Aiphone DB user manual

User manual for the device Aiphone DB

Device: Aiphone DB
Category: Intercom System
Manufacturer: Aiphone
Size: 0.33 MB
Added : 8/19/2014
Number of pages: 4
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Hands-Free Two-Wire Door Answering Intercom
The DB Series door station is surface mount with an aluminum faceplate and backlit call directory. The door stations
come in one, two, or four call button varieties and each tenant can have up to five interior stations. Multiple button
door stations allow system installation in multi-tenant buildings. Communication with the door is hands-free from any
wall mounted interior unit. After establishing a visitor’s i

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

COMPONENTS & WIRING Individual Components for DB System: DB-1MD Tenant master station, max. 1 per tenant DB-1SD Tenant sub station, max. 4 per tenant DA-1DS Single button door station DA-2DS Two-button door station DA-4DS Four-button door station PT-1211C 15VAC transformer, 1 per DB-1MD master, and 1 per 2 DB-1SD sub stations Wire Distance Chart 22AWG 20AWG 18AWG A 360' 660' 1020' B 330' 330' 330' C 180' 330' 510' B DB-1MD DB-1SD DB-1SD DB-1SD DB-1SD DA-1DS 2 44 4 4 2 C Request to Exit Button A

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

PROGRAMMING DB-1SD ID Registration Procedure: Install and wire all units, plug in the power supplies, then turn on power switches. IMPORTANT: Make sure the power switches on all units are ON and the system is in standby mode before beginning registration process. 1. Before the ID registration is set, the red Talk LED will flash on the DB-1SD’s. 2. Push and release the TALK button on the first DB-1SD. 3. The LED will stop flashing to indicate that the ID registration is complete for that unit.

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

OPERATION & SPECIFICATIONS OPERATION: Hands-Free Mode: 1. Push call button at the door station. 2. The chime tone sounds. 3. Push the TALK button momentarily and after beep, communicate hands-free. Transmit LED lights up when you talk and goes off when you listen to the caller. ▲During standby mode, communication with the door station can be established from any interior station by pushing the TALK button. 4. When finished communicating, pushing OFF button will end communication. If OFF is not

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