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ALK Technologies CoPilot Live Smartphone user manual
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Contents Getting ETA’s and Distances............................................47 Welcome to CoPilot! ......................................................1 Saving a Current Location................................................48 Safety Warning ................................................................2 Optimizing Your Stop Order..............................................48 Getting Started....................................................................3 Options ................

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Welcome to CoPilot! planned route if you enter a destination on your Smartphone. CoPilot guides Imagine…a CoPilot at your side that you with audible prompts as well as on-screen directions as you drive. always knows where you are, where you're going, and exactly how to get there. Now GPS Accuracy confidently drive anywhere while CoPilot, using the latest, most accurate GPS technology, The GPS signal CoPilot receives from the constellation of satellites has a shows you all the correct turns t

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Getting Started Hardware Setup WARNING: Never leave your Smartphone or GPS receiver in a closed This User’s Guide includes complete instructions for installing your CoPilot o software, downloading map data to the Smartphone, and using CoPilot on vehicle that exceeds 140 F. your Smartphone to guide you to your destination or to plan trips. Configuring the Bluetooth GPS Receiver: The steps you need to take to get up and running with CoPilot: 1. Switch on your Bluetooth GPS receiver by flippin

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Connecting Your Smartphone To return to the GPS Status screen select In order to successfully transfer data from your desktop to your Smartphone, Menu > Options > GPS. you must have Microsoft ActiveSync 3.1 (or later) installed. This software is necessary to connect the two machines and is provided by your Smartphone TIP: Your GPS receiver won’t function manufacturer. If you did not receive this software with your mobile device, properly inside a building. Please be contact the distributo

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Installing CoPilot Software Activation Your desktop/laptop and Smartphone should both be turned on. The cradle/ You must activate your CoPilot software in order to use it. The first time you cable for your mobile device must be connected to your desktop through open CoPilot on your Smartphone, the Activate screen will appear and you either a USB or Serial port. Your Smartphone should be connected to your will be asked to activate the software. desktop via ActiveSync (see p. 6). For Automati

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Adding a Data Region Region Selection If you have purchased an additional data region after your initial purchase If you purchased an additional data region, when downloading map data to of CoPilot, you will need to modify the original (“Base”) installation and your Smartphone you will need to make sure the proper region is active. To activate the new region. do this, on your desktop in Planning mode click the Map menu > Region > and check the desired region. IMPORTANT: You can only use your Ex

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Map Download to Your Smartphone (3) Download the Data: To use CoPilot on your Smartphone, you first need to download map data from your desktop or laptop computer to your mobile device. You select the (3a) Using a Storage Card Reader: data to download from one or more regions that you specify in the CoPilot 1. Make sure the Storage Card for your Smartphone is inserted in the application on your desktop. It’s a simple process. Storage Card Reader. To begin the data download process, open the a

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Data Selection Options 2. Enter a City, State or ZIP code, and a mile radius around the area that you would like to download. Click Next to verify that the area is correct. 3. Using the Data Download Wizard toolbar you can zoom in or out, change the After you specify a location where the data will be stored, you will be radius, or go back to the prompted to select a region on the map to download. CoPilot gives you a previous screen. When you choice of three ways to select a data region, de

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Map Area Data Selection This method of selecting data allows you to choose an area of data by draw- 3. Click and hold the left ing a box on the Data Download Wizard's map screen. mouse button and drag the cursor to draw a box In the Wizard, you enter a city name near which you would like to select around a desired area. data, then click Next. The map will zoom to that location. Then you create The size of the area will be a box around the desired area by clicking and dragging your mouse ac

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Trip Data Selection 3. To search for a POI, click the The Trip method of selecting data is by far the most customizable method. Points of Interest tab, enter a This option allows you to run a trip and select street-level data specific to that City, State or a ZIP Code and trip, thereby avoiding unneeded data and saving valuable memory space. click the Find button. Once the trip is run, the Data Download Wizard automatically selects circles of data around your origin and destination, and a c

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

6. You will return to the Data Check Include US Highway Network to download CoPilot’s complete United States Highway Network along with your data. This additional Selection menu where you can select another data area download requires approximately 36 MB of space on your Smartphone. When this network is loaded, major roads, cities, and some points of if you like, using any method. When you are interest outside your selected data region will be shown on the map and finished selecting data you

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Trip Transfer POI Download Options When you use the Trip download option, CoPilot transfers whole trips to When you download a data region, youl get all roads within that region. Also your Smartphone . The trip you create, including its Itinerary, is transferred included are regional points of interest (POI) such as gas stations, hotels, along with the surrounding data corridor, and it becomes the current trip. restaurants, visitor attractions, etc. The Trip download option creates a .TRP f

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Importing Custom Places CoPilot’s Custom Place Import Wizard enables you to import addresses from 4. In the next screen you'll see the your Outlook Contacts database, an Excel file, or text file. (If you are using data from your file sorted into another type of database or contact manager, you can export your contacts/ columns. If the columns you see in locations to an Excel or text file before importing them into CoPilot.) These the screen have not sorted the points are then added to CoPilot

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Editing Custom Places After custom places have been added to the database, they can be edited at any time. Select Manage Custom Places from the Tools menu, then highlight the custom place you wish to edit, click Edit, and make your changes. Click Apply when finished. NOTE: By default, addresses entered as Custom Places are assigned to the Custom POI category. You can change this assignment at any time by selecting another Category from the drop-down pick list as you edit. 7. When processing

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Using CoPilot for Guidance In CoPilot's Guidance Mode on your Smartphone, you will receive turn-by- 3. The Select Stop screen gives you eight turn route guidance information as you travel. For your safety, the Safety ways to enter a destination. You can: View screen will hide maps when your speed exceeds 10 m.p.h. to avoid Step 3 distractions. 1 Enter a new Address REMINDER: CoPilot won’t open on your Smartphone unless map data has 2 Enter your Home address been previously downloaded from the

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2. In the Address screen, enter a Street 3c. For quick zooming, pressing the Action Name with or without a Street Number. In key will display zoom arrows. Tap up on the Step 2 3c the City field, enter either a city name or a Action key to zoom in or down to zoom out ZIP code. Choose a State from the pick list. — these actions can be repeated until the NOTE: Street address entry is optional, if highest or lowest zoom level is reached. you like you can enter only a city or ZIP code and state.

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Stop Menu Options In the My Stops screen, press the Menu softkey to access options that Select Actions > to access more stop options: include adding, deleting, moving, editing, and optimizing your stops. > Move Up/Down — Change the order of stops on your trip by moving the highlighted stop up or down on the list. To add another destination, choose Add > Set As Waypoint — Turn the highlighted Stop from the menu. (This is an alternate stop into a waypoint. The purpose of way- way to do this, yo

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Entering Your Home Address Select Help > and choose Help for on- To program your home address for quick trip screen instructions about basic CoPilot entry, select Home in the Select Stop screen features, or About for version information and enter your home address as you would a about CoPilot. new address (p. 28). The next time you want to enter your home address as a stop, just select Home in the Select Stop screen and your address will be automatically entered. To edit your home address, se

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Favorites Intersections Choose Intersection in the Select Stop screen to enter the intersection of CoPilot automatically places every stop you two roads as a stop on your route. Intersections are entered just like enter on a list of favorite places for future quick addresses (see p. 28), except that instead of a house number you enter a trip entry. To enter a favorite as a stop, first “First Street” and “Second Street”. You can name this location if you like. select Favorites in the Select St

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