Logitech 980-000382 user manual

User manual for the device Logitech 980-000382

Device: Logitech 980-000382
Category: Speaker System
Manufacturer: Logitech
Size: 0.58 MB
Added : 9/23/2014
Number of pages: 2
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Explore the detailed user manual for Logitech remarkable creation, Model 980-000382. Gain valuable insights and instructions to maximize your device's capabilities and optimize your user experience. Uncover the full potential of your Logitech 980-000382 device through this comprehensive user manual, offering step-by-step guidance and expert tips for effortless operation and enjoyment.

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Package contents / Contenu / Esta caja contiene
Troubleshooting Resolución de problemas
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English Français Español
Vous trouverez ci-dessous les solutions aux problèmes les plus courants. Pour toute autre A continuación se detallan posibles soluciones a problemas habituales.
See below for solutions to common problems. If you have
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question concernant les haut-parleurs Logitech®, visitez le site www.logitech.com/support. Para otras preguntas relacionadas

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CONSIGNES DE SECURITE IMPORTANTES English Français IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS English ATTENTION: RISQUE D’ELECTROCUTION Sécurité Limited Warranty Safety CAUTION: ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD • Veuillez lire ces instructions. • L’aération ne doit pas être obstruée: ne couvrez en aucune manière Logitech Hardware Product Limited Warranty. Logitech® warrants that your Logitech hardware product shall be free from defects in • Read these instructions. • Ventilation should not be impeded by covering the

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