JBL AVR480 user manual

User manual for the device JBL AVR480

Device: JBL AVR480
Category: Music Mixer
Manufacturer: JBL
Size: 0.86 MB
Added : 8/11/2013
Number of pages: 52
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Explore the detailed user manual for JBL remarkable creation, Model AVR480. Gain valuable insights and instructions to maximize your device's capabilities and optimize your user experience. Uncover the full potential of your JBL AVR480 device through this comprehensive user manual, offering step-by-step guidance and expert tips for effortless operation and enjoyment.

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AVR480 AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER 4 Introduction 5 Important Safety Information Declaration of Conformity 5 Unpacking 6 Front-Panel Controls 8 Front-Panel Information Display 10 Rear-Panel Connections 12 Remote Control Functions We, Harman Consumer International 15 Installation and Connections 2, route de Tours 15 Audio Equipment Connections 72500 Château-du-Loir 16 Video Equipment Connections France 17 Speaker Selection and Placement 18 System Configuration declare in own responsibility that the prod

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read first! Important Safety Precautions! 13. Unplug this apparatus during lightning 18. An outside antenna system should not CAUTION storms or when unused for long periods of be located in the vicinity of overhead time. power lines or other electric light or RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK 14. Refer all servicing to qualified power circuits, or where it can fall into DO NOT OPEN service personnel. Servicing is required such power lines or circuits. When CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock, wh

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INTRODUCTION Thank you for choosing JBL! With the Description and Features The AVR480’s powerful amplifier uses ® purchase of a JBL AVR480, you are The AVR480 is among the most versatile traditional high-current design technolo- about to begin many years of listening and multifeatured A/V receivers avail- gies to meet the wide dynamic range of enjoyment. The AVR480 has been able, incorporating a wide range of lis- any program selection. custom-designed to provide all the tening options. In add

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SAFETY INFORMATION Installation Location Important Safety Information Unpacking ■ To ensure proper operation and to avoid Verify Line Voltage Before Use The carton and shipping materials used the potential for safety hazards, place Your AVR480 has been designed for use to protect your new receiver during the unit on a firm and level surface. with 220 – 240-volt AC current. shipment were specially designed to When placing the unit on a shelf, be Connection to a line voltage other than cushion it

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FRONT-PANEL CONTROLS 1 Main Power Switch 9 Tuner Band Selector & Delay Button 2 System Power Control ) Preset Stations Selector * Digital Input Selector 3 Power Indicator ! Input Source Selector ( Main Information Display 4 Headphone Jack @ Tuning Mode Selector Ó Channel Select Button 5 Remote Sensor Window # Video 3 Input Jacks Ô Speaker Select Button 6 Tone Mode Button $ Volume Control  Test Tone Selector 7 Surround Mode Selector % ‹/›Selector Buttons 8 Tuning Selector ^ Set Button 1 Main Pow

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9 Tuner Band Selector: Pressing this # Video 3 Input Jacks: These audio/ * Digital Input Selector: When play- button will automatically switch the AVR video jacks may be used for temporary ing a source that has a digital output, to the Tuner mode. Pressing it again will connection to video games or portable press this button to select between the switch between the AM and FM frequency audio/video products such as camcorders Optical and Coaxial Digital bands, holding it pressed for some sec- an

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FRONT-PANEL INFORMATION DISPLAY A Bitstream Indicators H Dolby 3 Stereo Indicator O Preset Number/Sleep Timer B Optical Source Indicators I DSP Mode Indicator P Preset Indicator C DTS Mode Indicator J Tuned Indicator Q Sleep Indicator D Dolby Digital Indicator K Main Information Display R Memory Indicator E Coaxial Digital Input Indicators L Night Mode Indicator S Stereo Indicator F Dolby Pro Logic II Indicator M Auto Indicator T Logic 7 Mode Indicators G Analog Input Indicator N Speaker/Channel

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P Preset Indicator: This indicator lights when the tuner is in use to show that the Preset Number/Sleep TimerO is showing the station’s preset memory number (see page 31 for more informa- tion on tuner presets). Q Sleep Indicator: This indicator lights when the Sleep function is in use. The numbers in the Preset/Sleep Number indicators will show the minutes remain- ing before the AVR480 goes into the Standby mode (see page 24 for more information on the Sleep function). R Memory Indicator: This

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REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS  Coaxial Digital Audio Output Video 1 Video Inputs  Surround Speaker Outputs  Coaxial Digital Audio Input Video 1 Audio Inputs  Front/Center Speaker Outputs  Optical Digital Audio Input Video 1 Video Output  AC Power Cord Jack  Subwoofer Output Video 1 Audio Outputs  AM Antenna  Tape Inputs Video 2 Video Input  FM Antenna  Tape Outputs  Video 2 Audio Inputs  Region Selector  CD Inputs  Video Monitor Outputs  DVD Video Inputs  TV Audio Inputs NOTE

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Video 2 Video Input: Connect this  AC Power Cord Jack: Connect the jack to the PLAY/OUT composite video AC power cord to this jack when the jack on a second VCR or other video installation is complete. To ensure safe source. operation, use only the power cord sup- plied with the unit. If a replacement is  Video 2 Audio Inputs: Connect required it must be of the same type and these jacks to the PLAY/OUT audio jacks capacity. on a VCR or other video source. Depending on the electrical requirem

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REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS 0 Power Off Button 1 IR Transmitter Window 2 Program Indicator 3 Power On Button 4 Status Button 5 Input Selectors 6 AVR Selector 7 Test Button 8 Sleep Button 9 Surround Mode Selector A Repeat Button B Channel Select Button ⁄ ¤ C / Buttons ‹ › D / Button E Set Button F Digital Select Button G Numeric Keys H Tuner Mode I Direct Button J Tuning Up/Down K Night Mode L Subtitle On/Off Button M Transport Controls N Track Skip Up/Down Buttons O Check Button P Disc Skip Button

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4 Status Button: This button has no B Channel Select Button: This button I Direct Button: In Tuner mode, press function on the AVR480, but is used by is used to start the process of setting the this button when the tuner is in use to some DVD players and other devices to AVR480’s output levels with an external start the sequence for direct entry of a access an on-screen menu system. source. Once this button is pressed, use the station’s frequency. After pressing the ⁄ ¤ / ButtonsC to select the

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O Check Button: This button has no  A-B Button: This button has no function on the AVR480, but is used by function on the AVR480, but is used by some DVD players and other devices to some DVD players and other devices to edit a programmed playlist. select a passage for repeat play. P Disc Skip Button: This button has  Volume Up/Down: Press these but- no direct function for the AVR480, but tons to raise or lower the system volume. when used with a compatibly pro-  TV/Video Button: This button

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INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS After unpacking the unit, and placing it on 3. Connect the digital output of any Your dealer or installer is a valuable a solid surface capable of supporting its digital device to the appropriate input resource to consult in selecting the weight, you will need to make the connec- connections on the AVR480 rear proper cable. tions to your audio and video equipment. panel. Note that the Optical and Regardless of the brand of cable selected, Coaxial Digital Inputs  ma

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

We also recommend that the length of Video Connection Notes: Video Equipment Connections cable used to connect speaker pairs be • If your DVD player, HDTV set-top box, Video equipment is connected in the same identical. For example, use the same cable box, satellite receiver or other manner as audio components. Again, the length piece of cable to connect the video source device is equipped with use of high-quality interconnect cables is front-left and front-right or surround-left component (Y/Pr

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Depending on the specifics of your room Center Front Speaker Speaker Selection acoustics and the type of speakers in use, The same model or brand of speaker No more than you may find that imaging is improved by 60cm (0 – 2 feet) should be used at least for the front-left, moving the front-left and front-right center and front-right speakers. This speakers slightly forward of the center creates a seamless front soundstage and channel speaker. If possible, adjust all eliminates the possibility of

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

SYSTEM CONFIGURATION Once the speakers have been placed in Input Setup Settings to Be Made With the room and connected, the remaining The first step in configuring the AVR480 Each Input Used steps are to program the system configu- is to select an input. This may be done by The AVR480 features an advanced ration memories. With the AVR480, two pressing the front-panel Input Source memory system that enables you to kinds of memories are used: those associ- Selector! until the desired input’s est

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Speaker Setup front and right-front positions, as right front-channel outputs and its bass This setup tells the AVR480 which type described by the definitions shown will be sent to the subwoofer output as of speakers are in use. This is important above. long as SUBL/R+LFE is selected as it adjusts the settings that determine in the SUBWOOFER line in this menu When SMALL is selected, low- which speakers receive low-frequency (see below). This mode is needed if no frequency front-channel sounds wi

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

The choices available for the subwoofer To assist in making these settings, the Surround Setup position will depend on the settings for icons in the Speaker/Channel Input Once the speaker setup has been com- the other speakers, particularly the front IndicatorsN will change as the speaker pleted, the next setup step is to set the left/right positions. type is selected at each position. When surround mode you wish to use with each only the inner icon box is lit, the speaker input. Since surround

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