Bajaj Electricals DB30の取扱説明書

デバイスBajaj Electricals DB30の取扱説明書

デバイス: Bajaj Electricals DB30
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Bajaj Electricals DB30の取扱説明書
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DB30 Doodle Bug Mini Bike
Read this manual carefully. It contains important safety information.
No one under the age of 16 should operate this Mini Bike without adult supervision.
Minimum Age Requirement: 16
Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
Rev. D
Always wear a helmet; It could save your Life!
Please obtain, review, and follow provincial / municipal government acts and regulations pertaining to owning and operating an off-road vehicle.


Congratulations on your purchase of the Baja Motorsports DB30 Doodle Bug Mini Bike. Your Mini bike is warranted to be free of manufacturing defects in the material of workmanship for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. During the warranty period BAJA MOTORSPORTS, LLC will at its option, repair, provide replacement parts or replace your Baja Motorsports DB30 Doodle Bug Mini Bike at no charge. This warranty does not cover normal wear items or damage caused by neglect or misuse


! WARNING This manual should be considered as a permanent part of the vehicle and should remain with the vehicle when resold or otherwise transferred to a new user or operator. The manual contains important safety information and instructions which should be read carefully before operating the vehicle. All operators should obtain, review, and follow provincial and municipal government acts and regulations pertaining to owning and operating an off- road vehicle. Children under the age of


TABLE OF CONTENTS SAFETY ----------------------------------------------------- 2 Safe Operation ------------------------------------ 3 Safety Gear ----------------------------------------- 4 Location of Labels -------------------------------- 5 SPECIFICATIONS ----------------------------------------- 6 LOCATION OF PARTS ----------------------------------- 7 OPERATION ----------------------------------------------- 8 Left and Right Hand Grip ----------------------- 8 Engine ON/ OF


SAFETY Please read this manual and follow all instructions carefully. To emphasize the special information, the symbol and the words WARNING or CAUTION have some special meanings. Pay great attention to the messages. WARNING Indicates a potential hazard that could result in death or injury. CAUTION Indicates a potential hazard that could result in vehicle damage. NOTE: Indicating special information which is to make maintenance easier or instructions clearer. WARNING and CAUTION are arra


SAFETY SAFETY SAFE OPERATION Rules for Safe Operation · A pre-operation check must be conducted, before starting the engine, insure safety, prevent mishaps, and damage to components. · It is strongly suggested that all operators take a certified motorcycle rider’s course prior to operating the vehicle. · Full attention is required during driving; paying close attention to the following points to avoid any injury to you by other motorized vehicles: · Do not drive too close to other vehicles. ·


SAFETY SAFETY GEAR A DOT approved motorcycle helmet is the most important part of you safety gear. A DOT approved motorcycle helmet can help prevent a serious head injury. Choose a helmet that fits snugly. Motorcycle dealers can help in selecting a good quality helmet which fits properly. WARNING Operating this Mini Bike without wearing an approved DOT motorcycle helmet, eye protection, and protective clothing could be hazardous. Operating without an approved DOT motorcycle helmet or eye


SAFETY SAFETY !•• LOCATION OF LABELS 4 5 1 2 3 1 ! WARNING 3 WARNING ! -Moving parts can crush and THIS VEHICLE CAN BE HAZARDOUS TO OPERATER IF cut. -Keep hands DRIVEN CARELESSLY. SERIOUS INJURIES OR DEATH CAN clear. RESULT IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS: -Do not operate • Read and familiarize yourself with owners manual and all labels with guard before operating this vehicle. removed. • Always wear an approved motorcycle helmet, eye gear and pr


SPECIFICATIONS MAIN DATA Description Data Description Data Overall length 1295mm Bore x stroke 52x45 (51 inches) Overall width 476.2mm PTO shaft rotation Counter clockwise (18.75 inches) Overall height 863.6mm Displacement of 97cc (34 inches) cylinder Wheelbase 927.1mm Spark plug NGK- 6RTF, BM4A, (36.5 inches) BMR4A Dead weight 33.57kg (74 lbs.) Spark plug gap (0.6mm -0.7mm) .024 inch - .028 inch Payload 96.7kg (200lbs) Ground clearance 127mm (5 inches) Front wheel 145/70-6 Ignition system N


LOCATION OF PARTS Hand brake Seat Cushion Spark plug Front Wheel Rear Wheel Oil fill plug Clutch cover Oil drain plug Drive Chain Kick Stand Off Button Throttle handle Gas Tank Air Filter Foot pegs Pull Start Cord Brake Caliber 


OPERATION LEFT AND RIGHT HAND GRIP OPERATION Throttle control grip Brake Lever Right Hand Grip Left Hand Grip OFF button Pulling in brake lever located on left hand grip will stop mini bike. Applying the hand throttle (moving throttle counter clockwise ) will cause engine rpms to increase, causing mini bike to move foreward. Depressing “OFF” Button will turn off engine. ENGINE PULL CORD OPERATION Pull Cord Pulling the pull cord will start the e


OPERATION OPERATION FUEL AND FUEL VALVE OPERATION Fuel filling The capacity of the fuel tank is 4.2L (.95 gal) . Unscrew the gas cap by turning it counter clockwise and carefully fill the tank with unleaded gasoline through the opening. DO NOT MIX GAS AND OIL TOGETHER, THIS IS A 4-STROKE ENGINE. Replace the gas cap by carefully aligning the threads on the cap and the tank and turning the cap clock wise. Wipe any spilled fuel from the dirt bike using a cloth and dispose of the cloth prope


INSPECTION BEFORE RIDING ITEM TO CHECK CONTENT Steering Smoothness; No restriction of movement; No play or looseness Brakes Proper brake lever free play; enough brake force. Tires Proper air pressure; Enough tread depth; No cracks, rips, or other damages Note: Check tire pressure, spec is located on side of tire. Fuel Enough fuel for the intended trip; Fuel hose connected securely; No damage to fuel tank or cap; Fuel tank cap closed securely Engine stop switch Proper operation Engine oil


ENGINE STARTING AND STOPPING CAUTION Verify fuel and oil level prior to starting (see page 12) Starting the engine with low or no oil will damage the engine. WARNING Never start the engine in a closed place as the exhausted gas from the vehicle contains toxic carbon monoxide. 1. Ensure there is fuel in fuel tank and oil in crank case. 2. Set fuel valve lever to “ON” position 3. Place choke lever in “ON” position 4. Start engine with pull start cord. 5. Allow engine to idle until


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE CHECKING THE OIL Check engine oil each time prior to operating mini bike. The oil level should be between upper and lower lines of oil gauge. 1. Set the Mini Bike on level ground, screw off the oil gage plug, wipe the oil gage rod clean and then insert the gage plug into the crankcase again to check the oil level. There is no need to screw the oil gage plug completely in the hole to check the oil. 2. Add lubricating oil up to the edge of the fuel plug. 3. Screw oil


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE CHANGING THE OIL 1. Remove the “Screw Plug” located at the bottom of the engine and let the oil drain into an approved collection container. DO NOT PERFORM THIS PROCEDURE WHILE THE ENGINE IS HOT. SERIOUS BURNS COULD RESULT FROM CONTACT WITH HOT OIL. 2. Dispose of the used oil properly. For proper disposal procedures, contact your local oil recycling center. 3. Clean and replace the “Screw Plug” tighly. 4. Refill the engine with the proper amount of oil and r


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE CHECKING & CLEANING THE AIR FILTER 1. Locate Air Filter Box at rear of engine 2. Remove air filter cover by unscrewing phillips head screw 3. Remove foam Air filter element. 4. Tap Air filter element gently to remove most of the dust and dirt. 5. Wash foam element per instructions below then allow to dry thouroghly. 6. Reinstall foam air filter element. 7. Reinstall air filter cover Air Filter box Phillips head screw Foam Air filter element Was


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE ADJUSTING THE THROTTLE CABLE Make sure the throttle cable is adjusted properly. To adjust throttle cable, rotate adjustment nut located at the hand throttle. Check if the throttle twist grip has the required free operating movement. The required free operating movement: 2-6mm (.078 -.24in) . If the grip cannot be moved freely, turn the adjusting nut to ensure proper operating movement. After adjustment, start the engine and check fo


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE ADJUSTMENT OF REAR BRAKE 5-mm free play  1. The front brake hand grip should have free operating (.-.  in)  movement of 5-7mm (.2-.3in) . Adjust with free play adjustment bolt. 2. To make rear brake pad adjustment, turn rear adjusting bolt clockwise to loosen and counter clockwise to tighten brake tension. 3. Brake pads should be replaced by a qualified service technition once brake shoes are worn . 4. Brakes are adjusted by turning in or


INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE INSPECTION AND MAINTENANCE ADJUSTMENT OF CHAIN 1. When chain adjustment is needed, loosen 4 bolts under engine. 2. Move engine forward to tighten chain or backward to loosen chain. 3. Tighten bolts under engine Torque bolts to 25 ft./lbs. 4. Repetitively check tension of chain. Nut 2 Nut 1 Tighten Loosen Chain Chain Engine adjusting bolts MINOR CHAIN ADJUSTMENT Loosen 1. When minor chain adjustment is needed, loosen Chain “Nut 2”. Turn “Nut 1” clockwise

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