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Device: Atech Tech Atech Mio C250
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Date of adding : 2014-05-06 18:48:52
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Atech Tech Atech Mio C250 user manual
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R00 Trademarks All brand and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. Note The information in this manual is subject to change without notice.

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Table of Contents Warnings and Notices............................................................................iii 1 Getting Started..................................................................................1 1.1 Understanding Hardware Components................................................ 1 Front Components ............................................................................... 1 Back Components..........................................................................

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Warnings and Notices For your safety, do not operate the controls of the product while driving. Use this product with caution. The product is a navigation aid. It does not provide exact measurements of direction, distance, location or topography. The calculated route is for reference only. Always follow the posted traffic signs, speed limits and road restrictions. When you leave your car, do not leave your device on the dashboard in direct sunlight. This can cause the battery to overh

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A device holder is needed when using the device in a car. Be sure to place the device in an appropriate place, so as not to obstruct the driver’s view, or deployment of airbags. Do not mount where the driver’s Do not place on the field of vision is blocked. dashboard unsecured. Do not mount in front of Do not mount in front of an airbag panels. airbag field of deployment. iv

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

1 Getting Started 1.1 Understanding Hardware Components NOTE: Depending upon the specific model purchased, the color of your device may not exactly match the device shown in this manual. Front Components Ref Component Description Touch Screen Displays the output of your device. Tap the screen with your stylus to select menu commands or enter information. Charge Indicator Flashes bright amber to indicate that the battery is charging, and turns green when the battery is fully char

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Back Components Ref Component Description Speaker Sends out music, sounds and voice. Right-Side Components 2

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Ref Component Description SD/MMC Slot Accepts a SD (Secure Digital) or MMC (MultiMediaCard) card for accessing data such as MP3 music. Headphone Connects to stereo headphones. Connector Top Components Ref Component Description External This connector (under rubber dust cover) allows use of an Antenna optional external GPS antenna with magnetic mount, which may Connector be positioned on top of the car for better GPS signal reception in areas with poor reception. Power Button

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1.2 Performing the Initial Start Up 1. Make sure that power is supplied to your device. (See the next section.) 2. For the initial start up, press the power button for 6 seconds to turn on your device. NOTE: For normal operation, briefly press the power button to turn on and off your device. 3. The “Change Language” screen appears. Tap the left/right arrow button to select the desired language. Then, tap the button. 4. The “Date&Time” screen appears. Tap the appropriate arrow but

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5. The Home screen appears. You can now use your device. 5

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1.3 Using Your Device in a Vehicle Using the Device Holder CAUTION: Select an appropriate location for the device holder. Never place the holder where the driver’s field of vision is blocked. If the car’s windshield is tinted with a reflective coating, an external antenna (optional) may be needed to route the antenna to the top of the car through a window. When closing the car window, be careful not to pinch the antenna cable Use the device holder to fix your device in a vehicle. Mak

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Navigating on the Screen To operate your device, touch the screen with your fingertip. You can perform the following actions: Tap Touch the screen once with your fingertip to open items or select onscreen buttons or options. Drag Hold your fingertip on the screen and drag up/down/left/right or across the screen. Tap and hold Tap and hold your fingertip until an action is complete, or a result or menu is shown. Home Screen The first time you initialize your device, the Home scr

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

1.5 Inserting a SD/MMC Card Your device has a SD/MMC slot where you can insert an optional Secure Digital or MultiMediaCard storage card. To use a SD/MMC card, insert it into the slot, with the connector pointing to the slot and its label facing the front of the device. To remove a card, first make sure that no application is accessing the card, then slightly push the top edge of the card to release it and pull it out of the slot. NOTE: Make sure that no foreign objects enter the sl

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Summary of the content on the page No. 17

2 MP3 2.1 Starting and Exiting MP3 Player MP3 turns your device into an MP3 player. It features: Playback of MP3 files Basic playback controls such as play, pause, stop, next and previous Playback includes single selection playback, repeat, single repeat, sampling playback, normal sequence and random sequence. 11 preset equalizer audio profiles Play list support Tap the MP3 button on the Home screen to start the program. The control panel appears on the screen where you can easily

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

2.2 Preparing the MP3 Files for You Device Before using the program, have the MP3 files ready on either your device’s flash memory or on a storage card. A tool called Mio Transfer is supplied for you to easily copy the files from your computer to the correct location. (See section 4.3 for information.) 2.3 Playing MP3 Files 1. If your files are in a storage card, insert the card into your device. 2. Tap the MP3 button on the Home screen to start the program. 3. The program will search fo

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

2.4 MP3 Playback Controls Control Button Name Description Play/Pause Play or pause the playback. / Stop Stop the playback. Previous/ Play the previous or next file. Next / Volume Increase or decrease the volume. The indicator on the panel shows the current volume / level. Exit Close the program and return to the Home screen. Open play list. (See Section 2.5 for more Play List information.) Equalizer Open the equalizer panel. (See Section 2.6 for more information.)

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2.5 Using the Play Lists By default, the program automatically loads all MP3 files in the play list. You can also create your own play lists for future use. Creating a Play List 1. After starting MP3, tap on the control panel to open the play list screen. The screen shows the current play list. Add song Back Remove current Save the play list. song from the list. Remove all songs Open the list of play lists. from the list. 2. To add a song to the play list, tap . Select the folder

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