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Motorola KRZR user manual
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Summary of the content on the page No. 1

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions

T Te ex xt t M Me es ss sa ag giin ng g

How to Send a text Message

1. Press the “Menu” button.
2. Select “Messaging”.
3. Select “Create message”.
4. Select “New Short Msg”.
5. Type your message.
6. Select “Send To”.
7. Select message recipients(s) from your Contact list or select center select button on
directional pad and enter recipients ten-digit telephone number(s) or email addresss(es).
8. Select “Send”.
Note: during

Summary of the content on the page No. 2

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions 6. Select “Options” -> “Message Options” -> “Attachments” -> “Picture/ video / sound / new picture / new video 7. Make selection and press “Back” -> “Done” you are back where you enter the message. 8. Select message recipient(s) from your Contact List or press the select button on the directional pad on selection to enter recipient ten-digit telephone number(s) or email address(es), select “Options”, then select “Enter Number” or “Enter Email” and type

Summary of the content on the page No. 3

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions 9. Select “Options” -> “Download” ringtone will download and automatically play. 10. Select “Store” -> “OK” window pops up confirming that you have downloaded to phone. It important to “Store” (save) media internally in phone or it will not appear as a selection for ringtone. OR, To Download Ringtones from MuchMusic, MTV or Sympatico: 1. Select “Mobile Web”. 2. Select “Downloads”. 3. Select “MuchMusic”, “MTV”, or “Sympatico downloads”. 4. Browse

Summary of the content on the page No. 4

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions 2. Select “Settings”. 3. Select “Ring Styles”. *Note: There are five different profiles: Loud, Soft, Vibrate, Vibrate then Ring, Silent and each profile can be customized for different ringtones. 4. Select “Loud Detail” or which ever selection you made to customize the ringtones for the following selections. Note that Silent will turn off all sounds, and Vibrate will automatically change all selections to Vibrate patterns that can be customized to a

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions 3. To search Games: a. Choose “Games and Applications” from the “Search downloads” drop-down menu. b. Type in the game name or a keyword and click “Search”. To browse Games: a. Click on “Games” (under the “Downloads” heading). b. Browse Games by clicking on categories. 4. To purchase a game, click “Buy”. 5. Click the “I accept the Terms & Conditions” checkbox. 6. Click “Buy Now”. Log out SaskTel Download center account. 7. You will receive a Web Al

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions How to Download Screen Savers 1. Select “Mobile Web”. 2. Select “Downloads”. 3. Select “SaskTel downloads”, “MuchMusic”, “MTV”, or “Sympatico downloads”. 4. Select “Screen Savers”, “Wallpapers”, or “Images” 5. Browse Screen Savers and select the screen saver you would like to download. 6. Select “Buy Now”. 7. Select “Download now” -> “Options” -> “Download” download begins. 8. Select “Store” 9. Choose “Store Only”, “Apply as Wallpaper”, or “Apply

Summary of the content on the page No. 7

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions Videos How to Download Videos 1. Go to your phone’s main menu screen. 2. Select “Media Gallery”. 3. Select “Get Multimedia”. 4. Browse Video Downloads and select the video you would like to download. 5. Select “Purchase”. 6. Select “Accept and Download”. 7. Select “Options” -> “Download”. 8. The video will begin playing when the download is complete. 9. To save the video to your phone, select “Store”-> “Save”. How to Play Saved Downloaded

Summary of the content on the page No. 8

Motorola KRZR Feature Instructions 1. You will receive a text message notification that there is a new message waiting for you. To access the message simply press the Send or Talk key on your phone or dial #8767. 2. You will hear a welcome message for the service then the Say& Send message will play. If you have multiple messages, they will play in order from the newest to the oldest. You can skip messages by pressing the # key. 3. After listening to the message, you'll have the option t

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