Associated Equipment 73-600 user manual

User manual for the device Associated Equipment 73-600

Device: Associated Equipment 73-600
Category: Air Cleaner
Manufacturer: Associated Equipment
Size: 1.17 MB
Added : 4/8/2013
Number of pages: 6
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

This powered
device is
by rotating
electrical macfrinery ll
Careless or improper
use may resuh in personal
Fead the Saiety
and wamings
contained within orlorto
operating this mac*rine.
A Ot:
Equlpment Corporation
5043 Fadin Avenue
SL Louis, MO 63115
FAX 314-3Bs-3254

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

READ AND SAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS. & CAUTIONS SAFETY.WARNINGS CAUTION: 1. FAILURE TO OBSERVE THE FOLIOW. (ArR FLOW BLOCKAGE) ING PRECAUTIONS COULD BESULT IN SE- this unil, Sinca €xhaust air loav€s $e end of RIOUS INJURY. INCLUDING DEATH IN EX. position unit should be obs€rvod not to caution CASES. SAVE THESE INSTRUC. TREME as to block the oxhausl in sucfi a way TtoNs. WARNING: CAUTIONS: MTSCELLANEOUS (EXPLOSTON HAZARD) parts Tils unll contalns whlctr can arc or sparl( not tscomm€nded Us

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

OPERATION THEORY OF OPERATION You. Produds macatno ls deC€n9d podablo p.o ACE Indu5tdol as a Thls unft ls I alr doanor ompby'ng or|€ th€tm8ly gno*e sourco ll ls lntondsd to ollrnlnato porformancs p.odudng capluao dovlco,1.o., locted, hlgh moto. very hht velodty por{crlate polnt par{culalo and ol orlgln, Ks€plog this h mlnd, at lhslr air fort/ through th€ unll Flno so{d matodal ond lho ma.filno oporatsd In lh€ lollowlng mannoc b€ should b6 smoko may romovod lrom t|o al th€ f[er m€dh. ry &

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTIONS Pull ltre paef,lters, cd3tor caaton.and th6 swtvol soal up hom lt|s hoso mom{ng baso to l. Remorro tho hozo nozdo co4/er lho b€twoon swiv€l baso and th€ lho hoso tl'.tvol. oap asnon t o{tr hsHe tt|o unll Latdl tho dooa dosod ard csro- Mt lay lho unh on hs slde. Z Assomblo the caste.s to tho undorsldo ol t|e unlt wih the (16) sbneen 1/4':20 hex head bolts, lod( vJsshe's and iaI wa5hors 9aovlfu. Moll.n tho Gwlvel caslors Ioward tho vac end uum of tho unil. Oag€ swvol

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

SCHEMATIC WIRING DIAGRAM MODEL#73-600 - SW ITCH OFF BLOWEB MOTOB RECEPTACLE (SEE PAGE O FOR EXPLODED VIEW) FEPLACEI'ENT PAFIS UST REPLACEITENT FILTEF LIST IIEII ]TEM NUMBEF DESCRIPTION NUMBEF NUMRER NUMFEF DESCFIMON MOTOR ....--._........ ...._.65024 MAIN FILTER (95% bag filter w/ frame) 91-993 4 POWEF S@KET ....-.........-..-............-........... 65025 POWEF SWITCH......-..................................... 65026 MAIN FILTER (95% w/o frame) bag filter 91-994 VACUUM GAUGE AFM ASSE

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

VIEW MODEL #73-600 EXPLODED €lel 9027-0378 Pago A ol6 Bd.

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