Apple iPhone 3G A1324の取扱説明書

デバイスApple iPhone 3G A1324の取扱説明書

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Apple iPhone 3G A1324の取扱説明書
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User Guide
For iPhone OS 3.1 Software


Contents 9 Chapter 1: Getting Started 9 Viewing the User Guide on iPhone 9 What You Need 10 Activating iPhone 10 Installing the SIM Card 10 Registering iPhone 11 Setting Up iPhone Using VoiceOver 11 Syncing 16 Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts 18 Installing Configuration Profiles 19 Disconnecting iPhone from Your Computer 20 Chapter 2: Basics 20 iPhone at a Glance 23 Home Screen 26 Buttons 28 Touchscreen 31 Onscreen Keyboard 37 Searching 38 Voice Control 39 Stereo Headset 40 Connecting to


55 Bluetooth Devices 56 International Calls 59 Chapter 4: Mail 59 Setting Up Email Accounts 59 Sending Email 60 Checking and Reading Email 64 Searching Email 64 Organizing Email 66 Chapter 5: Safari 66 Viewing Webpages 69 Searching the Web 69 Bookmarks 70 Web Clips 71 Chapter 6: iPod 71 Getting Music, Video, and More 73 Music and Other Audio 81 Videos 84 Setting a Sleep Timer 85 Changing the Browse Buttons 86 Chapter 7: Messages 86 Sending and Receiving Messages 88 Sharing Photos and Videos


98 Viewing Photos and Videos 99 Slideshows 100 Sharing Photos and Videos 102 Assigning a Photo to a Contact 102 Wallpaper 103 Chapter 10: Camera 103 About Camera 104 Taking Photos and Recording Videos 105 Viewing and Sharing Photos and Videos 105 Trimming Videos 106 Uploading Photos and Videos to Your Computer 107 Chapter 11: YouTube 107 Finding and Viewing Videos 108 Controlling Video Playback 109 Managing Videos 109 Getting More Information 110 Using YouTube Account Features 111 Changing the


130 Chapter 16: Notes 130 Writing and Reading Notes 131 Searching Notes 131 Emailing Notes 131 Syncing Notes 132 Chapter 17: Clock 132 World Clocks 133 Alarms 133 Stopwatch 134 Timer 135 Chapter 18: Calculator 135 Using the Calculator 135 Standard Memory Functions 136 Scientific Calculator Keys 138 Chapter 19: Settings 138 Airplane Mode 139 Wi-Fi 140 VPN 140 Notifications 141 Carrier 141 Sounds and the Ring/Silent Switch 142 Brightness 142 Wallpaper 142 General 150 Mail, Contacts, Calendars


165 Checking Download Status 165 Syncing Purchased Content 165 Changing the Browse Buttons 166 Viewing Account Information 166 Verifying Purchases 167 Chapter 21: App Store 167 About the App Store 167 Browsing and Searching 169 Info Screen 170 Downloading Applications 171 Deleting Applications 171 Writing Reviews 172 Updating Applications 172 Syncing Purchased Applications 173 Chapter 22: Compass 173 Getting Compass Readings 174 Compass and Maps 176 Chapter 23: Contacts 176 About Contacts 176


196 Phone and Voicemail 197 Safari, Text, Mail, and Contacts 200 Sound, Music, and Video 201 iTunes Stores 201 Removing the SIM Card 202 Backing Up iPhone 204 Updating and Restoring iPhone Software 205 Appendix B: Other Resources 205 Safety, Software, and Service Information 206 Viewing the User Guide on iPhone 206 Disposal and Recycling Information 207 Apple and the Environment 208 Index 7 Contents



Getting Started 1 WARNING: To avoid injury, read all operating instructions in this guide and · safety information in the iPhone Important Product Information Guide at before using iPhone. Viewing the User Guide on iPhone The iPhone User Guide, optimized for viewing on iPhone, is available at View the guide on iPhone: In Safari, tap , then tap the iPhone User Guide bookmark. Add an icon for the guide to the Home screen: When viewi


• An iTunes Store account (for purchases from the iTunes Store or App Store) • An Internet connection for your computer (broadband recommended) Activating iPhone Before you can use any of iPhone’s features, you must activate iPhone by signing up for a service plan with an iPhone service carrier in your area and registering iPhone with the network. Your iPhone may have been activated at the time of purchase. If it isn’t activated, contact your iPhone retailer or cellular service provider. For


Register iPhone: 1 Download and install the latest version of iTunes from 2 Connect iPhone to a USB 2.0 port on your Mac or PC using the cable that came with iPhone. 3 Follow the onscreen instructions in iTunes to register iPhone and sync iPhone with your contacts, calendars, and bookmarks on your computer, and with music, video, and other content from your iTunes library. In the Set Up Your iPhone screen, select “Automatically sync contacts, calendars and bookm


iTunes lets you specify the information and content on your computer that you want to sync with iPhone. By default, iTunes syncs automatically with iPhone whenever you connect iPhone to your computer. You can also set up iPhone to sync your MobileMe and Microsoft Exchange accounts, over the air. See “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts” on page 16. Syncing with iTunes You can set iTunes to sync any or all of the following: • Contacts—names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and mor


Note: You can also set up email accounts directly on iPhone. See “Mail, Contacts, and Calendar Accounts.” Purchases you make on iPhone in the iTunes Store or the App Store are synced back to your iTunes library. You can also purchase or download content and applications directly from the iTunes Store on your computer, and then sync them to iPhone. You can set iPhone to sync with only a portion of what’s on your computer. For example, you might want to sync only a group of contacts from you


Select “Sync only checked songs and videos” if you want iTunes to skip unchecked items in your iTunes library when syncing. Select “Manually manage music and videos” to turn off automatic syncing in the Music and Video settings panes. See “Manually Managing Content” on page 72. Select “Encrypt iPhone backup” if you want to encrypt the information stored on your computer when iTunes makes a backup. Encrypted backups are indicated by a padlock icon, and a password is required to restore the in


• Notes Sync notes in the Notes application on iPhone with notes in Mail on a Mac or with Microsoft Outlook 2003 or 2007 on a PC. (On a Mac, you must have Mac OS version 10.5.7 or later installed to sync notes.) • Advanced These options let you replace the information on iPhone with the information on your computer during the next sync. Applications Pane Use the Applications pane to specify which App Store applications to sync on iPhone, or to arrange your Home screen (requires iTunes 9 or l


Prevent automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods: In iTunes choose iTunes > Preferences (on a Mac) or Edit > Preferences (on a PC), click Devices, and select “Disable automatic syncing for all iPhones and iPods.” If this checkbox is selected, iPhone won’t sync automatically, even if “Automatically sync when this iPhone is connected” is selected in the Summary pane. Prevent automatic syncing one time, without changing settings: Open iTunes, connect iPhone to your computer, then press and


• Yahoo! Mail • AOL • Other 4 Enter your account information and tap Save. Your service provider or system administrator can provide the account settings you need. Exchange accounts: Enter your complete email address, domain (optional), user name, password, and a description. The description can be whatever you like. iPhone supports Microsoft’s Autodiscovery service, which uses your user name and password to determine the address of the Exchange server. If the server’s address can’t be det


Push Accounts MobileMe, Microsoft Exchange, and Yahoo! Mail are known as “push” accounts. When new information is available, such as the arrival of an email message, the information is automatically delivered (pushed) to iPhone. (In contrast, “fetch” services require your email software to periodically check with your service provider to see if new messages have arrived, and then request them to be delivered.) MobileMe and Exchange also use push to sync your contacts, calendars, and bookmar


Settings provided by a configuration profile cannot be altered. If you want to change these settings, you must first remove the configuration profile or install an updated configuration profile. Remove a profile: In Settings, choose General > Profile, then select the configuration profile and tap Remove. Removing a configuration profile deletes the settings and all other information installed by the configuration profile from iPhone. Disconnecting iPhone from Your Computer Unless iPhone is


Basics 2 iPhone at a Glance Headset jack Sleep/Wake button Receiver SIM card tray Ring/Silent Camera switch (on back) Volume Status bar buttons Application Touchscreen icons Dock Home button connector Speaker Microphone Your Home screen may look different, depending on the model of iPhone you have and whether you have rearranged its icons. iPhone Included Accessories Stereo headset Dock Connector to USB Cable USB power adapter SIM eject tool 20

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