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Device: Anton/Bauer ULTRALIGHT 2 UL-2
Category: Camera Accessories
Manufacturer: Anton/Bauer
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Added : 11/26/2013
Number of pages: 12
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TO REMOVE HEAD MODULE 1. Push Head Module forward. 2. Lift Head Module and remove it from the Base. TO RE-ATTACH HEAD MODULE Push Head Module onto base, as shown, until the Head Module engages over screw. Screw TO REMOVE / REPLACE BULB NOTE: Only MR-16 type bulbs should be used with the UL2. 1. Pull out on the Thumb Tabs of the Head Module. 2. Swing Hood open. 3. Remove and replace bulb as necessary. 4. Close Head Mod

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HEAD MODULE BASE ASSEMBLY ON/OFF SWITCH THUMBWHEEL INTRODUCTION The Ultralight 2 (UL2) is an extremely compact, super lightweight version of the original Ultralight system, designed specifically for on-camera lighting applications. The Ultralight 2 incorporates many unique features including: • Included with a AB-60, wide angle bulb. • A diffused glass for smoother beam patterns. • Quick-change head module feature permits instant field light source changes wit

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¼-20 STUD MOUNT APPLICATION The Ultralight 2 is shipped standard with ¼-20 Stud Mount for attaching to the camera handle. To remove/install a ¼-20 Stud Mount, follow these instructions. 1. With the supplied 5/64 hex wrench, loosen the set screw located in the thumbwheel. 2. Install a ¼-20 Stud Mount into the bottom of the thumbwheel. (Insert stud as far into light as possible). 3. Tighten the set screw in the thumbwheel. 5/64 Hex Wrench Set Screw Stud

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ACCESSORIES UL2 WEDGE The UL2 Wedge is developed specifically for use with the Anton/Bauer Ultralight 2 on-camera light. The UL2 Wedge provides the Ultralight 2 with an additional 20º of down angle lighting for shooting extreme close up camera shots (less than 3 feet). A Universal mounting design allows quick adaptation to cameras using either ¼-20 Stud Mount or Shoe typing lighting mounts. 5/16-24 Screw 1/4-20 Screw Shoe Mount Application Stud Mount Appli

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FILTERS Adapter accessories are detachable pivoting filter/lenses allowing the user to flip the adapter in and out of the beam pattern. Adapters (Diffuser, Wide Angle, Dichroic) are mounted in a holder, pivoted from a slotted tab. The adapter assembly is attached to the Head Module by sliding the slotted tab into the space between the light head safety glass holder and the hood. UL-WA. Ultralight Wide Angle Adapter. Converts both spot bulbs and medium flood bulbs into full

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UL-SOFT BOX The UL-Soft Box mounts easily to any Ultralight Head Module to soften and diffuse light output. The UL-Soft Box is collapsible allowing easy storage or can fold and swing away while remaining on the Ultralight until needed. ULTRADAYLIGHT The UltraDaylight Head Module fits any Ultralight base to instantly deliver 5600°k at less than half the power required of tungsten/halogen – without the need for dichroic adapters. Uniquely designed to share power from camera battery using

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BULB SELECTION AND OPERATION Bulbs used by the Ultralight 2 are Type MR16, tungsten-halogen bulbs. Spot or flood bulbs of any light distribution angle may be used. The Ultralight 2 offers the greatest versatility with the following low voltage bulbs. They can be powered from any 12-14.4 volt camera battery with the Ultralight 2 integral PowerTap connector cable. Triple Purpose Low Voltage Bulb - The ESX, EYR and EYF bulbs provide three beam/output options: 1. Spot (15º) - p

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WARRANTY IMPORTANT: WARRANTY REGISTRATION CARD MUST BE MAILED WITHIN 10 DAYS OF PURCHASE TO QUALIFY FOR THIS WARRANTY. Proper registration will also enable us to send you important update information. We must have the warranty registration card on file at our CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT to establish warranty. Proper registration will also enable us to provide you with update information on your lighting system. All new Anton/Bauer products have been thoroughly tested and inspected prio

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The worldwide standard The following are registered trademarks of Anton/Bauer, Inc.: ACS, Anton/Bauer, Anton/Bauer Logo, Automatique, ComPac, Gold Mount,HyTRON, Impac, InterActive, InterActive 2000 Logo, LifeSaver, Logic Series,Logic Series Logo, PowerStrap, ProPac, SSP, Satellight, Snap On,The worldwide standard, Triconn, TrimPac, Ultralight, Ultrakit One or more of the following patents may apply: 4,218,107 4,810,204 4,822,296 4,965,738 5,057,383 Other patents, U.S. and Internat

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