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User manual for the device Amtrol WELL-X1

Device: Amtrol WELL-X1
Category: Water System
Manufacturer: Amtrol
Size: 2.75 MB
Added : 9/21/2014
Number of pages: 16
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West Warwick, Rhode Island 02893
® ™

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

1. TABLE OF CONTENTS GENERAL SAFETY INFORMATION ........................................................... 2 COMPONENTS ........................................................................................... 3 INSTALLATION AND SIZING CONSIDERATIONS ..................................... 4 INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS........................................................... 5 PLUMBING .................................................................................................. 6 WIRING

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3. COMPONENTS ™ The Well-X1 combines all the standard well tank components in a single, easy to install package. The pressure tank, ™ control and tank fittings are factory-installed. After removing from the carton, inspect the Well-X1 for damage and ensure all components are present. COVER RELIEF VALVE CONDUIT HOLES MOUNTING KNOB AIR CHARGING VALVE PUMP & POWER WIRES WATER CONNECTIONS(2) PRESSURE SENSOR TUBING CONTROL MOUNTING BRACKET TANK TUBING PRESSURE TANK DRAIN 3

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

4. INSTALLATION AND SIZING CONSIDERATIONS ™ The Well-X1 functions like a traditional pressure switch by cycling the pump on and off. The factory pressure settings are 40 psi cut-in and 60 psi cut-out. The controller allows these settings to be adjusted to best suit the application. The ™ Well-X1 can operate in two primary modes: A. STANDARD OPERATION ™ Using a standard 20 psi differential, the Well-X1 can be sized according to the chart below. In this application, the sizing and performance

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

5. INSTALLATION CONSIDERATIONS LOCATION ™ The Well-X1 is designed for indoor and outdoor installations. The NEMA 3R enclosure can be installed in direct weather. If installed outdoors, be sure the following conditions are met: • Do not install where ambient temperatures can drop below freezing or exceed 120° F. ™ • Ensure a Tuf Kote model is selected (Example: WX1-302TK) for outdoor installations. This proprietary coating is specifically designed to withstand outdoor applications. • Use wate

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

6. PLUMBING 1. Plumbing connections are similar to a traditional "tank WATER cross" or "tank tee". Provisions are made for popular CONNECTIONS line sizes via a 1-1/4" NPT male outer thread and a 1" NPT female inner thread. The plumbing connections are not directional and allow flow from either side. When attaching valves or fittings, uses the wrench flats provided. EXPLOSION HAZARD. Failure to follow these instructions can cause a rupture or explosion possibly causing serious or fatal

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

4. Connect the water line from the well pump to the inlet ™ of the Well-X1 . FROM WELL 5. Plumb the outgoing supply to the building's water supply system or into the water treatment equipment (if present). TO SYSTEM 6. Install a blow down tube from the relief valve to a drain RELIEF or to within 6" of the floor as required by local codes. VALVE A drip pan connected to an adequate drain must be installed if leaking or flooding could cause property damage. BLOWDOWN TUBE 6” 7

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

7. WIRING 1. Shut off the circuit breaker for the well system. Loosen the top screw housing cover. Flip the cover forward and remove to expose the control wires. Electrocution hazard. For your safety, the information in this manual must be followed to minimize the risk of electric shock, property damage or personal injury. Properly ground to conform with all governing codes and ordinances. 2. The 12 gauge wire leads are pre-stripped and ready to accept standard wire nuts. Each wire is

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

8. STARTUP & ADJUSTMENT 1. After plumbing and wiring are complete, close the service valve to allow startup without pressurizing TO the entire plumbing system. If a service valve was not SYSTEM installed, close all fixtures in the home. Ensure the bottom drain is closed. CLOSE SERVICE VALVE FROM WELL ™ 2. Restore power to the Well-X1 by turning on the breaker and electrical service switch (if installed). The display will illuminate. DISPLAY 3. The display will read "88" to test the display

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

8. STARTUP & ADJUSTMENT (con't) 5.The factory cut-out (pump off) setting is 60 psig. When ™ the pump reaches 60 psig, the Well-X1 will shut the pump off. Check the plumbing for leaks and repair before continuing. If during startup the cut-out setting of 60 psig cannot be reached, read the adjustment instructions to lower the cut-out within the pump's capability. OPEN SERVICE VALVE 6. Slowly open the service valve to allow the system to TO PRESSURIZE SYSTEM pressurize. The pressure may dro

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

PRESSURE ADJUSTMENT ™ The Well-X1 utilizes a simple cut-in/cut-out adjustment. Before setting the desired operating range, refer to the chart below to ensure the Well-X1's Maximum Acceptance is not exceeded. Adjust the precharge as shown on page 12. CAUTION! Exceeding Maximum Acceptance will reduce tank life and cause irreparable damage. Step 1: Find the Maximum Acceptance for the installed Step 2: Ensure the desired operating range does not ™ Well-X1 model. exceed that model's Maximum Accepta

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

3. To adjust the cut-out, depress MODE once and the PRESS AGAIN display will read HI. Again, press thetor s buttons TO SET to raise or lower the setting. The same 10-55 psig CUT-OUT differential range applies. Maximum setting is 80 psig. 4. After adjusting the cut-in and cut-out, release the buttons. After a slight pause, Pr will be displayed, indicating the settings are saved in the event of a power outage. PRECHARGE ADJUSTMENT Whenever the cut-in (LO) setting is changed, the tank prec

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

9. PUMP PROTECTION AND DIAGNOSTICS ™ The Well-X1 continually monitors pressure, cycle time and voltage to protect the well pump. The following error codes alert the user to a potential problem, prompting service. E1: Rapid Cycle E2: Low Suction (low water cut-off) E3: Voltage Protection E5: Improper Wiring ™ WELL-X1 ERROR CODES When an error occurs, the display will flash a diagnostic code and emit an audible chirp. ERROR CODE POSSIBLE CAUSES AND CONTROL ACTION Multiple cycles below a safe runt

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

10. TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTION Alarm sounds 1. Error encountered 1. See Error Code section for possible causes. No water at fixtures 1. Error encountered 1. See Error Code section for possible causes. 2. No power 2. Check circuit breaker and wiring. 3. Water line obstructed 3. Ensure shut-off valves are open, check filtration equipment (if installed). 4. Faulty pump 4. Repair or replace as necessary. 5. Drain or relief valve open 5. Ensure valves are closed. 6. Leak in plum

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

11. REPLACEMENT PARTS 2 3 8 12 1 6 4 10 7 9 11 DESCRIPTION POSITION WX1-202 WX1-203 WX1-250 WX1-251 WX1-302 Replacement tank: Blue 1 144R273 146R825 145R379 145R380 150R92 Replacement tank: Tuf Kote™ 1 144R274 146R826 145R381 145R382 150R93 Electronic control (no cover) 2 146R2321 146R2321 146R2321 146R2321 146R2321 Control cover 3 146R2333 146R2333 146R2333 146R2333 146R2333 Mounting bracket 4 146R2336 146R2336 146R2336 146R2336 146R2336 Brass tee only (no accessories) 5 140R517 140R517 140R517

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

AMTROL INC. LIMITED PRODUCT WARRANTY Products covered: all Products manufactured by AMTROL Inc. (“AMTROL”). This warranty cannot be transferred – it is extended only to the original Purchaser or First User of the Product. By accepting and keeping this Product you agree to all of the warranty terms and limitations of liability described below. IMPORTANT WARNING – READ CAREFULLY THE INSTALLATION, OPERATING AND MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS MANUAL (“MANUAL”) to avoid serious personal injury and/or pr

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