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Device: Zanussi ZCR135R
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Zanussi ZCR135R user manual
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GB ImportantSafetyInstructions Thesewarningsareprovidedintheinterestsofyoursafety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using the appliance. Your safety isof paramount importance. If you are insure about any of the meaningsor warningscontact the Customer Care Department. Keep the instruction booklet. It will come in handy if you later sell the cabinet or give it tosomebody else. containers with flammablematerials, such as PriortoInstallation spray cans, fireextinguisherrefill

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Contents GB External Cleaning .......................... 8 Instructionsfortheuser Defrosting the fridge ........................ 8 To Change the Light Bulb .................... 8 ImportantSafetyInstructions .......2 When the appliance isnot in use............... 8 Contents ..........................3 SomethingNotWorking ............8 DescriptionoftheAppliance........4 ServiceandSpareParts ............9 Control Panel .............................. 4 CustomerCareDepartment .........11 Use ........

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DescriptionoftheAppliance GB 5 ModelZCR135R 1 1. Wireshelf 2. Bottleshelf 1 4 3. Vegetabledrawer 7 4. Eggtray 5. Dairy compartment+ 1 butter box 6. Ventilationgrille 1 7. Door shelf 7 1 1 7 3 3 3 2 6 ControlPanel A B A. Greenindicatorlight B. Thermostatcontrol Lights when thefridgeis operating. Usetoswitchonandsetthedesiredtemperaturein thefridge. Use GB Operation This applianceis designed to operatein ambient This applianceis designed fordo- temperatures (surronding airtemperature)between mesti

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Beforeuse ·Check that the drain hose at the rear of the cabinet discharges into thedrip tray. ·Removeall securing tapes. ·Wash theinsideoftheappliancewith lukewarm waterwith alittlebicarbonateofsodaadded (5ml to 0,5 litreofwater). Do not usesoap ordetergent as thesmell may linger. Dry theappliancethoroughly. Do not usedetergents, abrasivepowders, highly perfumed cleaning products, wax, polishes orproducts containing alcohol. ·Before inserting the power plug into the outlet and switching on the c

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Measuringthetemperature Ifthetemperatureis measured using astandard, singlethermometer, this should beput in aglass of water centrally placed inside the cabinet. This will reflect thetemperatureinsidethefood products. Do not placethethermometerhanging orlying directly on theshelf. · Distributefoodstuffs to allowcold airto circulatefreely between theproducts. · Do not placefood products directly against the cooling plateon therearwall sincethey may freeze in this case. · Also neverput warm produc

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

HintsandTips GB air to circulatearound each item. NormalOperatingSounds · Do not storefood uncovered. · You may hearfaint gurgling orbubbling sounds Removesuspect food from you refrigeratorand when therefrigerant is pumped through thecoils clean, refer to cleaning and maintenance. ortubing at therear, to thecooling plate/evaporator. EnergySavingAdvice · When thecompressoris on, therefrigerant is · Do not install the cabinet close to sources of heat being pumped round, and you will heara such as

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Discconnect theappliancefrom electricity supply. Clean out thedrip channel insidethefridge at regularintervals and ensurethat thedrip channel is clearat all times. If blocked carefully clearusing a piece of flexible curtain wire inserted into the drain outlet to remove the blockage. ExternalCleaning Wash the outer cabinet with warm soapy water. Removetheventilation grille(seethesection "Removing theventilation grille")and vacuum-clean underthecabinet. Onceortwiceayeardust the condenser(black gri

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SomethingNotWorking Beforecontacting yourlocal ServiceForceCentrecheck thefollowing points: Symptom Solution Thetemperatureistoohighinsidethe Set alowertemperature. refrigerator. Put food products in theright placeinsidetherefrigerator. See thechapter"Temperatureinsidetherefrigerator". Distributethefood products to allowcold airto circulate around them. Makesurethat thedooris completely closed and that the insulating strip is completeand clean. Itistoocoldinsidetherefrigerator. Set ahighertemper

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

GB ServiceandSpareParts In theevent ofyourappliancerequiring service, or ifyou wish to purchasespareparts pleasecontact your local Zanussi ServiceForceCentreby telephoning: 08705929929 Yourtephonecall beautomatically routed theServiceForceCentrecovering yourpost codearea. Theaddress arelisted on thefollowing pages. Beforecalling out an engineer, pleaseensureyou haveread thedetails undertheheading "Something Not Working". When you contact theServiceForceCentreyou will need to givethefollowing det

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

ZanussiServiceForce TocontactyourlocalZanussiServiceCentertelephone08705929929 NORWICH 2bTrafalgar Street MIDLANDS LONDON & EASTANGLIA (M52) Norwich BIRMINGHAM 66BirchRoadEast, BECKENHAM 11AGardener Ind NR13HN (M18) Wyrley RoadInd (M79) Estate Estate KentHouseLane Witton Beckenham BirminghamB66DB KentBR31QZ BOURNE ManningRoadInd CHELMSFORD Hanbury Road SUNBURY Unit1a (M44) Estate (M47) WidfordIndEstate (M63) TheSummit PinfoldRoad Chelmsford HanworthRoad BournePE109HT Essex CM123AE HanworthIndEst

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

ZanussiServiceForce TocontactyourlocalZanussiServiceCentertelephone08705929929 KELSO 2-8WoodMarket CHANNEL NORTHEAST (M08) Kelso Guernsey Electricity Borders TD57AX GATESHEAD Unit356a ISLAND PO Box 4 (M39) Dukesway Court GUERNSEY Vale,Guernsey Dukesway ChannelIslands TeamValley GatesheadNE110BH JERSEY Jersey Electricity ORKNEY CorsieDomestics GRIMSBY 15HaintonAvenue Company (M65) 7KingStreet (M42) Grimsby PO Box 45 Kirkwall SouthHumberside Queens Road Orkney KW15 DN329AS St Helier Jersey Channel

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GB GuaranteeConditions StandardGuaranteeConditions We, undertakethat ifwithin 12 months ofthedateofthepurchasethis applianceorany part thereofis proved to bedefectiveby reason only offaulty workmanship ormaterials, wewill, at ouroption repairorreplacethe sameFREE OF CHARGE forlabour, materials orcarriageon condition that: · Theappliancehas been correctly installed and used only on theelectrical supply stated on therating plate. · The appliance has been used for normal domestic purposes only, and

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Technicalspecification GB model ZCR135R net volume 379 l * This figureis based on standard test resultd to the width 595 mm European Standard EN153. Actual consumption will height 1800 mm depend on howtheapplianceis used and whereit is located. depth 600 mm energy consumption 248 kwh/year energy class B rated power 110 W weight 68 kg number of compressors 1 GB Installation Unpacking Unpack thecabinet and check that it is in good condition and freeofany transport damage. Notify thedealerimmediate

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Installingthecabinet To obtain the best performance from the cabinet, ensure: · the cabinet is placed in a dry, cool place and is not exposed to direct sunlight. · the cabinet is not placed close to a source of heat, e.g. acookerordishwasher. · theroom in which thecabinet is placed has atemperatureof+10Cto+32C. · thecabinet is level.Thecabinet should not lean against any wall. If necessary adjust the feet using thesupplied adjustment spanner. · thereis good aircirculation around thecabinet and

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

DoorReversal 1 1. Closethecabinet and pull out theplug from the electrical outlet. 2 2. Removetheventilation grille. Thereis apart on thegrillethat can beremoved. Removeit and transferto theoppositeside. 3 3. Support thecabinet on awooden block when it is laid down. It will beeasierto grip underthecabinet when resupporting to an upright positon. 4. On theupperpart ofthecabinet. Put thehingepin 4 on theotherside. 5. On thelower part of thecabinet. Unscrew the hinge. Movethehingepin and plasticcov

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

Summary of the content on the page No. 19

Summary of the content on the page No. 20

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