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Beyonwiz DP-H1 user manual
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Welcome Message Welcome Message Thank you for choosing a DP-H1, the high-definition media player. The DP-H1 supports the features of the conventional digital broadcasting receiver (STB, Set-top Box), but also all the ways of watching the multimedia content with your PC and Internet; the USB (Universal Serial Bus) ports and the networking feature combining with DivX playback, you can play any multimedia content in any storage device with no external device. With a DP-H1, you don’t need to br

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Precaution Precaution Do not repair, disassemble or modify this apparatus yourself. It can Read this manual carefully before using this product. The cautions cause fire or electric shock. If internal checking or maintenance is described below contain important information about safety, and are needed, please contact your service center or agency. categorized into: Danger, Warning and Notice. The company will not be Do not block or cover any ventilation op

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Precaution WARNING NOTICE If the product is mishandled, the user might receiver a serious If the product is mishandled, it might cause minor damage. or minor injury. Damage or loss to the user’s property may also occur. If the apparatus becomes marked, clean it gently with a soft cloth or towel. Never use chemical solvents such as benzene, thinner, acetone The product must not be exposed to water or liquid. If the apparatus or other solvents. The su

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Precaution Copyright This manual is protected by copyright laws. Copy, use, reproduction of this manual in part or whole without beyonwiz's prior written permission is prohibited. This symbol is intended to alert the user to the presence of uninsulated “dangerous voltage” within the product’s enclosure Disclaimer that may be of sufficient magnitude to constitute a risk of The manufacturers, distributors and agents are not liable to any kind of electric sh

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Contents Contents 4. Quick Setup 17 Welcome Message i 1. Start Quick Setup 17 Precaution ii 1-1. Quick Setup of Video Output Format 18 1-2. Basic Operation 19 1. Package Contents 1 2. Configuration 22 2-1. Time Setting 22 2. Introduction 3 2-2. A/V Output Setting 24 1. DP-H1 Highlights 3 2-3. Service Scan 27 2. Front Panel 4 3. Network 29 3. Rear Panel 4 3-1. Ethernet Setting 29 4. Front Display Window 5 3-2. Automatic Configuration 30

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Contents 7. File Management 77 2. Service Edit 42 1. Rename 77 2-1. Service List Edit 42 2. Delete 78 2-2. Favorite Group 43 3. Backup to USB Storage 79 3. PVR Functions 45 4. Backup to PC via Network 82 3-1. Time-shifting 45 3-2. A-B Repeat 47 5. Edit Recording File 83 3-3. Instant Recording 48 8. Internet Service 85 3-4. Timer 52 3-5. Recording Conflict 56 9. Advanced Setup 87 4. EPG (Electronic Program Guide) 59 1. Misc

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Package Contents 1. Package Contents The following elements are included in the gift box. Please check all package contents before using your product. DP-H1 Remote Control Batteries of the Remote Control (AAA size x2) . User Manual RCA Audio/Video Cable Component (Y/Pb/Pr) Video Cable Ethernet Cable 1

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Introduction 2. Introduction 1. DP-H1 Highlights As a HD (High Definition) media player, the DP-H1 supports various Tuner DVB-T Compliant ways of connecting to HD TVs and audio systems; HDMI port combining Video Output Composite, S-Video, Component (Y, Pb, Pr), HDMI with HD video decoders, which support MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264 and Audio Output 5.1ch RCA WMV9, give you the true HD digital A/V environment. Moreover, by Dolby Digital decoding supportin

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Introduction 2. Front Panel 3. Rear Panel Five buttons are placed on the front panel. STANDBY Button: it switches the DP-H1 between the operation and standby modes. CHANNEL Buttons: the top and bottom parts of the circular button work as the channel-up and channel-down buttons. VOLUME Buttons: the left and right parts of the circular button work as the volume-down and volume-up buttons. 1. ANT IN 5. OPTICAL AUDIO 9. 5.1 CH AUDIO 2. RF LOOP OUT 6. CO

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Introduction 4. Front Display Window The front display window gives you easy way to check the status of the 1 Lights when there is no time information. DP-H1. 2 Lights when a timer recording is programmed in standby mode. 3 Lights when the signal comes out via HDMI. 4 Lights when the signal is HD (High Definition). 5 Indicates the resolution of video output. 6 Lights when the video output is in Progressive Scan mode. 7 Lights when Ethernet connection is se

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Introduction 1 STANDBY Switch the DP-H1 between Operation and Standby mode. 2 N/A Left for later use. 3 STB Set Remote Control to Work for the DP-H1. 5. Remote Control 4 TV/RADIO Change to TV mode or Radio mode. 5 TV-OUT Change Video Output. (Refer to page 17. for more information) 6 TV Control standard TVs with remote control. 5-1. Operating DP-H1 7 SETUP Go to SETUP Menu. 8 WizTV Go to Internet Service. (for future use) 9 LIVE Go to Live TV. In order to operate the DP-H1

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Introduction 5-2. Operating TV set 2) Manual Set You can set your remote control with 3-digit code manually. Please look The enclosed remote control can also be used to control a TV set at the following table and find the brand of your TV. provided by major TV manufacturers. In order to operate a TV with the Turn on your TV then press and hold the TV button until the red- enclosed remote control, please select TV mode by pressing the TV backlight t

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Introduction NOTE JVC 207 212 247 264 323 If your TV brand is not listed on above, please visit the following 385 website to get the correct code if available: LG 208 215 224 229 253 Your remote will not always be compatible with all branded televisions. 286 307 344 374 385 If this remote doesn’t work or no code exists, please obtain the 387 410 412 original remote from the manufacture of your TV. NEC 205 207 208 215 224 229 248 253 286 389

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Introduction 1 STANDBY 0xBE000AF5 2 EJECT 0xBE0040BF 3 STB N/A 5-3. Remote Control HEXA Code 4 TV/RADIO 0xBE0055AA 5 TV-OUT 0xBE0042BD 6 TV N/A The below picture and right table inform you to set your own remote 7 SETUP 0xBE0007F8 8 WizTV 0xBE0052AD control to operate the DP-H1. The coding system used for the DP-H1 is 9 LIVE 0xBE0008F7 the NEC type. 10 FILE PLAY 0xBE0044BB 11 VOL +/- 0xBE0002FD 0xBE0003FC 12 CH +/- 0xBE0000FF 0xBE0001FE 13 MUTE 0xBE000CF3 14 I

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This page intentionally left as blank. 10

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