Atomic 50-112の取扱説明書

デバイスAtomic 50-112の取扱説明書

デバイス: Atomic 50-112
カテゴリ: 冷凍庫
メーカー: Atomic
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追加した日付: 6/23/2013
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私たちの目的は、皆様方にデバイスAtomic 50-112の取扱説明書に含まれたコンテンツを可能な限り早く提供することです。オンラインプレビューを使用すると、Atomic 50-112に関してあなたが抱えている問題に対する解決策の内容が素早く表示されます。


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Reactor 50-112 / 50-212
Owners Manual

Copyright 2006 by G66 GmbH


Introduction Congratulations on your purchase of an Atomic Reactor 50 112/212, a major step in bringing vacuum tube analogue musicality to the digital world. The Reactor 50 112/212 is an extremely versatile musical instrument that provides a live performance platform for your modeling tools and instrument processors. The Reactor 50 112/212 is clearly different from other guitar amplifiers. What we would like to accomplish in the following pages is to bring you up to speed on exactly how


Once a modeler is installed in the DS-1, all of the signal input and output as well as the power supply connections are made. No wall wart or external power is required, the Reactor automatically selects and sends the correct power / voltage to the modeler loaded DS-1. Installation and de-installation is quick and requires no tools. The DS-1 is then easily loaded into the Reactor 50 112/212. A blank template is also available for people who wish to use rack mount modelers and other choices


The Atomic Reactor is a full range system, its special loudspeakers can handle frequencies up to 18 KHz, which is the same as a normal PA system. You can switch the output m ode from „Studio/D irect“, „D irect M ode“, „Recording O ut“ or „D irect O ut“, so that the right speaker, box and m icrophone m odels are activated. The output signal of the Modelers can be sent direct to a Mixer via the Send Jacks (left/right) on the rear side of the Atomic Amps, for an absolute professional PA


Template Kits The installation of your modeler into a Dock requires the proper matching template kit. Currently, the following kits are available. MODELER PART # ATP2 LINE 6 POD LINE 6 POD XT ATPXT BEHRINGER V-AMP ATVAMP ATVAMP BEHRINGER V-AMP 2 Template Kits are designed to adapt VOX TONELAB ATTLAB most popular desktop modelers into the Atomic DS-1 Docking Unit. A template kit consist of a pre-fitted, injection molded frame and the appropriate mounting hardware to hol


Screw the 3 thumbscrews labeled “A”, "B” &”C”, into the   corresponding holes located on the bottom of the DS-1. Attach the 3 rounded mushroom heads caps to the   ends of the locking screws. * *A set of mushroom heads come shipped with each Reactor 50 112/212. Position the proper docking template on the top of your   modeler. Insert the docking template along with the modeler into the   rear of the DS-1, locating and positioning it in the notc


Check if everything is connected correctly and then let the „D ocking Station“ click into place. If this sounds com plicated, don’t w orry, it isn’t. Just try it, it’s easier than you think. Now turn the Master-Volume-Control on the rear side of the Atomic to the left (Volume off) and switch the red Power Switch on, after of course connecting the amplifier to the mains. Your Modeler will also switch on and the red power switch will light up, err red? Yeah you guessed it. Even the tubes w


Remove the template frame of the DS- 1   Still got the screws?  Replace the template frame with a blank   template (Atomic Part # ATBLANK – purchased separately).  Still got the screws? Replace the 8 screws. (Whew!) You can now   load the DS-1 into the Reactor as usual *. The Reactor is now ready to be used with a Pro-rack or foot controller style modeler NOTE! When bypassing the DS-1, the “RETURN” input on the rear *


Desktop Modeler in Stereo              EFFECTS EFFECTS LOOP LOOP RETURN RETURN MODEL REACTOR 112 MODEL REACTOR 112 Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Orange CT. Orange CT. SEND - L SEND - L !CAUTION! FUSE 0101010101 SEND - R !CAUTION! 0101010101 FUSE SEND - R   PLEASE NOTE! * If you wish to use a pair of Reactors in MONO, simply use the SEND – L output instead of SEND – R.


Floorboard Style Modelers                       EFFECTS EFFECTS LOOP LOOP RETURN RETURN MODEL REACTOR 112 MODEL REACTOR 112 Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Orange CT. Orange CT. SEND - L SEND - L !CAUTION! !CAUTION! 0101010101 FUSE 0101010101 FUSE SEND - R SEND - R Using two Replace the DS-1’s back Plug the Left and Right       Reactor 50 into the docking bays outputs of your Foot 112/212s Install located in the t


Pro Rack Type Modelers or Preamps             EFFECTS EFFECTS LOOP LOOP RETURN RETURN MODEL REACTOR 112 MODEL REACTOR 112 Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Atomic Amplifiers LLC. Orange CT. Orange CT. SEND - L SEND - L !CAUTION! !CAUTION!   0101010101 FUSE 0101010101 FUSE SEND - R SEND - R Using two Reactor Replace the DS-1’s back Plug the Left and Right       50 112/212s into the docking bays outputs of your Pro- Install blank located in the top o


Connecting an external Loudspeaker Box On the rear side of the Atomic Reactors 50 112/212/50 and the 212/50 is a Output Jack for an external Loudspeaker Box. The impedance should not exceed 8 Ohms, use a professional loudspeaker cable not a guitar cable which can melt and burn. The red push-button “Internal O N/O FF” is there to turn the internal loudspeaker on or off, when an external box is connected. This button must be turned on when no loudspeaker box is attached. Adjusting and r

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