cm) OFF STEP Push down on handle to raise 1in. 3 vacuum shoe and brush before (25mm) moving to the next cleaning pass. Overlap brush contact area a minimum of 1inch on the right (close cleaning) side of machin


CLEANING PROCEDURE STEP Use right side of machine for 5 cleaning against walls. STEP After cleaning, turn off all controls, 6 return brush to storage position and carefully unplug machine. OFF OFF OFF STEP To speed drying, use a 7 Windblower ™ fan. STEP Empty recovery tank by releasing 8 dump hose. Use a hose with cold water to clean out the recovery tank. Also drain solution tank after each use. RECOVERY DRAIN SOLUTION DRAIN ADMIRAL 86038270 05/22/07 10


ACCESSORY TOOL USAGE STEP Use only one of the following 1 acceptable accessory tools. 86000020 – PRV NO. HT 86000000 – PRV NO. DDH 86041150 – PRV NO. DH 86031540 – PRV NO. 39504 86000610 – PRV NO. 89227 86000600 – PRV NO. 89226 Pull back collar and insert over machine mounted fitting, then release collar to lock into place. STEP Lift door on front of vacuum shoe and 2 insert 1 ½ inch hose cuff into hole. STEP Turn on vacuum motor switch and set 3 solution switch to inte


TROUBLESHOOTING CHART PROBLEM CAUSE SOLUTION 1. Is the cord plugged in. 1. Plug in cord. No Power, Nothing Runs 2. Circuit breaker tripped in building. 2. Reset breaker 3. Faulty switch. 3. Call for service. 4. Faulty power cord or pigtail. 4. Call for service. Vacuum Motor Will Not 1.Vacuum circuit breaker tripped. 1.Reset breaker Run 2.Faulty main vacuum switch. 2.Call for service. 3.Loose wiring. 3.Call for service. 4.Faulty vac motor. 4.Call for service. Vacuum Motor Runs But 1




WIRING DIAGRAM 86268290 PRV NO. 88229 86268460 86268430 PRV NO. 88333 PRV NO. 88323 FILTER 86268370 86003650 PRV NO. 88276 PRV NO. 34362 86268430 PRV NO. 88323 86268430 - PRV NO. 88323 86238830 86238840 PRV NO. 41355 PRV NO. 41356 86268420 PRV NO. 88317 86001240 86268750 PRV NO. 14020 PRV NO. 88567 ADMIRAL 86038270 05/22/07 14 86238820 PRV NO. 41351 86268900 PRV NO. 88655 86266720 PRV NO. 880043


MAINTENANCE NOTE: Always store machine with brush PERIODIC MAINTENANCE in “Store” position. Twice a month, flush a white vinegar solution (One quart vinegar to two gallons of water) or anti-browning solution (mixed as directed) through the extractor. This will prevent build-up of alkaline residue in the system. If spray jets become clogged, remove the spray tips, wash them thoroughly, and blow-dry. NOTE: Do not use pins, wire, etc. to clean nozzles as this could des


MAINTENANCE ONLY QUALIFIED MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL ARE TO PERFORM ! WARNING: THE FOLLOWING REPAIRS. VACUUM MOTOR REPLACEMENT Vac Motor Carbon Brushes Replacement (Ametek) End Cap 1. Turn off all switches and unplug machine. 2. Remove recovery tank. WARNING: The green Carbon Brushes ground wire must be 3. Remove the (2) screws that fasten the attached for safe solution tank to the frame, and tilt tank back operation. to expose the inside of the frame. See wiring diagram. 4. Locate


MAINTENANCE SOLUTION PUMP REPLACEMENT 1. Turn off all switches and unplug the machine. 2. Remove recovery tank. 3. Remove the (2) screws that fasten the solution tank to the frame, and tilt tank back to expose the inside of the frame. 4. Remove solution hoses from fittings in pump. 5. Remove the (2) screws that fasten the pump to the frame. 6. Reverse process to install pump. Pump Replacement Parts for Shurflo 100 psi (86026400 – PRV NO. 65254) Diaphragm Pressure Switch Valve


TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS POWER TYPE GENERAL DIMENSIONS/WEIGHT ELECTRICAL: 230-240 V, 7 A, 50 HZ Vacuum shoe: 17” (43.18 cm) cast aluminum with spring loaded down pressure ELECTRIC VACUUM MOTOR: (1) –3 stage, 1 hp, 99 cfm (2.80 cubic meters/min.) Waterlift – WHEELS: (2) 10” dia. (25 cm) wheels by 2” 117” (297cm) WEIGHT: 92 lbs. (42 kg) BRUSH: (1) 15” (38.1 cm.) LENGTH: 35” (89 cm) SOLUTION PUMP: 100 PSI, diaphragm style, internal bypass HEIGHT: 42” (107 cm) SOLUT

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