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Device: Sony VAIO PCGZ505LE
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Sony VAIO PCGZ505LE user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Information in this document is subject to change without notice. Caution Markings for Lithium/Ion Battery - The following or similar texts shall be provided on battery pack of equipment or in both the Sony and VAIO are trademarks of Sony. Intel logo and Intel Inside operating and the service instructions. logo are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Pentium MMX is a trademark of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, MS-DOS, Windows, CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replace

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

TABLE OF CONTENTS Section Title Page CHAPTER 1. REMOVAL 1-1. Flowchart ......................................................................... 1-1 1-2. Main Electrical Parts Location Diagram ......................... 1-1 1-3. Removal ........................................................................... 1-2 1. Keyboard Unit .................................................................. 1-2 2. Palm Rest Assembly ........................................................ 1-2 3. SWX-47 Boa

Summary of the content on the page No. 4


Summary of the content on the page No. 5

1-3.Removal 1. Keyboard Unit 5 Keyboard Unit (US) 4 3 2 1 +B 2X5 (X2) 1 +B 2X5 (X4) 2. Palm Rest Assembly Radiation (NN) 5 +B 2X5 q; Palm Rest ASSY 6 +B 2X5 5 +B 2X5 9 9 1 Cover 9 (DL) 2 Cover (BPL) 8 3 Cover (BBL) 3 Escutcheon (AU) 2 Cover (BPR) 3 Escutcheon (MU) 1 Cover (DR) 3 Cover (BBR) 4 +B 2X5 (X3) 7 Escutcheon (F) 4 +B 2X5 (X2) Confidential PCG-Z505LE/Z505LEK/Z505LS/Z505LSK (UC) 1-2

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

3. SWX-47 Board, Touch Pad, and Speaker Unit 7 Escutcheon (PAD) 0 Touch Pad 8 qs Speaker Unit 9 Insulating Sheet (PAD) Double Stick Tape Bracket (SPK) qs Speaker Unit Double Stick Tape Bracket (SPK (R)) Flexible PWB 6 Button (PAD) Cushion (T4) Flexible Flat Cable (12 Core) 5 +B 2X3.5 (X2) 3 Flexible Flat Cable (8 Core) 4 SWX-47 Board 2 1 +B 2X3.5 (X2) 4. Modular Jack, Harness (DC Jack), and RO-36 Board 7 Harness (DC Jack) 4 +B 2X3.5 FPC (CNX-73) 5 Holder (Wire) 1 +B 2X4 6 2 3 Modular Jack Insulu

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

5. HDD, and SWX-48 Board 6 B 2X3.5 (X2) FPC (HDD) 8 9 +P 3X4 (X2) Bracket (HDDF) 7 Bracket (HDDR) 9 +P 3X4 (X2) 0 HDD 1 +B 2X4 4 2 SWX-48 Board 5 3 Escutcheon (D) FPC (14P) 6. DC Fan 1 +B 2X3.5 (X5) 2 3 DC Fan Confidential PCG-Z505LE/Z505LEK/Z505LS/Z505LSK (UC) 1-4

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

7. IFX-122 Board, CNX-106 Board, and PC Card Connector FPC (24P) 3 IFX-122 Board 4 1 +B 2X3.5 (X3) 1 5 CNX-106 Board 2 Cushion (T3) 7 +B 2X3.5 (X4) 6 Dummy Card PC Card Connector 8 8. Main Board Assembly (MBX-42 Board), IFX-123 Board, V/L Rechargeable Battery, and Memory Module 1 +B 2X3.5 6 +B 2X3.5 (X2) Main Board ASSY 2 (MBX-42 Board) Flexible Print PWB 4 1 +B 2X4 4 IFX-123 Board qa Escutcheon (POW) 3 5 9 V/L Rechargeable 7 Bracket (CPU) Battery 8 0 Lid (PR) ASSY Memory Module qs INNE

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

9. Display Assembly Display ASSY 2 +B 2.6X4 (X2) 2 +B 2.6X4 1 +B 2X3.5 This connector was already removed together when the main board assembly was removed. 10. Bezel Housing Assembly Bezel Housing ASSY 5 +B 2X5 (X2) 2 Hole Blind (C) 3 +B 2X3 (X2) 7 4 Hole Blind (A) 6 +B 2X4 (X3) 4 Hole Blind (A) 5 +B 2X4 (X2) 1 Cover (DC) ASSY 4 Hole Blind (B) Confidential PCG-Z505LE/Z505LEK/Z505LS/Z505LSK (UC) 1-6

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

11. LEX-20 Board, Inverter Unit, and LCD Unit Bracket (LCD-L) qs +B 2X3 (X2) LCD Unit 9 Bracket (LCD-R) qa LCD Harness 0 6 qs +B 2X3 (X2) 5 8 Inverter Unit 1 +B 2X4 7 4 2 3 Complete PWB LEX-20 +B 2X5 +B 2X4 Confidential 1-7 PCG-Z505LE/Z505LEK/Z505LS/Z505LSK (UC) (END)

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

CHAPTER 2. SELF DIAGNOSTICS 2-1. Note This chapter describes the items to be checked and the self-tests to be performed using the main unit, floppy-disk drive, and CD-ROM drive. 2-2. Necessary Tools • PCG-Z505L series main unit • Floppy-disk drive • CD-ROM drive • Battery • AC adaptor • CD-ROM for self-diagnostics • Floppy disk for self-diagnostics (Installs the DOS system.) • Other tools required for the tests 2-3. Starting up the Service Diagnostics 1. The service diagnostics floppy di

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

2-4. Outline of Service Diagnostics Functions • Check ROM Information... Displays the model information, serial number, BIOS and other information saved in the BIOS ROM. Does not test whether or not the personal computer is normal. • Battery test... Tests the battery as to whether the battery is attached or removed, the main power is supplied from an AC power adapter or not, and the battery is charged or discharged. The test procedure appears on display. Perform the battery test following the

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

• Main Memory test... Tests the main memory. The Main Memory test contains the following three test menus. Select the desired menu that suits your need. The test is exited automatically when the respective test items end normally. • Fast : Tests once. (Taking one and half minutes to two minutes) • Medium : Test ten times. • Heavy : Test twenty times. Press the “Esc” key to abort the test. • Main System test... Tests the fundamental functions of the CPU, etc. The test is exited automatica

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

• IEEE 1394 Interface test... Performs the 1394 communication test. Another personal computer to communicate with is necessary for this test. The models released from the year 2000 have already been confirmed that they do not cause any problems regarding the IEEE1394 interface. Even models released before 2000 will cause no problem if the same type of IEEE1394 interface IC chip (the IC chip used in the iLink block connected to the PCI bus) is used in both personal computers that are connecte

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

2-5. Inspecting Windows The Windows inspection contains the following two types of inspection. Audio Modem Before starting inspections, create a floppy disk from the service diag CD to be serviced. The files to be used for inspection are stored in the following sub directory inside the CD. Copy all the files in the folder to the floppy disk. Audio \windiag\wave Modem \windiag\modem • Audio A microphone and headphones are required for this inspection. Double-click “t_auw01” icon (MS-DOS icon) in

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

CHAPTER 3. BLOCK DIAGRAM PIII 750MHz Processor Core with PCG-Z505L Series BLOCK DIAGRAM Rev. 0.1 256K B L 2 Cache Geyserville or Only Celeron 550MHz HighModel CLKGEN 100M Processor Core with CPU/440ZX 128K B L 2 Cache Port 14M Video/Ref 12.1" XGALCD BGA2 27x31 grid array DCLK CLKBUF CTRL SIG DCLKI 33M Adaptor PCI CLK & at 495 pin 24/48M INVERTER USB/SIO SONY 100MHz Local B u s LCD CONN ATF0 ADM1021 ATF_INT SO-DIMM SO-DIMM ATI Mobility-M1 440ZX Cable SYSTEM CONTROLLER AB_GP1 HOST-PCI BRIGE AGP

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

CHAPTER 4. FRAME HARNESS DIAGRAM DISPLAY ASSY BATTERY PACK LCD HARNESS LCD 8 1 CN6095 CN1502 CN1 81 CN2 INVC559 Side 1 Side 3 KEYBOARD INVERTER 1 SPEAKER 6 LEX-20 BOARD SPEAKER (SIDE A) CN572 2 1 12 CN571 230 DC IN CN351 131 CN901 FPC CN801 WINDOW LED 110 24 1 1 2 CN504 CN505 CN1501 CN1151 MBX-42 21 2 1 I/O FPC BOARD MODULER 81 JACK (SIDE A) 80 79 80 79 CN5002 IFX-123 S901 CN451 BOARD POWER i-LINK (SIDE A) SWITCH J572 CN501 MIC IN 1 4 COMMUNICATION J571 2 60 62 144 143 61 59 1 HEADPHONE (

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Ref.No. Part No. Description Ref.No. Part No. Description CHAPTER 5. 1 A-8047-813-A (Z505LS/Z505LSK)... 33 4-645-376-01 ESCUTCHEON (F) MBX-42 (P3 750SS) A (S) 34 4-641-434-03 ESCUTCHEON (PAD) 1 A-8047-815-A (Z505LE/Z505LEK)... 35 4-641-435-04 BUTTON (PAD) EXPLODED VIEWS AND PARTS LIST MBX-42 (P3 650SS) C (S) 36 4-641-437-11 KNOB (POWER) 2 A-8066-284-A COMPLETE PWB CNX-106 37 4-645-553-01 KNOB (BL) 3 A-8066-283-A COMPLETE PWB SWX-48 NOTE: 4 A-8066-286-A COMPLETE PWB SWX-47 38 4-645-554-01 KNOB (B

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Ref.No. Part No. Description Ref.No. Part No. Description 5-2. LCD Section – Made by HI – 101 X-4622-146-2 COVER (DC) ASSY ACCESSORIES 102 X-4622-569-4 HOUSING (DISPLAY) ASSY *********** 103 X-4623-047-2 HOUSING (BEZEL) ASSY 104 A-8048-165-A LCD UNIT (12TFT XGA) (S) 301 1-528-983-51 PACK, LITHIUM ION BATTERY 118 105 1-418-398-21 INVERTER UNIT 302 A-8046-288-A FDD ASSY (S) 0 1-782-614-11 CORD, POWER 125 106 1-960-865-12 HARNESS, LCD 303 1-790-777-11 CABLE, USB CONVERSION 107 4-639-580-01 KNOB (LA

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

PCG-Z505LE/Z505LEK/Z505LS/Z505LSK (UC) This manual and the constituent data may not be replicated, copied nor reprinted in whole or in part without prior written authorization of Sony Corporation. English 2000I1600-1 Sony Corporation Printed in xxx xxx 9-872-139-11 © 2000 Sony Corporation xxx — ? —

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