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Device: Zanussi ZU 8124
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Zanussi ZU 8124 user manual
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ZU 8124

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Dear customer, Before placing your new refrigerator/freezer into operation please read these operating instruc- tions carefully. They contain important informa- tion for safe use, for installation and for care of the appliance. Please keep these operating instructions for future reference. Pass them on to possible new owners of the appliance. Notes which are important for your safety 1 or for the proper functioning of the appliance are stressed with a warning tri- angle and/or with signal

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Content Important Safety Instructions 4 Maintenance and Cleaning 11 Internal Ceaning 11 Environmental Information 5 External Cleaning 11 Packaging 5 Replace light bulb 12 Old Appliances 5 Something not Working 12 Before Use 5 Service and Spare Parts 13 Packaging 5 Installation 6 Customer Care Department 13 Installation Location 6 Technical Terminology 14 Installation 6 Regulations, Standards, Electrical Connection 7 Guidelines 14 Description of the appliance 7 Peace of mind for View of the app

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1 Important Safety Instructions These warnings are provided in the interests of your safety. Ensure that you understand them all before installing or using this appliance. Your safety is of paramount importance. If you are unsure about any of the meanings or these warnings contact the Customer Care Department. Prior to Installation • There is a risk of suffocation! Keep packaging material away from children! • Check the refrigerator for transport damage. Under no circumstances should a damag

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Environmental Information Packaging Old Appliances All transit packaging materials are environmen- When disposing of your old appliance: tally compatible and can be reused. Wood is un- Make the appliance unusable by cutting off the treated. The plastics can be recycled and are cable and remove any door catches to ensure identified as follows: small children cannot be trapped inside. >PE< for polyethylene, e.g. the outer covering Help to keep your country tidy - use an authori- and the bags i

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Installation Installation Location The appliance should be installed in a well venti- lated, dry room. Energy use is affected by the ambient tempera- ture. The appliance should therefore – not be exposed to direct sunlight; – not be installed next to radiators, cookers or other sources of heat; – only be installed at a location whose ambi- ent temperature corresponds to the cli- mate classification, for which the appliance is designed. Climate for an ambient The climate classification can be

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Electrical Connection Any electrical work required to install this 1. The wire coloured green and yellow must be appliance should be carried out by a qualified connected to the terminal marked with the let- electrician or competent person. ter „E“ or by the earth symbol or coloured green and yellow. 2. The wire coloured blue must be connected to WARNING – THIS APPLIANCE MUST 1 the terminal „N“ or coloured black. BE EARTHED 3. The wire coloured brown must be connected The manufacturer decl

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Prior to Initial Start–Up 0 Please clean the appliance interior and all accessories prior to initial start-up (see section: “Before Use”). Initial Use Important! Only use the appliance when The following effects are of significance in correctly installed! respect of the interior temperature: – Ambient temperature; 0 Plug the mains plug into the mains socket. – Quantity and temperature of the food When the door is opened the interior stored; lighting comes on. – Frequency with which the do

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

Reason: when the ambient temperature is high, section). The result is the build up of a thick layer the compressor must run continuously to main- of frost on the fridge rear wall. tain the low temperature in the appliance. The If this happens, turn the temperature regulator fridge will not be able to defrost since automatic back to a warmer setting. At this setting the com- defrosting of the fridge is only possible when the pressor will be switched on and off as usual and compressor is not r

Summary of the content on the page No. 10

Preparation of Ice Cubes 0 Fill the ice cube tray 3/4 full with cold Important! Never try to free an ice tray that is water, place it in the freezer compartment frozen to the freezer compartment using pointed and leave to freeze. or sharp edged objects. Use a spoon handle or 0 To loosen the frozen cubes, either bend similar. the ice cube tray or hold it under running water for a few seconds. Defrosting your Appliance Fridge The fridge defrosts automatically. The defrost water is collected i

Summary of the content on the page No. 11

Hints and Tips • Do not push food together too much, try to Normal Operating Sounds allow air to circulate around each item. • You may hear faint gurgling or bubbling sounds when the refrigerant is pumped through the coils or tubing at the rear, to 2 Energy Saving Advice the cooling plate/evaporator. • When the compressor is on, the refrigerant • Do not install the appliance close to is being pumped round and you will hear a sources of heat, such as a cooker, dishwa- whirring sound or puls

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

Replace light bulb Warning! There is a risk of electric 1 shocks! Before changing the light bulb, switch off the appliance and unplug it, or pull the fuse or the circuit breaker. Light bulb data: 220-240 V, max. 15 W, fitting: E 14 0 To switch off the appliance, turn the tempe- rature regulator to position "0". 0 Unplug the mains plug. 0 To change the light bulb, undo the cross head screw and remove the light bulb cover downwards. 0 Change the defective light bulb. 0 Refit the light bul

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Sympton Solution If the door seal is not airtight (probably after chan- ging over the door hinges) apply warm air to the non sealing area using a hair dryer set to a gentle Excessive build up of frost. heat. (do not use a fan heater for this purpose). This will make the rubber more supple and allow it to revert to its original shape. Noise Refer to Normal Operating Sounds The compressor does not start immediately after This is normal, the compressor starts after a changing the temperature s

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

Technical Terminology • Refrigerant • Compressor Liquids that can be used to a generate a The compressor looks like a small drum. It cooling effect are known as refrigerants. is driven by a built-in electric motor and is They have a relatively low boiling-point, mounted on the base of the appliance at indeed so low, that the warmth from the the rear. The task of the compressor is to food stored in the fridge or freezer can draw in vaporised refrigerant from the eva- cause the refrigerant to

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

Peace of mind for twenty four month Standard guarantee conditions We, Zanussi Limited, undertake that if within 24 month of the date of the purchase this Zanussi appliance or any part thereof is proved to be defective by reason only of faulty workmanship or materials, we will, at our option repair or replace the same FREE OF CHARGE for labour, materials or carriage on condition that: • The appliance has been correctly installed and used only on the electricity supply stated on the rating pla

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