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Avid Technology P2 user manual
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Working with P2: Using the Panasonic HVX200
camera with Avid Media Composer
With Avid, editing footage captured with the HVX200 camera is fast and easy. Avid systems use the same
native file format as Panasonic P2 memory cards, so there’s no need for transcode, capture, or file conversion
process of any kind. You can edit directly and immediately from the P2 card if you’d like or have
Media Composer create a rapid backup of you

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P2 Step By Step Reference Guide 1: Choosing Format and Frame Rate Since the Panasonic HVX200 can originate twenty one different format and frame rate combinations one of the most important decisions before your project begins shooting is what frame rate and format you will use. Go to www.avid.com/P2Formats to ensure that the frame rate and format you are using is compatible with Media Composer and therefore which Avid project type you’ll be using for post production. Below are the basic ste

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P2 Step By Step Reference Guide 3: Protecting P2 Assets Whatever your workflow, Avid strongly recommends protecting your original P2 assets prior to post-production. The safest and most efficient way is to access the material with Media Composer and consolidate it onto a local ™ drive or Avid Unity storage system. Consolidating within Media Composer:* • Safe and simple • Fast and efficient • Incorporated failsafe checksum • Creates an instant backup To automatically consolidate:

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P2 Step By Step Reference Guide 4: Outputting P2 Media from Media Composer You have several options for delivering your final product. By exporting directly from a timeline containing P2 compatible media, you can: • write back to a P2 card • export to a DVCPRO HD VTR via FireWire • export an alternative file type for web, DVD or multimedia from Media Composer or Sorenson Squeeze In addition, you can deliver from a timeline where you’ve transcoded the media to: • uncompressed HD (8 bit or

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P2 Step By Step Reference Guide To output your work on tape via HDSDI to an VTR such as D5 or HDCAM: Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. Step 6. Step 7. Step 8. Transcode the Connect Avid Ensure the video Select the sequence Go to the main Select At the Consolidate Choose sequence to Adrenaline quality is set to you wish to output “Clip” menu “Consolidate / Transcode “Video and Avid DNxHD hardware full green mode / Transcode” dialog, choose Audio on format to your Mac “Transcode” same

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