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User manual for the device GE TBW25

Device: GE TBW25
Size: 3,30 MB
Date of adding : 2013-11-19 18:26:41
Number of pages: 16
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GE TBW25 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

ApplianceRegistration PowerSaverSwitch 5
BaseGrille 4 ProblemSolver 14,15
CareandCleaning 12,13 QuickServeSystem 7
Ene~Saving Tips QuickStore 8
RepairService 13
FoodSaverSystem 9
Safe~Instructions 3
c ‘Food StorageSuggestions 6,9
StorageTimes 6 Shelves 7,8
Icemaker 11 StorageDrawers 9.11
IcemakerAccessory Kit 12 Drawer&CoverRemoval 10
12 TemperatureControls 5
Vacation&MovingTips 13
installation 3,4
AdapterPlug 4 Warranty BackCover
WaterFilterAccessory 12
Adjustable ~ollers

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Helpw helpyou.*@ Ene~y-savi%tips Beforesendingintheregistration @ Locationofyourrefrigerator is card,pleasew~i~thesenumbers important,Avoidlocatingit next It isintendedtohelpyouoperate here: toyourrange,ahmtbgventorwhere andmaintainyournewrefrigerator thesunwillshinedirectlyonit. properly. Model Number @ Don’topenthedoorsmoreotin Keepit handyforanswerstoyour thannecessary, Serial Nqmber questions. @Close thedoorsassoonaspossible, Use these numbersinmy pti.icularlyinhot,humidweather. If youdon’tu

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

1 AnBefore makingallyrepairs, Note:WEstronglyrecommend thata~~y servicingbe perft~rmed bya qualifiedi~~dividual., B. Beforecleaning. C.Beforereplacinga burned-out lightb~~lb, tie refrigerato~ should beunplugged inordertoavoid contactwithalive wirefilament. (Aburned-outlightbulbmay breakwhenbeingreplacd.) Note:TurningcontroltoOFF positiondoesnotremovepower totie lightcircuit. opemtion9donot touchthecold SAWTHmE Sufiaees,pmtiedmly whenham me dmp orwet. Skinmay adhere INSTRUCTIONS totheseextremelyc

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

—.— Adjustableroliem,whichenable youtomovetherefrigerator away fromthewdl forcleaning,are locati nearthefrontcomersofthe refrigerator. Theserollersshould be setsoMattherefrigerator is fitiy positioned onthefloorand thefrontis raisedjustenoughMat thedoorsclose easilywhenopened abouthdfWay, .— I ‘“l “1I ‘“l”’ I Retigembrlwation Inshi! therefiigemtorona floor strongenough,to$Upprtit when GROUND it is tiny loaded. ECTION Toadjusttherollen, tumthe M notim~~ nf~igeratorwhere I F I L ! rolleradjustings

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

— —. Refrkemtir ____ Withtheheaterturnedoff,there use$be ice Crem tgstfor the _— _– fr-rCompsrtmente place a isa chancethatmoisturemayform == Yourrefrigerator hastwocontrols containeroficecreaminthecenter ontheoutsideofyourrefrigerator, — —. ~~at letyouregulatethetemperature — ofthefreezercompartment. Check especiallywhentheweatheris _— inthefreshfd andfreezer ___ h~mid,Thahurni~ity ismostlik~i~ itafiera day,If it’stoohardortoo —. compartments. — sofi,adjustthetemperature controls, tobehighinthe

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

___ FoodStowe Swestiom Tostorecheese,wrapwellwith waxpaperor aluminum foil,or put wrapwellin fr;ezer-wei.ght foil~6r in aplasticbag, otherheavy-duty wrapping material) formingit carefullytotheshapeof @ Carefullywraptoexpelairand thecantenh,Thisexpelsair,Fold helppreventmold, andcrimpendsofthepachge to . @ Storepre-packaged cheesein its -. providea good,lastingseal. FreshMeals ownwrappingif yauwish, Roasts (Hdef&Lamb).,,,.,. 3to5 6to 12 Don’trefre~zeN]eat thathas Roasls(Pork&Wal),,,,,,.. 3105 4t0

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

QtickserveTM sy*m your shelves Adjustable Ports-Bins onfreshfood andfreezercompartment doorscan mtiy becarriedfromtie refrigerator — totheworkar~a, — — Shelvesintie freshfoodandfre=er —: - —.-- compartments areadjustable, CooMng-serving-storage dishes enablingyoutomakeefficientshelf withsealable,durablelidsfitintoa arrangements tofityourhtiy’~ W space-saving under-the-shelf rack, storageneeds.Steelshelvesinthe Dishescanberemovedfroma~d -r comment in somemodels returnedtotherackasneeded,and aread

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

,-.. ..- ShelfPositiom (continued) QuickSbm Bin Toavoiddamaging therefrigerator, wo”PositionShelf in (onmodels soequipped) makesurethebinisclosedand II I latchedbeforeclosingthe (on models soequippd) refriger~tor door, — Theshelfinthe&r compartment canbe relocatedforextrastorage flexibility, ~ remov~the bin, liftit upand outofthebinhousing. Thisremovable tilt-outbinmadeof Torelocatetheshelf,liftoneside Lexan@ polycarbonate resincanbe andmoveit sideways tofreethe locatedonthe,freshfoodor freezer

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

GE Food-Saver Svstem _- E — ~~ —- - — —- — — - _— -w fruit &V~ehble Dmwem —.. —- Thestorage drawersatthebottom ~s refrigerated drawer isdesignd oftie freshfoodcompartmentare to keepunwrappedfoodsfreshby Thesedrawem haveindividud, designedtoprovidehighhumidity retaining thenatud mois~recontent levelsrequiredbymostvegetables adjustable humidity controls thatlet offoodssuchas: andlowerhumiditylevelsrequired you regulahtheamountofcoldair *A~~ChO~es ~Cherries @Plums enfiringtie drawers. formostfruits

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Drawersatthebottomofthefresh foodcompartment wiIlstopb~fore comingdi thewayoutofthe refrigerator, tohelpprevent cOntents fromspillingontofloor. Thesedrawerscanberemoved easilybygmspingthesidesand 2. Putthedrawerslidesbackon liftingupslightiywhilepulling thefral~le, Theslopedendsmust drawerspastthe “stop”location. be at.thefront. ~ removedmwersandtheircover whenthefreshfoodcompment 3. Reachin, pushthefrontofthe doorcannotbeoWnedfilly, follow glasscoverupand,at thesame theprocedurethatapplies10you

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

) Iceservice ..-: —. .-4 Icernaking willcontinueuntilthe Automatic Icemaker feeleram sensesa sufficient (onn~odels soequipped) accumulation oficecubesinthe Youricemakerwill produc~eight storagebinandhaltstheoperation cubes per cycie—approximately temporarily. Formaximumice 100cubesina 24-hourperiod, storage,levelthestoredcubeswith depending onfreezercompartment yot4r handoccasionally. Besure temperature, roomtemperature, nothinginterfereswiththeswingof numberofdooropenings andother thefeelerarm.

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Accessories care andCieatiw Autimatic Icemaker -. &cessoryHt The doorhandlesand trim canbe (optionnl atextracost) cleanedwitha clothdampened with If ice is used infrequently,old a soludonofrnildliquiddishwashing cubeswi~l becomecloudyandtaste AGE automatic icemakerwill detergentandwater,Drywitha soft stale.Emptyice storagebin replacetheiceyouUS6, ,. cloth.Don’twaxhandlesortrim. periodically andwashit in automatically. It cankeep you Iukewamwater, suppliedwithabinfulofcubes— =epthe finishclean. W

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

If YouNeedSewice Tohelp preventodors,leavean Toobtainservice,seeyourwarranty onthebackpageofthisbook. openboxofb~g sodain tie rear oftherefrigerator, onthotopshelf. We’reproudofoursewiceand Changetheboxeverythreemonths. wantyoutobepleased.If forsome Anopenboxofbakingsodainthe reasonyouarenothappywiththe f~zer willabsorbstalefreezer s%rvice youreeeive,herearethree odors. stepstofollowforfurtherhelp, FIRST,contactthepeoplewho servicedyourappliance. Explain AtiglItbulbandswketarelwati at whyyouaren

Summary of the content on the page No. 14


Summary of the content on the page No. 15

POSSIBLECAUSEAND mMEDY @ Norrndairflowcoolingmotor.k therefrigeration process,itis norm~thatheatbe expelledin theareaundertherefrigerator, Somefloorcoverings willdiscoloratthese normalandsafeoperatingtompera~res,Yourflooroovering suppliershouldbe consultedif youobjectto-thisdiscoloration, FRESHFOOD ORFREEZER COMPARTMENT TEMPERATURE ~0 WARM FROSTORICE CRYSTALS ON FROZEN FOOD AU~MATIC ICEMA~R DOESN~ WOW (onmodelssoequippec SLOWICECUBE FREEZING ICECUBESHAVE ODOR/TASTE I MOISTUREFORMS ONCABWET SU~AC

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

YOURGEREFRIGERATOR WARRANTY Save proof of original purchase datesuch as your salesslip or canceiledcheck to establishwarrantyperiod. WHATIs COVERED FULL ONEYEAR WARRANTY Foroneyear from daf~ of original Forfiveyearsfrom date of original purchase, we will provid~,free of purchase, we will provide, free of charge, parts and service labor charge, parts and s~rvice labor in in your hometo repairorreplace your hometo repairor r~placeany anypati af the refrigerator that pan of the S@al@d refrigerating

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