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Philips CD140 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
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EN Digital Cordless Telephone
Use only rechargeable batteries.
Charge each handset for 24
hours before use.

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Table of contents 1 Important 2 1.1 Power requirements 2 1.2 Conformity 2 1.3 Recycling and disposal 2 1.4 Using GAP standard compliance 4 1.5 Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields (“EMF”) 4 2 Your phone 6 2.1 What’s in the box 6 2.2 Overview of the phone 7 3 Getting started 10 3.1 Connect the base station 10 3.2 Install rechargeable batteries 11 3.3 Place the handset on the charging cradle 11 3.4 Configure your phone 12 3.5 Register your handset 13 4 Using your phone 14 4.1 Make a call

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1 Important Take time to read this user • Always use the cables manual before you use your provided with the product. CD140. It contains important • Handsfree activation could information and notes suddenly increase the volume regarding your phone. in the earpiece to a very high level: make sure the handset 1.1 Power requirements is not too close to your ear. • This product requires an • This equipment is not electrical supply of 220-240 designed to make emergency volts AC. In case of power call

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

place to ensure that products • If you purchase a are recycled using best available replacement product, hand treatment, recovery and your complete old product recycling techniques to ensure back to the retailer. He human health and high should accept it as required environmental protection. by the WEEE directive. Your product is designed and manufactured with high quality Disposal instructions for materials and components, batteries: which can be recycled and Batteries should not be reused. dis

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

1.4 Using GAP 1.5 Electric, Magnetic standard and compliance Electromagnetic The GAP standard guarantees Fields (“EMF”) that all DECT™ GAP handsets 1 Philips Royal Electronics and base stations comply with manufactures and sells a minimum operating standard many consumers oriented irrespective of their mark.Your products, which usually, as CD140/145 handset and base with any electronic station are GAP compliant, apparatus, have the ability which means the minimum to emit and receive electro guar

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

according to scientific evidence available today. 5 Philips plays an active role in the development of international EMF and safety standards, enabling Philips to anticipate further developments in standardization for early integration in its products. Important 5

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CD140 2 Your phone 2.1 What’s in the box Telephone handset Base station Power supply unit Connect Install Enjoy Line cord 2xAAA Rechargeable Quick start guide batteries User Manual Warranty card Note The line adaptor may not be attached to the line cord.You may find the line adaptor in the box. In that case, you have to connect the line adaptor to the line cord first before plugging the line cord to the line socket. In multihandset packs, you will find one or more additional handsets, ch

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2.2 Overview of the phone ACall Log key 2.2.1 Handset In idle mode: Press to access the call log list B Phonebook key In idle mode: Press to access the phonebook C Talk key In idle mode: Press to answer when there is an incoming call In idle mode: Press to make a call During a call: Press to end a call DRedial/Flash key In idle mode: Press to access the redial list A In predial mode: Press to insert B a flash Note C The first digit cannot be a flash D during predialling. E Clear/Back/Mute key E

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

F Alphanumeric keypad GStar key In idle mode: Short press to insert a * In idle mode: Long press to activate or deactivate keypad lock HHash key In idle/dialling mode: Short press to insert a # In idle mode: Long press to mute the ringer In dialling mode: Long press to enter a pause I Call Transfer / Intercom / Conference In idle mode: Short press to initiate an intercom call During external call connection: Short press to initiate an internal call or switch call between an internal call and an

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

2.2.2 Display icons on the handset Indicate battery level. Display empty battery icon when the battery level is low, otherwise, full battery icon is displayed. Display when the phone is in use. Blink during ringing. Blink when new messages are received and not read yet Display when browsing the call log. Blink when missed calls are received. Display when browsing the phonebook Display when the phone is in phone setting mode Display when the keypad is locked Display when the microphone is muted

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

The power adaptor and the telephone line cord have to be 3 Getting started connected correctly, as incorrect connection could damage the unit. 3.1 Connect the base Always use the telephone line cord supplied with the unit. station Otherwise, you may not get a Caution dial tone. Avoid placing the base station 1 Insert the plug of the power too close to large metal cord into the socket at the objects such as filing cabinets, bottom of the base station. radiators or electrical appliances.This can i

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

3 Connect the other end of the 1 Slide out the battery cover line cord to the telephone line socket and the other end of the power cable to the electricity socket. 2 Place the batteries as indicated in the battery compartment and replace the battery cover. Note 3.3 Place the handset on The line adaptor may not be attached to the line cord. In the charging cradle this case, you have to connect Charge the handset for at least the line adaptor to the line 24 hours before using it for the cord first

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Country setting table 3.4 Configure your Code Country phone Before using your CD140, you 01 Germany need to configure it according 02 Austria to the country of use. 03 Turkey Depending on your country, 04 UK country selection screen may 05 Ireland not appear. In that case, you do 06 France not need to select the country 07 Italy code to configure your phone. After charging it for a few 08 Portugal minutes, the country code 09 Greece selection screen appears. 10 Spain Follow these steps to conf

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

country selection is not Code Country needed, the handset will go 26 Slovenia back to idle screen after reset. 27 Croatia 28 Bulgaria 3.5 Register your 29 Serbia handset 30 Singapore You will need to register your new handset or if you wish to 31 Indonesia register the handset to a 32 Malaysia different base unit.You can 35 Australia register up to four handsets 36 New Zealand on a single base station. 39 Brazil Before entering the 4-digit 40 Mexico PIN, press on the base unit for around three s

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Note The oldest entry will be deleted 4 Using your when the memory is full. phone 4.1.4 Call from the phonebook 1 Press and the first 4.1 Make a call number in the phonebook displays 4.1.1 Predialling The number stored in memory 1 Enter the phone number location 0 will be displayed if a (maximum 24 digits) number has been stored in this 2 Press to dial the number location before, otherwise, only • The call is initiated. memory location number 0- will be displayed. 4.1.2 Direct dialling 2 Press r

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

4.1.5 Call from the redial 4.4 Recall list To use this feature, you have to 1 Press subscribe the service with your • The display shows the last local service provider. number dialled. You can use the recall function Note to make or receive a second The handset stores the last five call. The operations mentioned numbers dialled. in Section 4.4.1 and 4.4.2 may 2 Press repeatedly to be varied by countries and show the other last local service providers. numbers dialled Consult the details of reca

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

local service provider. If • The intercom is established. another call comes in during a Note call, you will hear a short beep If the called handset is busy, a periodically: busy tone will be emitted from 1 Press to answer the the calling handset. second call • The first call is being hold 4.5.2 How to transfer an automatically. external call to 2Press and to toggle another handset the call connection between the first caller and the second caller During an external call: 1 Note Press If you ha

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

2 Press and hold to 4.5.3 How to make a 3- establish the conference way conference call call again The conference call feature Note allows one external call to be Any handset hangs up during a shared with two handsets (in conference call will leave the intercom).The three parties other handset still in connection can share the conversation and with the external call. no network subscription is required. 4.6 How to find a handset During an external call: You can locate the handset by 1 Press pre

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

5.2 Phonebook You can store up to 20 5 Use more of phonebook entries into 20 your phone different memory locations in your handset. Each phone number can have a maximum 5.1 Call in progress of 24 digits. If you have more than one handset, each handset 5.1.1 Mute/Unmute has its own phonebook. microphone 5.2.1 How to store a During a call: number in the 1 Press phonebook • The microphone is turned off and is shown on the In idle mode: display. 1 Press 2 Press again to turn on Press 2 the microp

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