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User manual for the device Bench KH 994

Device: Bench KH 994
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Bench KH 994 user manual
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KH 994

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IMPORTANT SAFETY ADVICE   Please read these important safety advice notes carefully before you fix in place or use your kitchen radio for the first time and if necessary pass them on to third parties.  Fix your radio in place only with the mounting plate supplied.  Do not position the radio mounting plate directly over a hob or sink.  Connect the kitchen radio to a 230 volt / 50 Hz socket.  Keep the mains lead away from sharp edges or sources of heat (hob etc.). Position the mains lead a

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Power failure backup: The power failure backup batteries ensure that the time and wake-up time settings are preserved during short-term power failures. You require a 9 V block battery. 1) Slide the battery compartment cover to the side. 2) Connect the battery. Always pay attention to the correct polarity. 3) Close the battery compartment cover. Fixing the radio in position: •Place the radio on to the mounting plate and slide it to the rear. Power supply: •Insert the plug into a 230 V / 50 Hz su

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3) To increase the countdown period press the hours button . The display  now shows 1:59 – this is the maximum countdown period. 4) To change the minutes setting, press the minutes button . As you hold down the minutes button , the minutes are automatically decreased. Release the minutes button  when the required countdown period is shown. Stopping the timer: 1) When the set countdown period has elapsed, the radio sounds a tone. 2) To switch off the tone or to terminate the countdown time

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MAINTENANCE For cleaning and maintenance, all that is required is to wipe the radio from time to time with a dry or slightly damp cloth. TECHNICAL INFORMATION Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz Backup: 9 volt block battery (not supplied) Frequency range: FM / VHF = 87.5 to 108 MHz AM /MW = 530 to 1650 KHz DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY We, Kompernaß Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Burgstr. 21, D-44867 Bochum, Germany, declare that this product complies with the following EU directives: Low Voltage Directive (73/2

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