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User manual for the device Logitech HARMONY 895

Device: Logitech HARMONY 895
Category: Universal Remote
Manufacturer: Logitech
Size: 4.22 MB
Added : 6/22/2014
Number of pages: 17
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Explore the detailed user manual for Logitech remarkable creation, Model HARMONY 895. Gain valuable insights and instructions to maximize your device's capabilities and optimize your user experience. Uncover the full potential of your Logitech HARMONY 895 device through this comprehensive user manual, offering step-by-step guidance and expert tips for effortless operation and enjoyment.

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895 Harmony Remote
User Manual version1.0

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User Manual Harmony 895 Table of Contents INTRODUCTION...........................................................................................................................................1 GETTING TO KNOW YOUR HARMONY REMOTE...............................................................................................2 BEGINNING THE SETUP PROCESS .................................................................................................................3 USING YOUR HARMONY REMOT

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User Manual Harmony 895 Introduction Congratulations on the purchase of your Harmony remote! This User Manual will introduce you to the basic online setup process, customizations and main features of your Harmony remote, and instructions on using the remote with a Harmony RF Wireless Extender. If in doubt about how to set up your Harmony remote, follow the information and instructions using the Logitech Harmony remote software (also referred to as Harmony remote software). The Harmony re

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User Manual Harmony 895 Getting to Know Your Harmony Remote Many of the Harmony remote's buttons are standard remote buttons. However, there are buttons and other hardware that may not be so familiar to you. The extra buttons and hardware give you access to the special features of the Harmony remote. USB Connector: Connect one end of the USB cable to this connector and the other end to your computer so that you can download your configuration using the Harmony remote software. OFF: Turn

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User Manual Harmony 895 Beginning the Setup Process Once you have installed the Logitech Harmony remote software, connect your remote and you will be guided through a series of question-and-answer steps to complete each of the five main steps of the online setup process: 1. Login Information: Create your login information. 2. Check Connection: Ensures your computer and your Harmony remote are communicating properly. 3. Set Up Devices: Helps you provide us with information about the devi

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

User Manual Harmony 895 Using Your Harmony Remote This section provides you with information that will help you use your remote. Using the Remote with the RF Wireless Extender The Harmony RF Wireless Extender allows you to use the Harmony remote to control devices that are out of view (e.g. they are inside a cabinet). Note: Update the RF Wireless Extender each time you make any changes to the configuration of your remote. The RF Wireless Extender has four dual-head IR (infrared) emitter

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

User Manual Harmony 895 Cabinet Adding the RF Wireless Extender to the Z-Wave Network Anytime you update the remote, you must add the RF Wireless Extender to your Z-Wave network again. To add the extender to your Z-Wave network: 1. Take your remote to the RF Wireless Extender you want to add. Make sure the extender is plugged into a power outlet. 2. Press Add on the remote when you see a message reminding you to add an RF Wireless Extender to your network. 3. Press Connect on the RF

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

User Manual Harmony 895 • The display and its backlight, and the keypad backlight remain on. Note: Press the GLOW button to turn the backlight off. • The battery level icon in the status bar flashes when the battery is still charging or will display a full battery level when charging is complete. When the battery is low, the display will flash a message to remind you to charge the battery. Using the Tilt Sensor Note: Whenever you pick up the remote from the base station, or replace it

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

User Manual Harmony 895 Viewing the Status and Navigation Bars The status bar provides users with important information such as: • A: Date and time ! To set the time-display format click Remote Preferences (from home in the Harmony software) and then click Settings. • B: Indicator if the USB is attached • C: Indicator when infrared (IR) commands are being sent to your devices • D: Battery indicator (battery’s power) • E: Activity you are in (if applicable) The navigation bar displays

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

User Manual Harmony 895 2. Answer the questions on the remote’s display by selecting Yes or No. If you answer no to any question, the Harmony remote will resend the necessary command and ask you the same question again. When you are done, the Harmony remote will be "in sync" with your devices again. Types of Help Available You can customize the Help button on your Harmony remote to provide one of the following types of help: • Smart help Asks questions about the devices that are on dur

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

User Manual Harmony 895 Example If you choose Television as the device, the number, volume and channel buttons will all control your television. Press DEVICE again to return to exit Device mode. Using System Options Press System Options on your Harmony remote to: • Set the time and date. • Turn the slide show on/off. • Temporarily turn the Remote Assistant on/off (available only if you selected the option under Remote Preferences on home in the Harmony software—see Using the Remote As

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

User Manual Harmony 895 Customizing Your Harmony Remote All customization of your Harmony remote is done from Home in the Harmony remote software: Use the Harmony remote software to: Troubleshoot • Click Troubleshoot when your Harmony remote isn’t controlling your system correctly. view Activities • Click Activities to add or delete Activities. • Click an Activity icon to change the specific settings (e.g. the name of an Activity) for an Activity. Example To have more than one Acti

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User Manual Harmony 895 Customizing the Display on the Harmony Remote This section provides information that will help you to customize the commands and options listed on the Harmony remote’s display. The Harmony remote comes with a set of defaults, which you can change to make the display look the way you want it to: • Select or add your own backgrounds for the display. • Add your icons for your favorite channels (you can upload your own icons up to a maximum of 160 KB (file size), and

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User Manual Harmony 895 Changing the Behavior of Buttons Within an Activity When you select an Activity, the Harmony remote will: • Turn on all the correct entertainment devices • Set the device inputs correctly • Set up the remote’s buttons to control the Activity Based on our knowledge of how each of your devices is controlled, the Harmony remote will make its best effort to match all the buttons you need to control an Activity. However, there may be some commands you want to add to

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User Manual Harmony 895 To add a custom-labeled button for an Activity: 1. From Home in the Harmony software, click Activities. 2. Click an Activity. 3. Select Change the Behavior of Buttons. 4. Under the Custom Button Label column, type the name for the button label you would like to appear on the display. 5. Select a command from the drop-down list in the appropriate device column, next to the name of the button you want to set. Custom-labeled buttons are displayed on the Harmony rem

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User Manual Harmony 895 Using the Infrared Sensor The Harmony remote has an infrared sensor at the end opposite to the USB connector. The Harmony remote uses this sensor to learn commands from original device remotes. • A: Your original remote • B: Distance between remotes: 5-10 cm (2"-5") apart • C: Your Harmony remote The following steps outline what happens when you press a button on your original remote control: 1. The infrared sensor on the Harmony remote learns the infrared sig

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User Manual Harmony 895 Getting Additional Help The Harmony remote provides you with several features to assist you with: • finding answers to your questions quickly and easily • troubleshooting the setup and customization process Finding Answers to Your Questions The help you find answers to your questions quickly and easily, consult any of the following tools: Feature Description Search A support tool that enables you to do a keyword search. FAQs (Frequently-Asked Questions) A searc

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