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Avalon Stoves 99200149 user manual
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Abstracts of contents
Summary of the content on the page No. 1

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert
Compatibility Packing List
• ZC Can Rear Panel
• Astoria Bay Pellet Insert
• ZC Can Top/Side Panel
• Yankee Bay Pellet Insert
• ZC Can Rear Vent Shield
• (26) # 8 x 3/8” Type A Screws
This kit allows an installer to build the above pellet heaters into the framing of a home.
Installation Overview
The minimum framing dimensions and clearances listed in this instruction sheet must be maintained.
Failure to follow all of the instructions in this instr

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Vent Requirements • Must be 4" diameter Type "L" (except for masonry fireplace installations) - or - connect the vent to a factory built type "A" chimney. All vent joints (including adapters, elbows, etc…) must be sealed with 500° F. RTV silicone. • Pellet vent must maintain a minimum 3" clearance to any combustible (install vent at clearances specified by the vent manufacturer). • Do not connect the pellet vent to a vent serving any other appliance or st

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Vent Termination Requirements (See the illustration below) • Must have an approved cap (to prevent water from entering) or a 45° downturn. • If the termination is located on a windy side of the house, an approved house shield is recommended to prevent soot from building up on the side of the house. • Must not be located where it will become plugged by snow or other material. • Horizontal terminations must protrude 12" from the wall, vertical terminations r

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Minimum Enclosure Dimensions Min. Max. Recommended Height* 29” 31” ** 30” Width 36” 43” ** 40” Depth*** 18” 22” **** 20” * The enclosure height must be raised the same amount as the floor protection (e.g. if you are using 1” floor protection, the min. height is 30” above the sub-floor). ** The maximum height is determined by the surround panel size (the surround panels are 32” tall). *** When determining depth, include the facing material (drywall, tile, e

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Minimum Floor Protection • The insert must be placed on a non-combustible floor protector (cement board, sheet metal, etc.) a minimum .018” thick (26 gauge). This floor protection must extend the full width and depth of the enclosure and must protrude 6” in front of the door opening (18” from the enclosure opening) and the full width of the surround panels (45” min. width). • HEARTH NOTE: If you wish to install a hearth greater than 1/2” thick, you will ne

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Top of ZC Can ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) ZC Can Construction Construct the zc can as shown below. WARNING: The sheet metal edges are sharp. Use gloves when handling the zc can. Rear Vent Shield (not required for top-vent applications) Knock-out for top vent applications A knock-out is provided on the rear panel for rear vent applications. AAAA AA AAAA A Use the included screws to AA A AA AAAA A secure the zc can sides and AA A AAA A top to the zc can rear panel. A AA AAAAAAA AA

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) ZC Can Placement • Place the zc can inside the enclosure. The zc can must be placed so the front edge of the mounting flanges are flush with the enclosure opening. Secure the enclosure to the floor protection (and sub-floor) with screws. • When venting horizontally the rear vent shield must be installed over the top of the zc can. When installed, the rear vent shield should contact the thimble (it acts as a heat shield above the vent. For rear vent appl

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

ZC Kit – Large Pellet Insert (99200149) Insert Preparation and Placement • Place the extending hopper into its highest position (see the manual for details). This increases the pellet capacity of the heater. • Install the surround panels onto the insert and slide it into place. The surround panels must maintain a 3/8” gap from the enclosure opening (the stand-offs on the surround panels provide the 3/8” spacing). • After the insert is in place, attach the vent starter section to the insert (it

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