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Device: Addonics Technologies UDFH7
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Date of adding : 2014-04-29 20:48:00
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Addonics Technologies UDFH7 user manual
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User Guide
1:7 USB HDD / Flash Duplicator
Technical Support
If you need any assistance to get your unit functioning properly, please have your
product information ready and contact Addonics Technical Support at:
Hours: 8:30 am - 6:00 pm PST
Phone: 408-453-6212

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Unpacking and Overview Power Cord (US Version Shown) Technical Support (M-F 8:30am - 6:00pm PST) Phone: 408-453-6212 Email:

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Compatibility Duplicator is USB 2.0 compliant. Works with USB 3.0 devices at 480Mb/s. Works with the following devices: - USB Flash media drive - USB External hard disk - Addonics Pocket Ultra DigiDrive (including PCMCIA storage devices or flash storage with the Addonics adapters) - Addonics Pocket eSATA/USB DigiDrive - Addonics Pocket Micro SATA UDD - Addonics Diamond or Ruby ExDrive, with or without Cipher feature, using the Addonics USB 3.0 to eSATAp Adapter - Any of the above USB stor

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For Direct mode: Once the Duplicator has analyzed the source device, it will scan for suitable target devices. While examining connected targets, the port's green LED will blink. If the device is suitable, the green LED will glow. If the device is unsuitable, the red LED will glow. The Display will show how many targets are ready. Press OK once all of the targets are ready to begin copying. The green LEDs will blink to indicate activity. Once copying is complete for a target, the green L

Summary of the content on the page No. 5

3. Copy+Compare Performs both the Copy and Compare functions in a single step. Between the two functions the devices are all powered down for a duration set by the Power Off Time Between Copy+Compare function in the Setup menu. Copy+Compare does not display the Copy Area setting. 4. Capacity Check Performs a basic test on target devices to determine if they are functioning properly. Does not report the status of the source device. Displays pass and fail counts, and number of drives remainin

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6.2. Measure Speed Estimates the read and write speed of the target media. After selecting this function, the port number in use will appear on the LCD, beginning with Port 2 (the first target). Press the arrow buttons to switch between targets. Once a target is detected, the test will continue to run without accepting any more input until it is complete, then provide a short report on the read and write speed for the media found. NOTE: NEVER remove a device while the LED is blinking. 6.3.

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6.8. Calc. Checksum Calculates a checksum value for the Copy Area function defined in the Setup Menu. NOTE: This function is not to be used to validate copies. Media that have identical content and structure may still have different checksums. Testing media devices for accurate duplication should only be done using the Compare function. Setup Menu 7.1. Startup Menu Defines the function that will appear by default after power-on testing is completed. Any of the Main Menu functions may be se

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7.6. Asynchronous Enables or disables Asynchronous Mode during the copy function. When enabled, the Copy, Compare, and Copy+Compare functions will work as described by the Quick Start section of this User Guide. When disabled, the Copy, Compare, and Copy+Compare functions will work as described in the Quick Start section of this User Guide in Direct Mode only. Default is “Enable.” 7.7. Check Before Copy Enables or disables testing target media before proceeding with the Copy function. Defau

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