Pioneer DEH-P4050UB user manual

User manual for the device Pioneer DEH-P4050UB

Device: Pioneer DEH-P4050UB
Size: 1,89 MB
Date of adding : 2013-11-16 13:51:34
Number of pages: 167
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Pioneer DEH-P4050UB user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

English Español Português (B)

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Contents ThankyouforbuyingthisPioneerproduct. Pleasereadthroughtheseoperatinginstructionssoyouwillknowhowtooperate yourmodelproperly. After you have finished reading the instructions, keep this man- ual in a safe place for future reference. – Playingtracksinrandomorder 15 BeforeYouStart – Scanningfoldersandtracks 15 Aboutthisunit 5 – Pausingplayback 15 Visitour website 6 – UsingSoundRetriever 16 Protectingyourunitfromtheft 6 – Usingdisctitlefunctions 16 – Removingthefrontpanel 6 PlayingsongsonUS

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

English Contents – Adjustingsubwoofersettings 24 Availableaccessories Usingthehighpassfilter 25 PlayingsongsoniPod 32 Boostingthebass 25 – Basicoperation 32 Adjustingsourcelevels 25 – Displayingtextinformationon iPod 32 InitialSettings – Browsingforasong 32 Adjustinginitialsettings 26 – Functionandoperation 32 Settingtheclock 26 – Playingsongsinarandomorder SettingtheFMtuningstep 26 (shuffle) 33 SettingtheAMtuningstep 26 BluetoothAudio 33 Switchingthewarningtone 27 – BasicOperations 33 Switching

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Contents – Clearingmemory 40 – Settingautomaticrejecting 41 – Settingautomaticanswering 41 – Switchingtheringtone 41 – Echocancelingandnoise reduction 41 Multi-CDPlayer 41 – BasicOperations 41 – UsingCDTEXTfunctions 41 – Introductionofadvanced operations 41 – Usingcompressionandbass emphasis 42 – UsingITSplaylists 43 – Usingdisctitlefunctions 44 TVtuner 44 – BasicOperations 44 – Storingandrecallingbroadcast stations 45 – Storingthestrongestbroadcast stationssequentially 45 AdditionalInformation

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

English Section BeforeYouStart 01 tentdistributionsystems,suchaspay-audioor Aboutthisunit audio-on-demandapplications.Anindepen- dentlicenseforsuchuseisrequired.Forde- tails,pleasevisit AboutAAC CAUTION ThisunitplaysbackAACfilesencodedby ! Donotallowthisunittocomeintocontact ® iTunes . withliquids.Electricalshockcouldresult. iTunesisaregisteredtrademarkofAppleInc. Also,damagetothisunit,smoke,andover- heatingcouldresultfromcontactwithliquids. Portableaudioplayercompat

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Section 01 BeforeYouStart 2 Grabthefrontpanelandremove. CAUTION ! Pioneeracceptsnoresponsibilityfordatalost ontheUSBportableaudioplayer/USBmem- oryevenifthatdataislostwhileusingthis unit. ! Pioneeracceptsnoresponsibilityfordatalost 3 Putthefrontpanelintotheprovided ontheiPodevenif thatdataislostwhile protectivecaseforsafekeeping. usingthisunit. Attachingthefrontpanel Visitourwebsite 1 Slidethefrontpaneltotheleftuntilit Visitusatthefollowingsite: clicks. Front

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

English Section BeforeYouStart 01 ! Removethebatteryif theremotecontrolisnot Aboutthedemomode usedforamonthorlonger. Thisunitfeaturesthefeaturedemomode. ! Thereisadangerofexplosionifthebatteryis incorrectlyreplaced.Replaceonlywiththe Important sameorequivalenttype. ! Donothandlethebatterywithmetallictools. Theredlead(ACC)ofthisunitshouldbecon- ! Donotstorethebatterywithmetallicobjects. nectedtoaterminalcoupledwithignitionswitch ! Ifthebatteryleaks,wipetheremotecontrol on/offoperations.Ifthisisno

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Section 02 Operatingthisunit                 6 EJECTbutton What’sWhat Presstoejectadisc. 7 CLOCKbutton Headunit Presstochangetotheclockdisplay. 1 LISTbutton Presstodisplaythedisctitlelist,tracktitle 8 SW/BASSbutton list,folderlist,filelistorpresetchannellist Presstoswitchtosubwoofersettingmenu. dependingonthesource. Whenoperatingsubwoofermenu,pressto switchsetting. 2 SOURCE/OFFbutton Pressandholdtoswitchtobassboost Thisunitisturnedonbyselectingasource. menu.Whenoperati

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 j ebutton  Presstoturnpauseonoroff. k FUNCTIONbutton Presstoselectfunctions. l LIST/ENTERbutton      Presstodisplaythedisctitlelist,tracktitle    list,folderlist,filelistorpresetchannellist dependingonthesource. Whileintheoperatingmenu,presstocon- WhileusingiPod,pressthisbuttontoshuf- trolfunctions. flealltracks. PressandholdtoturniPodremotefunction onoroff whileusinganiPodconnected Displayindication USBconnectorof thisunit. 1 Maindisplaysect

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Section 02 Operatingthisunit Appearswhenalbumsearchrefinementon BasicOperations iPodbrowsingfunctionisoperated. PowerON/OFF 8 (song)indicator Turningtheuniton Appearswhenthetrack(song)nameisdis- playedonthemaindisplaysection. % PressSOURCEtoturntheuniton. Appearswhensongsearchrefinementon iPodbrowsingfunctionisoperated. Turningtheunitoff 9 (subwoofer)indicator % PressOFFandholduntiltheunitturns Appearswhensubwooferison. off. a LOCindicator Selectingasource Appearswhenlocalseektuningison. Youcans

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 ! Chargingtheportableaudioplayerusing Tuner car’sDCpowersourcewhileconnectingitto BasicOperations AUXinputmaygeneratenoise.Inthiscase, stopcharging. Important ! ExternalunitreferstoaPioneerproduct(such IfyouareusingthisunitinNorth,Centralor asonesavailableinthefuture)that,although SouthAmerica,resettheAMtuningstep(see incompatibleasasource,enablescontrolof Setting the AM tuningsteponpage26). basicfunctionswiththisunit.Twoexternal unitscanbecontrolledwiththisu

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Section 02 Operatingthisunit # Youcanalsochangethestationbypushing Tuninginstrongsignals MULTI-CONTROLupordown. Localseektuningletsyoutuneinonlythose # Toreturntotheordinarydisplay,pressBAND radiostationswithsufficientlystrongsignals orLIST. forgoodreception. # Ifyoudonotoperatethelistwithinabout30 seconds,thedisplayautomaticallyreturnstothe % PressLOCALrepeatedlytoselectthe ordinarydisplay. desiredsetting. FM:OFF—LEVEL1—LEVEL2—LEVEL3— LEVEL4 Introductionofadvanced AM:OFF—LEVEL1—LEVEL2 operation

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 % Switchbetweencompressedaudioand Built-inCDPlayer CD-DA BasicOperations PressBAND. # Thisoperationisavailableonlywhenplaying Thebuilt-inCDplayercanplaybackaudioCD CD-EXTRAorMIXED-MODECDs. (CD-DA)andcompressedaudio(WMA/MP3/ # Ifyouhaveswitchedbetweencompressed AAC/WAV)recordedonCD-ROM.(Referto audioandCD-DA,playbackstartsatthefirst page51for filesthatcanbeplayedback.) trackonthedisc. Readtheprecautionsfordiscsandplayeron page47. Notes % Insertadiscintothedisc

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Section 02 Operatingthisunit ForWMA/MP3/AACdiscs 2 UseMULTI-CONTROLtoselectthede- Playtime—foldername—filename—track siredtracktitle. title—artistname—albumtitle—comment— Turntochangethetracktitle.Presstoplay. bitrate # Youcanalsochangethetracktitlebypushing ForWAVdiscs MULTI-CONTROLupordown. Playtime—foldername—filename—sam- # Youcanalsoplaythetrackbypushing plingfrequency MULTI-CONTROLright. # Toreturntotheordinarydisplay,pressBAND orLIST. Notes # Ifyoudonotoperatethelistwithinabout30 ! Youcan

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 # WhenFOLDER(folderrepeat)isselected,itis Introductionofadvanced notpossibletoplaybackasubfolderofthat operations folder. 1 PressMULTI-CONTROLtodisplaythe mainmenu. Note Youcanalsoperformthisoperationinthemenu 2 UseMULTI-CONTROLtoselect FUNCTION. thatappearsbyusingMULTI-CONTROL. Turntochangethemenuoption.Presstose- lect. Playingtracksinrandomorder 3 TurnMULTI-CONTROLtoselectthe Tracksinaselectedrepeatrangeareplayedin function. randomorder. REPEAT(repeatplay)—

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Section 02 Operatingthisunit 6 Afterenteringthetitle,pressandhold Note MULTI-CONTROLtostoreitinmemory. Youcanalsoturnthisfunctiononoroffinthe menuthatappearsbyusingMULTI-CONTROL. Notes ! Titlesremaininmemory,evenafterthediscis UsingSoundRetriever removedfromtheunit,andarerecalledwhen thediscisreinserted. SoundRetriever functionautomaticallyen- ! Afterdatafor48discsarestoredinthemem- hancescompressedaudioandrestoresrich ory,dataforanewdiscoverwritestheoldest sound. one. % PressS.Rtrvrepeatedlytos

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 Displayingtextinformationof PlayingsongsonUSBportable anaudiofile audioplayer/USBmemory % PressDISPtoselectthedesiredtextin- For details about the supported device, refer to formation. Portable audio player compatibility on page 5. ForWMA/MP3/AACdiscs Playtime—foldername—filename—track BasicOperations title—artistname—albumtitle—comment— bitrate % Selectafolder ForWAVdiscs PushMULTI-CONTROLupordown. Playtime—foldername—filename—sam- % Fastforwardorreverse pli

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Section 02 Operatingthisunit ! Ifyouperformtracksearchor fastforward/re- 3 TurnMULTI-CONTROLtoselectthe function. verseduringTRACK,therepeatplayrange changestoFOLDER. REPEAT(repeatplay)—RANDOM(random play)—SCAN(scanplay)—PAUSE(pause)— ! WhenFOLDERisselected,itisnotpossibleto playbackasubfolderofthatfolder. SOUNDRETRIEVER(advancedsoundretrie- ver) ! After fileor folderscanningisfinished,nor- malplaybackofthefilesbeginsagain. Functionandoperation REPEAT,RANDOM,SCAN,PAUSEand SOUNDRETRIEVERoperation

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

English Section Operatingthisunit 02 2 UseMULTI-CONTROLtoselectacate- PlayingsongsoniPod gory. For details about the supported iPod, refer to Turntochangethecategory;presstoselect. ® iPod compatibility on page 5. PLAYLISTS(playlists)—ARTISTS(artists)— ALBUMS(albums)—SONGS(songs)— PODCASTS(podcasts)—GENRES(genres)— BasicOperations COMPOSERS(composers)—AUDIOBOOKS % Fastforwardorreverse (audiobooks) PushandholdMULTI-CONTROLleftorright Listfortheselectedcategoryisdisplayed. foraboutonesecondandrelea

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

Section 02 Operatingthisunit Notes Functionname Operation Referto Selecting a repeat play ! Youcanscrollthetextinformationtotheleft rangeonpage15. bypressingandholdingDISP. However,therepeatplay ! WhenEverScrollissettoONattheinitialset- rangesyoucanselectaredif- ting,textinformationscrollscontinuouslyin ferentfromthatof thebuilt-in thedisplay.Referto Switching the Ever Scroll CDplayer.Therepeatplay REPEAT rangesof theiPodare: onpage28. ! ONE –Repeatthecurrent song ! ALL –Repeatallsongs in Introd

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