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Device: Zanussi 110723
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Zanussi 110723 user manual
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Chilling means bringing the temperature of
cooked food from +90ºC to +3°C in a short
time lap to minimize bacteria proliferation and
avoid loss of food consistency and texture.
The ZANUSSI easyChill Blast
Chillers/Freezers reduce temperature to
+3°C at food core in less than 90 minutes
and down to -18°C in less than four hours.
After the Blast Chilling a holding cycle starts
automatically to respectively maintain food at
+3°C and -18°C. Blast freezed food has a

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ACTIVE BLAST CHILLER / FREEZERS 56 KG - 20 GN 1/1 � The control unit provides several temperature, holding temperature, � Hot gas defrosting system. operating settings: time/core HACCP accordance. � Thermostatic expansion valve to temperature according to NF and UK � An audible alarm starts when the optimize the cooling unit efficiency. regulations, time/air cycle ends or terminates abnormally. � Adjustable feet 150 mm high. temperature/probe personalised � Chilling times can vary according

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

ACTIVE BLAST CHILLER / FREEZERS 56 KG - 20 GN 1/1 110723 LEGEND BCF64A 110723 EI - Electrical connection 400 V, 3N, 50 ZANUSSI P R O F E S S I O N A L DCB03 2009-09-23 The Company reserves the right to alter technical specifications without prior notice.

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