JBL AVR580 user manual

User manual for the device JBL AVR580

Device: JBL AVR580
Category: Stereo Amplifier
Manufacturer: JBL
Size: 1.06 MB
Added : 10/9/2014
Number of pages: 72
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AVR580 AUDIO/VIDEO RECEIVER 4 Introduction 5 Important Safety Information Declaration of Conformity 5 Unpacking 6 Front-Panel Controls 8 Front-Panel Information Display 9 Rear-Panel Connections 12 Main Remote Control Functions 16 Zone II Remote Control Functions We, Harman Consumer International 2, route de Tours 17 Installation and Connections 72500 Château-du-Loir 20 System Configuration France 20 Speaker Placement 20 System Setup declare in own responsibility that the product described 22 Inp

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read first! Important Safety Precautions! 13. Unplug this apparatus during light- 18. An outside antenna system should CAUTION ning storms or when unused for long not be located in the vicinity of over- periods of time. head power lines or other electric RISK OF ELECTRIC SHOCK 14. Refer all servicing to qualified ser- light or power circuits, or where it DO NOT OPEN vice personnel. Servicing is required can fall into such power lines or circuits. CAUTION: To reduce the risk of electric shock,

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

INTRODUCTION ® Thank you for choosing JBL ! With calibrates them for perfectly balanced ■ A wide range of digital and matrix ® ® the purchase of a JBL AVR580, you are sound field presentation. surround modes, including Dolby about to begin many years of listening Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby For the ultimate in flexibility, the AVR580 ® ® ® enjoyment. Designed to provide all the Pro Logic II, DTS , DTS-ES features connections for five video excitement and detail of movie sound- Discrete and

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SAFETY INFORMATION Installation Location Unpacking Important Safety Information ■ To ensure proper operation and to The carton and shipping materials used Verify Line Voltage Before Use avoid the potential for safety hazards, to protect your new receiver during ship- Your AVR580 has been designed for use place the unit on a firm and level sur- ment were specially designed to cushion with 220–240-volt AC current. Connection face. When placing the unit on a shelf, it from shock and vibration. We s

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FRONT-PANEL CONTROL 1 Main Power Switch @ Set Button Ò Treble Control › 2 System Power Control # Button Ú Channel Adjust Selector 3 Power Indicator $ Preset Station Selector Û Delay Adjust Selector 4 Headphone Jack % Input Source Selector Ù Digital Input Selector 5 Tone Mode ^ Tuner Mode Selector ı Volume Control 6 Speaker Selector & Optical 3 Digital Input ˆ Input Indicators 7 Surround Mode Group Selector * Coaxial 3 Digital Input ˜ Main Information Display 8 Surround Mode Selector ( Video 4 Vi

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Logic 7, and then press this button to see reception. Press and hold again to switch Ù Digital Input Selector: Press this the specific mode choices that are avail- back to Stereo mode. (See page 35 for button to begin the process of selecting a able. For more information on mode more information on using the tuner.) digital source for use with the currently selection, see page 31. selected input. Once the button has been & Optical 3 Digital Input: Connect the pressed, use the ‹ or › Buttons)# 9

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FRONT-PANEL INFORMATION DISPLAY A Upper Display Line E Speaker/Channel Input Indicators I TUNED Indicator B Lower Display Line F PRESET Indicator J AUTO Indicator C OSD Indicator G MEMORY Indicator K 192kHz Indicator D Multiroom Indicator H STEREO Indicator L 96kHz Indicator the subwoofer is a single box. The center A Upper Display Line: Depending on I TUNED Indicator: This indicator lights box lights when a “Small” speaker is the unit’s status, a variety of messages will when a station is being

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

REAR-PANEL CONNECTIONS ¡ AM Antenna › Video 1 Video Inputs i Optical Digital Audio Output ™ FM Antenna fi Video 1 Video Outputs j CD Audio Inputs £ Preamp Outputs fl Video 2 Video Inputs k DVD Audio Inputs ¢ Subwoofer Output ‡ Video 2 Video Outputs Optical Digital Audio Inputs ∞ Surround Speaker Outputs ° Video 3 Video Inputs  Tape Inputs § Front Speaker Outputs · Component Video Monitor Outputs  Tape Outputs ¶ Fan Vents a Component Video 1 Inputs  Coaxial Digital Audio Inputs • Center Speaker

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

(+) terminals on the AVR580 to the red (+) ‚ AC Power Cord Jack: Connect the · Component Video Monitor terminals on the speakers and the black AC power cord to this jack when the Outputs: Connect these outputs to the (–) terminals on the AVR580 to the black installation is complete. To ensure safe component video inputs of a video projec- (–) terminals on the speakers. See page operation, use only the power cord sup- tor or monitor. When a source connected 17 for more information on speaker pli

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

CD Audio Inputs: Connect these Video 2 Audio Outputs: Connect the jacks to the analog audio output of a left/right REC/IN audio input jacks on a compact disc player or CD changer. VCR or other video source to these jacks. k DVD Audio Inputs: Connect the Video 3 Audio Inputs: Connect the left/right analog outputs of a DVD player left/right PLAY/OUT audio output jacks or other audio source to these jacks. on a VCR, PVR, cable set-top, satellite receiver, HDTV receiver or other video  Optica

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MAIN REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS a Power Off Button b IR Transmitter Window c Program/SPL Indicator d Power On Button e Input Selectors f AVR Selector g AM/FM Tuner Select h 6-Channel/8-Channel Direct Input i Test Button j Sleep Button k Surround Mode Selector l Night Mode m Channel Select Button ⁄ ¤ n / Buttons ‹ o Button p Set Button q Digital Select r Numeric Keys s Tuner Mode t Direct Button u Tuning Up/Down v OSD Button w Dolby Mode Selector x DTS Digital Mode Selector y Logic 7 Mode Select Bu

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IMPORTANT NOTE: The AVR580’s so that it controls the device selected. l Night Mode: Press this button to remote may be programmed to control up After pressing one of these buttons, you activate the Night mode. This mode is to eight devices, including the AVR580. must press the AVR Selector Button available in specially encoded digital Before using the remote, it is important to f again to operate the AVR580’s func- sources, and it preserves dialogue (center remember to press the Input Selector t

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

When the button is pressed so that the z Skip Down Button: This button 34 Clear Button: Press this button to AUTO IndicatorJ goes out, pressing does not have a direct function with the clear incorrect entries when using the the Tuning Buttonsu9≠ will AVR580, but when used with a compati- remote to directly enter a radio station’s move the frequency up or down in single- bly programmed CD or DVD player, it will frequency. step increments. When the FM band is in change to the previous track or cha

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

this sequence, EzSet will automatically adjust the output levels for all channels until they are equal, as shown by the Program/SPL Indicatorc lighting green for each channel. Press this button again when the adjustment is complete to turn off the test tone. (See page 27 for more information on EzSet.) 42 Learn Button: Press this button to begin the process of “learning” the codes from another product’s remote into the AVR580’s remote. (See page 41 for more information on using the remote’s lear

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

ZONEII REMOTE CONTROL FUNCTIONS å Power Off: When used in the room © Preset Up/Down – Track Skip: where the AVR580 is located, press this When the AVR580’s tuner is selected as button to place the unit in Standby. When the input source, these buttons will move it is used in a remote room with a sensor up or down through the list of stations that is connected to the Multiroom IR that have been stored in the preset mem- Input d jack, this button turns the ory. When a CD or DVD changer or player Mu

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

INSTALLATION AND CONNECTIONS color code, as noted on page 9. However, System Installation most speakers still use a red terminal for After unpacking the unit, locating it in a the positive (+) connection. Connect the place with adequate ventilation and plac- “negative” or “black” wire to the same ing it on a solid surface capable of support- terminal on both the receiver and the ing its weight, you will need to make the speaker. connections to your audio and video 6. Connect the supplied FM an

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

2. Connect the analog audio and video However, only one video connection Audio Input 31 is assigned to the outputs of a satellite receiver, cable TV should be made between the source DVD source by default. For more infor- converter or any other video source to (e.g., VCR) and the AVR580. mation on reassigning the digital the Video 2 Audio and Video Input inputs to various sources, see pages • Only the video cables (the yellow com- Jacksfl. 22 and 32. The Component Video 1 posite video; the S-Vi

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Multiroom Connections between the output of the amplifiers and The AVR580 is equipped with multizone the speakers. capabilities that allow it to send a sepa- RS-232 Connections rate audio source to the remote zone The AVR580 includes an RS-232 serial from the one selected for use in the port connection that may be used to con- main room. trol the unit via compatible optional, Depending on your system’s require- external keypads or control systems. The ment, three options are available for phys

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

SYSTEM CONFIGURATION When all audio, video and system connec- delay from the center speaker compared speakers should be located so that the tions have been made, there are a few to the left and right speakers). bottom of the cabinet is at least 60cm configuration adjustments that must be (2 feet) higher than the listeners’ ears made. A few minutes spent to correctly When the AVR580 is used in 5.1-channel when the listeners are seated in the configure and calibrate the unit will greatly operatio

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