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User manual for the device Aiphone JAW-AZ

Device: Aiphone JAW-AZ
Category: Music Mixer
Manufacturer: Aiphone
Size: 0.26 MB
Added : 4/2/2013
Number of pages: 3
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Abstracts of contents
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Video Modulator with Audio Door Station and CCTV Interface
The JAW-AZ converts a standard CCTV camera's signal to a 2-wire signal, compatible with the JA Open Voice
Color Video system. This allows the utilization of a color CCTV camera and a separate audio door station (JA-D)
to be used in place of a JA video door station (Door 2 input only). Up to two additional CCTV cameras can be
connected to the JA Monitor for video only (Adapter 1 & 2 inputs). A motion detector or other

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

WIRING DIAGRAM: JAW-AZ Modulator for Standard CCTV Camera and Audio-only Door Station Door 1 JA-2M(E)CD JA-DAC/DGC/DGV Door 1 A1 A1 A2 A2 JAW-AZ MASTER Door 2 A1 A1 JA-2HCD JA-2HCD Door 2 A2 A2 JA-D* AUDIO SUB IN SUB IN 1 1 B1 B1 B1 2 2 B2 B2 B2 VIDEO IN SUB OUT SUB OUT B1 B1 B2 B2 CCTV Camera VIDEO OUT 75 Ohm, 1V Peak-to-peak PS-2420UL (Independently powered) + + + + IMPORTANT: - - SENSOR - - Do not install JAW-AZ/JA-D on NC Door 1 input. NC Sensor input cannot be used when JA-D is present. R

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

OPERATIONS Activation of the camera from a Monitor: 1. The CCTV camera can be viewed on any of the JA monitors in the system by pressing the MONITOR button repeatedly, cycling through each video device in order (door 1, door 2, adapter 1, adapter 2) until the desired camera is viewed. If the JA-D is connected to the JAW-AZ, they will be on the door 2 input. Incoming audio will activate when selected. 2. To initiate 2-way audio with the unit, press and release the TALK button momentarily. (Do

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