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User manual for the device AR Infinite Radio AWD211

Device: AR Infinite Radio AWD211
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Date of adding : 2014-08-09 17:24:31
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AR Infinite Radio AWD211 user manual
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IMPORTANT INFORMATION Caution: To reduce the risk of electric shock, do not CAUTION remove cover (or back). No user serviceable parts inside. RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK. Refer servicing to qualifi ed service personnel. DO NOT OPEN. WARNING: To reduce the risk of fi re or FCC Information electric shock, do not expose this product to FCC Regulations state that unauthorized rain or moisture. The apparatus shall not be changes or modifi cations to this equipment may exposed to dripping or splashing. No

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INTRODUCTION Welcome Congratulations on your purchase of the 2.4GHz Wireless Headphones with 2.1 Sound. The AWD211 uses the latest in wireless transmission, 2.4GHz digital technology, that lets you enjoy crystal clear, digital audio up to 150 feet away from the transmitter. The headphones also offer a 2.1 stereo listening experience, with a dual-speaker design in each ear cup providing your own “personal subwoofer”. The headphones’ compact design and comfortable ear cups let you enjoy mus

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GETTING STARTED Installing the Headphone Batteries 1. Find the depression in the middle of the left headphone. Press down on this area to remove the headphones’ battery compartment cover. Depression 2. Insert the two (2) rechargeable AA batteries (included) in the left headphone, following the polarity (+ and –) diagram inside the Left headphone, side view compartment. 3. Place the battery cover back on the left headphone. Make sure it locks back into place. Important: DO NOT mix batter

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GETTING STARTED Charging the Headset If you use the rechargeable batteries provided with the headphones, you should charge them before you use the headphones for the fi rst time. The batteries charge when the headphones are placed in the charging cradle on the transmitter as shown below. WARNING: To avoid risk of fi re or injury, DO NOT place the headphones in the charging cradle if you installed alkaline or other non-rechargeable batteries – this could cause the batteries to leak, which wo

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GETTING STARTED Setting Up the Transmitter The 2.4GHz digital wireless transmitter works with a wide variety of audio sources, from portable MP3 players to A/V receivers to DVD players or gaming systems. The way you set it up depends on the kind of output you want to use on your audio source. To connect the transmitter to your audio source: 1. Before you start, unplug the transmitter. 2. Plug the white and red connectors of the stereo audio cable included into the red and white AUDIO IN ja

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BUTTONS & JACKS Using the Wireless Headphones Turning the Headphones On On/Off 1. Make sure the transmitter is plugged button in and connected to an audio source. Start playback on the audio source. The indicator light on the top of the transmitter turns blue when a signal Volume controls is transmitting. 2. Press the On/Off button on the right headphone. Right headphone, side view The headphones and transmitter should tune automatically in a matter of seconds—you should hear sound from

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BUTTONS & JACKS Transmitter Top Signal LED on transmitter illuminates blue when transmitting an audio signal. Charging starts when charging pins of transmitter touch charging contacts of headphone. The charging LED on transmitter fl ashes green when your headphone is charging. The mood light will light BLUE when the Charging headset is charging, you can turn it off by contacts pressing the PAIR button for one second on the back panel of the transmitter. Back Panel PAIR DC IN 6V PAIR a

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USING YOUR HEADPHONES PAIR allows you to link manually to the transmitter if they do not automatically link. Power button turns the headphones on and off Vol controls increase or decrease the headphone volume Right headphone, side view Important Note About Audio Outputs If possible, use a fi xed-level (or line-level) audio output from your audio source. This kind of output provides a consistent level of audio that doesn’t change when you adjust the source’s volume control. Fixed-level audi

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USING YOUR HEADPHONES Variable-Level Audio Outputs A variable-level output, such as a headphone jack or certain RCA-type outputs, provides an audio signal that changes with the volume level set on the audio source. As the volume of the audio source is adjusted up and down, so is the audio signal strength sent to the transmitter. This can affect the quality of sound generated by the headphones, and may require an adjustment of the volume level of the audio source to produce a signal strong

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TROUBLESHOOTING The following troubleshooting guide takes you through some of the more common problems associated with the installation and/or operation of a wireless system. If the problem persists, please call toll-free 1-800-732-6866 or visit No sound • Make sure the transmitter’s power adapter is fully inserted into the wall outlet and the power cord from the AC adapter is fi rmly connected to the transmitter power input jack. • Check that the audio source compo

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Specifi cations Transmitter Headphones Omni-directional 2.4GHz digital broadcast Frequency response: 20Hz–20kHz Effective transmitting range: Signal to Noise ratio: 75dB up to 150ft. (45m)* Distortion (THD): 0.5% RF output: 20dBm Channel separation: 60dB Audio inputs: RCA stereo jacks Battery type: 2 AA (rechargeable batteries Runs on AC power adapter included) *Maximum range; results may vary according to environment. 12 Month Limited Warranty Audiovox Electronics Corporation (the “Company”)

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