LG Electronics -RD2530の取扱説明書

デバイスLG Electronics -RD2530の取扱説明書

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LG Electronics -RD2530の取扱説明書
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User Guide
P/N : MMBB0191801 (1.0) G
m mi iHHkkkkD D ss r rkk e ekkx xn n ZZ ff''kkd d ZZ kk
e ekkM M WW y y%%


C Co on nt te en nt ts s Phone Components . . . . . . . . . . . . . .2 Typing In ABC (Multi-tap) Mode . . .10 123 (Numbers) Mode . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Onscreen Icons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 Symbol/Smileys Mode . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Using the Battery and Charger . . . .5 To Edit in Hindi Mode . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Installing and Removing the Battery 5 Write Text . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12 Charging the Battery . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Battery Cha


Phone Components The following shows key components of your mobile phone. Service LED Earpiece Headset Jack LCD Screen 4 Way Navigation Key Soft Key2 Soft Key1 CALL Key END / PWR Key Clear Key Alphanumeric Keypad Vibrate Mode Key Key Guard Key Microphone Charger Port Data Port - 2 -


LCD Screen Displays messages & indicator icons. Soft Keys Soft Key 1 (the names of the Used to display the function setting menu. Accepts the functions of these highlighted choice when navigating through a menu. keys appear at the Soft Key 2 bottom of the screen) Press this key once in a menu, to go back one level. CALL Key Allows user to place or answer calls. END/PWR Key Used to turn power on/off and to end a call. Using this key, you can return to the main menu display screen. When you press


Onscreen Icons The phone screen displays several onscreen icons which appear when the phone is powered on. Icons Descriptions Displays the strength of the signal received by the phone and current signal strength is indicated by the number of bars displayed on the screen. No service The phone is not receiving a system signal. In use. A call is in progress. No icon indicates the phone is in standby mode. * Indicates that a Text Message or E-Mail Messges or Voice Mail has been received In Vibrate


Using the Battery and Charger Charge the battery fully before the initial use of the phone. The phone comes with a rechargeable battery. Keep the battery charged while not in use in order to maximize talk and standby time when using the phone. Installing and Removing the Battery  To install, insert the battery into the opening on the back of the phone, and insert the bottom of battery into groove at the bottom of the handset. Gently press down the cover until the latch snaps into place.  To re


Charging the Battery To use the AC adapter charger provided with your phone: 1. Plug the AC adapter into the electrical outlet. 2. Insert the round end of the adapter into the AC adapter jack on the bottom of the phone. (Make sure the battery is installed.)  As the phone charges, the battery icon continually displays a progression from empty ( ) to full ( ). It takes about three hours to fully recharge a completely rundown battery. When fully charged, battery icon indicates charging by twinklin


Turning the Phone On and Off 1) Install a charged battery pack or connect the phone to an external power source such as the cigarette lighter charger, car kit or AC Adaptor. 2) Hold down the Key for 2 seconds until the LCD screen flashes. N Noottee As any other communication device, avoid any unnecessary contact with the antenna while your phone is turned on. Changing the display language 1) In standby mode, press Soft Key 1 Menu. 2) Press , . 3) Set English/ with and then press Soft Key 1. Air


Making a Call Every time you make a call, follow these steps: 1) Make sure that the phone is turned on. If not, hold down for 2 seconds. 2) Type the phone number and then press . • If the phone is locked, type the lock code. 3) To end the call press . Receiving Calls 1) When the phone rings or vibrate (if the Vibrate Mode is enabled), press any key (except ) or depending on the Call settings. • When you press once, when a call is received, the phone stops ringing or vibrating depending on the


Menu Tree 3. Dialled 9. Contrast 1. Names 4. In Call Memo 0. Help 1. Add Name 5. Call Duration 2. Find 6. Settings 6. Erase History 3. Groups 1. My Menu 7. Help 4. Speed Dial 2. Call 5. Help 4. Profiles 3. Phone 1. Vibrate Only 4. Security 2. Messages 2. Silent 1. Write 7. Organiser 3. General 2. Inbox 1. Scheduler 4. Outdoor 3. 1234 Services 2. Memo 5. Headset 4. Outbox 3. Alarm 6. Carkit 5. Voice Mail 4. Stopwatch 7. Help 6. Archive 5. Calculator 7. Drafts 5. Display 6. Currency 8. Templates 1


Entering Information Using T9 Text Input In the text input field. you can scroll through the modes using Soft Key 2 in the following order : T9En, Abc, 123, Symbol, Smileys, Hindi. - Shift Key : Used to change the letter case Typing In T9 Mode For example, to write “Call the office”, follow these steps: 1. Press: Soft Key 2 to change letter case to T9En mode. 2. Press: . 3. Press: to complete the word and add a space. 4. Press: . 5. Display: Call the office. Typing In ABC (Multi-tap) Mode For ex


123 (Numbers) Mode Type numbers using one keystroke per number. To change to 123 mode in a text entry field, press Soft Key 2 until 123 mode is displayed. Symbol/Smileys Mode Press the Navigation Key to cycle through the desired characters : To select Character, Press the assigned number key. To Edit in Hindi Mode Press Soft Key 2 , until the soft menu changes to Hindi mode. For example, to type " " 1. Press 2 times. 2. Press 8 times. 3. Press 5 times. 4. Press 3 times. 5. Press 3 times. 6. P


Write Text LMS(Long Message Service) allows you to send a message upto 462 characters at a time. Before sending LMS message, total number of SMS packets formed are intimated to the user and confirmation is taken to send. Maximum 3 packets for English and 4 for Hindi messages can be sent. Each LMS packet is received as individual message. Every LMS message shows the packet sequence number in the message for ex: In case of 3 packets, <1/3>, <2/3>, <3/3>. 1. Press Soft Key 1 Menu, or . 2. Select W


5. After entering the phone number where the message is to be sent, press Soft Key 1 Options. G Send Use to send the message. G NextRecipient Enter the next recipients address You can add up to 10 recipients. G Priority Allows you to give the priority to message. Normal or Urgent. G Delivery Ack This function allows you to know whether the message is successfully transmitted to other party or not when the transmitted message is received in other party’s phone. If you want to activate this funct


Write E-mail Send message to an E-mail ID with Write E-mail. 1. Press Soft Key 1 Menu, or . 2. Select Write. 3. Select Write E-mail. There are four optional menus of Send, Last, E-mail Groups and Names. G Send Use to send the message. G Last Select a recent sent number. G E-mail Groups Select E-mail Group. G Names Select a phonebook entry. 4. After entering the e-mail address where the message is to be sent, enter the next recipients address in the key. You can add up to 10 recipients. Press S


6. After entering a message to be sent by selecting Send, press Soft Key 1 Options. G Send Use to send the message. G Save Save to Drafts message. G Templates Select a Templates message. G Priority Allows you to give the priority to message. Normal or Urgent. G Delivery Ack This function allows you to know whether the message is successfully transmitted to other party or not when the transmitted message is received in other party’s phone. If you want to activate this function, set to On. G Sa


1234 Services Exciting SMS-based Infotainment services such as News, Joke, Horoscope etc are available to Reliance subscribers. Using the SMS 1234 services, the user will be able to access interesting information on common subjects through SMS. User needs to select the Menu corresponding to the Service Keyword. 1. Press Soft Key 1 Menu, or . 2. Select 1234 Services. 3. Place the cursor on the item that you wants to be served, and then press Soft key 1 Select. You may select from eleven items. (


Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of the LG-RD2530 cellular phone that has been designed to operate with the latest digital mobile communication technology, Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). The CDMA system has greatly enhanced voice clarity and can provide various types of advanced features. This is an advanced and compact phone which has diverse features as follows:  Large, easy-to-read, 2 lines display + 1 Icon Line + 1 Menu Line.  Paging, Messaging, Voice Mail, and Caller I


Menu Features Menu Description Select Add Name Store upto 600 contacts, adding 4 phone Menu > Names > numbers + E-mail + Memo with each Add Name entry and assign Group + Ring Tone + Message Alert Tone to each entry. Find To find phone numbers you have stored Menu > Names > in the Phone Book. Find Groups This is a function for changing Group Menu > Names > Name and setting Ring tones by Group. Groups Speed Dial Speed Dial allows you to make a call Menu > Names > faster by just pressing a corr


Menu Description Select Outbox Up to 30 sent messages can be stored Menu > Messages > in the Outbox. Outbox Voice Mail Allows you to view the new voice Menu > Messages > messages recorded in the voice mail box. Voice Mail Archive stores what is preferred to Menu > Messages > Archive save among messages received. Upto Archive 30 can be stored. Drafts When a user is interrupted by a call Menu > Messages > while composing a message, messages Drafts automatically get saved. Upto 30 can be stored. Te

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