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ALK Technologies AS/400 user manual
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ALK Technologies, Inc.
1000 Herrontown Road • Princeton, NJ 08540

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ALL RIGHTS RESERVED You may print one (1) copy of this document for your personal use. Otherwise, no part of this document may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language, in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, or otherwise, without prior written permission from ALK Technologies, Inc. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. PC*MILER is

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Table of Contents PC*MILER|AS/400 Version 17 Notes – Please Read ........................................1 1.0 Introduction..................................................................................................3 2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements......................................................4 2.1 PC*MILER Graphics.........................................................................4 3.0 Installation........................................................

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Appendix D: Configuring Client Access Express To Work With PC*MILER AS/400.......................................................................61 Appendix E: The Sleep Feature For NS Router Installations........................66 Appendix F: PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch INI Settings.........68 Appendix G: AS400.LOG Error Codes ............................................................72

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PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 1 ® PC*MILER -AS/400 Important Changes for Version 17, Please Read For Version 17, PC*MILER now offers two basic route types, Practical and Shortest, that may be combined with one or more of the other three route types that PC*MILER users are familiar with (Toll Discouraged and National Network or 53’ Trailer Routing). Users of the PC*MILER interactive program who want to obtain Toll Discouraged, National Network, or 53’ Trailer routing will addition

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2 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide • Shortest • Practical • Practical/Toll Discouraged • Practical//National Network • Practical/53’ Trailer See Chapter 7, Using PC*MILER With Other Transportation Software, for more information. Note for Users Upgrading from PC*MILER|Streets If you are upgrading from PC*MILER|Streets, note that the Light/Heavy vehicle option has been renamed to ‘Override Restrictions’. The parameter codes have changed from L (Light) to Y (Override Restrict

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PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 3 1.0 Introduction Congratulations! By purchasing a PC*MILER product, you have made a cost-effective investment in high quality software that is simple to learn and easy to use. PC*MILER for the AS/400 uses simple-to-follow menus and requires minimal keystrokes to generate routing and mileage information. Shortest, Practical, National Network, Toll-Discouraged, and 53’ Trailer routes can be calculated in a matter of seconds and can include up to 30 s

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4 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 2.0 Hardware and Software Requirements Because PC*MILER-AS/400 employs a Client server solution, the following hardware and software is required. The AS/400 server uses SNA APPC data queues to communicate. For PC*MILER-AS/400: • A PC with a Pentium processor (300 MHz clock speed or higher) and 128 MB of RAM. The hard disk should have 200 MB of space available, running Windows NT, 2000, or XP-Pro.. For best performance, use a Pentium PC 400 MHz or h

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PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 5 3.0 Installation PC*MILER for the AS/400 works by connecting a 32-bit Windows PC to your AS/400. The PC provides mileage lookups to the AS/400 via data queues. Generally, there is one common input or request queue that all users write to, with each user having their own output queue. The PC listens to the input queue for mileage request packets. Within each mileage request packet is the name of the user’s output queue. The PC does a destructive

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6 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 3.1 Installation Overview You should have received two CD’s with your purchase of PC*MILER- AS/400: • The PC*MILER Product Line CD which includes the complete PC*MILER application and the PC*MILER-AS/400 Mileage Server (PC*MILER|Connect-AS/400). • The second CD contains the 400 side ALKMVS Library. ⇒ ⇒ NOTE: Required PC to AS/400 Connectivity Software is not provided ⇒ ⇒ by ALK. You need either IBM’s Client Access Express or the NS Router, fr

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 7 3. Command for restoring from CD: rstlib savlib(ALKMVS) dev(opt01) vol(ALKMVS) Label(ALKMVS) mbropt(*all) alwobjdif(*all) rstlib(ALKMVS) where opt01 is your CD-ROM drive. Make sure all objects were restored. You can ignore security warning messages. It is okay if MIDQUE does not restore because this file is created later on. ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ ⇒ NOTE: The ALKMVS Library CD was created using Kisco Information Systems’ BlueCD, which allows you to create AS/

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8 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 5. To grant object authority to library ALKMVS, enter the following: GRTOBJAUT (press ) object = *ALL library = ALKMVS objtype = *ALL users = *public authority = *ALL ⇒ ⇒ NOTE: For ICC Users only (Be sure to do this!) Type ‘config’ from ⇒ ⇒ the AS/400 command line after the restore of the library, then change the library for the location of mileage data queues from ALKMVS to your ICC Work library and change the ICC Support Shor

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PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 9 3.3 PC Side Installation The PC Side of the PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch installation is a multi-faceted process. The installation varies depending on the number of versions of PC*MILER and PC*MILER|Streets involved and the number of mileage server PCs that will be used. Generally installations can be performed in less than half an hour if you strictly follow the instructions. Failure to follow instructions can result in hours of troubl

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10 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide PC*MILER|TCP/IP Connect is itself built on another PC*MILER product called PC*MILER|Connect – ALK’s mileage and routing dynamic link library (dll). PC*MILER|Connect is a version specific product; for example, Connect Version 15.x will not work with Version 16 PC*MILER. The normal installation of PC*MILER|Connect involves installation of our milage and routing dlls to a computer’s \Winnt folder. For PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch these dll

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PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 11 Note: Pre-Version 16 SPLC’s and CanPosts were mutually exclusive, you could install one or the other. In Version 16 and higher, both can be installed together. For installing PC*MILER|Streets Versions 16.x or 17.x you will need the Street Level Data CD, which is not automatically provided with the PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch shipment. If the product was previously licensed you will have a Street Level Data CD with that shipment. For

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

12 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 3) Install the correct version of PC*MILER|TCP/IP Connect for each version of PC*MILER that you will be using. Pay strict attention to which version you are installing. 4) Install PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch (ALKMVS) by following the steps below. Step 1: Make sure the Netsoft Router or Client Access Express is installed and working on the PC (see Appendix B: Configuring an N/S Router for Use with PC*MILER AS/400 or Appendix D:

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 13 Step 2.1 For Version 14: • Run \v14\setup.exe • If you are installing just PC*MILER 14.0 you will not need a product key code. • If you are intalling an approved PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch data add-on, you will need a product key code. • Without a product key code, check only the PCMILER 14.0 box and then use Pcd1400001 for the serial number. The default install location is C:\Pmw140. If you change this, you will need to

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

14 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide The default install location is C:\Program Files\Alk Technologies\ Pmw160. If you change this, you will need to make adjustments later in the installation. Remember your installation location. Step 2.4 Version 17.0: • Run \v17\setup.exe • If you are installing just PC*MILER 17.0 you will not need a product key code. • If you are intalling an approved PC*MILER|AS/400 Multiple Version Switch data add-on, you will need a product key code

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide 15 Step 3.2 Unzip the correct version of the TCP/IP file for your version. The self- extracting zip files are set to unzip to the default locations. If you installed your PC*MILER to non-default locations, you will have to redirect the extractions In the winzip windows. If you redirect the extractions, be sure to include a folder called ‘Tcpip’ below the top level of your PC*MILER installation. Step 3.3 For Versions 16.1 and 17.0 extract the corr

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

16 PC*MILER|AS/400 MVS User’s Guide Switch. Mileages will only be returned if the PC*MILER Version trip parameter is valid. The default name must match one of the key names. Be careful of editing the Key Names like [PCMiler 150], these values have to match those set in srv32.ini under [multiversion]. Step 4.3: Edit \AlkMvs\Pcmmv.ini to point to your various instances of PC*MILER|TC/PIP Connect. If you are going to run each instance of PC*MILER|TCP/IP Connect on a single PC, you

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