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Device: Lexmark 16M1960
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Lexmark 16M1960 user manual
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3 Unlock the length guide, squeeze the length guide tab inward
as shown, and slide the guide to the correct position for the
Lexmark™ X65x
paper size being loaded.
Quick Reference
Loading paper and
specialty media
Loading the standard or
optional 250-sheet or 550-sheet
Although the 250-sheet tray and the 550-sheet tray are different
in appearance, they require the same process for loading paper.
Use these instructions to load paper in either tray:
1 Pull the tray out.
Note: Do not remove tr

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

5 Load the paper stack: 7 Insert the tray. 3 Unlock the length guide. • Print side facedown for single-sided printing • Print side faceup for duplex printing Note: Paper must be loaded differently in the trays if an TM optional StapleSmart II Finisher is installed. For more information, see the User's Guide. Note: Notice the maximum fill line on the side of the tray which indicates the maximum height for loading paper. Do not overload the tray. 8 If a different type of paper was loaded than the

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

4 Push the length guide release latch to raise the length guide, Note: Notice the maximum fill line on the side of the tray Loading the multipurpose slide the guide to the correct position for the paper size being which indicates the maximum height for loading paper. Do loaded, and then lock the guide. not overload the tray. feeder 1 Pull down the multipurpose feeder door. 2 Pull out the extension until it is fully extended. 5 Flex the sheets back and forth to loosen them, and then fan them. Do

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

3 Slide the width guide to the far right. Setting the Paper Size and Copying using the ADF Paper Type 1 Load an original document faceup, short edge first into the ADF. The Paper Size setting is determined by the position of the paper guides in the tray for all trays except the multipurpose feeder. The Note: Do not load postcards, photos, small items, Paper Size setting for the multipurpose feeder must be set transparencies, photo paper, or thin media (such as magazine manually. The factory defa

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Example 2: Copying to a single paper Copying a document that Copying multiple pages onto a size contains mixed paper sizes single sheet The printer has one paper tray, loaded with letter-size paper. A Use the ADF to copy an original document that contains mixed In order to save paper, you can copy either two or four consecutive document that contains letter- and legal-size pages needs to be paper sizes. Depending on the paper sizes loaded and the “Copy pages of a multiple-page document onto a si

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

For Windows users Job type Description Faxing a With a document open, click File ª Print. Confidential When you send a Confidential print job to the printer, you must create a PIN from the b Click Properties, Preferences, Options, or Setup, and computer. The PIN must be four digits using then adjust the settings as needed. Sending a fax using the printer the numbers 0–9. The job is held in printer memory until you enter the PIN from the Note: To print on a specific size or type of paper, adjust

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

4 Select your job type (Confidential, Reserve, Repeat, or Verify), • You cannot print files for which you do not have printing 4 Touch the arrows if you want to increase the number of printed and then assign a user name. For a confidential job, also enter permissions. copies. a four-digit PIN. To print from a flash drive: 5 Touch Print. 5 Click OK or Print, and then go to the printer to release the job. 1 Make sure the printer is on and Ready appears. Note: Do not remove the flash drive from the

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

4 Wipe only the outside of the printer, making sure to include 5 Open the bottom ADF door. the standard exit bin. Warning—Potential Damage: Using a damp cloth to clean the interior may cause damage to your printer. 5 Make sure the paper support and standard exit bin are dry before beginning a new print job. Cleaning the scanner glass Clean the scanner glass if you encounter print quality problems, such as streaks on copied or scanned images. 1 Slightly dampen a soft, lint-free cloth or paper tow

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