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Asko Laundry Solutions user manual
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SOLUTIONS FOR YOU. InSweden,wherewedesignandbuildourASKOappliances, we’reproblemsolvers.Weworkhardtofindsolutionsto life’severydaychallenges–andourlaundrysystemsproveit. Everyfeature,everydesignelement,everyaspectoftheir performancehasbeenrefinedwiththesingle-mindedpurpose ofmakinglifesimpler.Fromtheirsleek,purposefulstyling andenergy-efficientperformancetotheirlegendarydurability andworld-classwarranty,ASKOlaundrysystemsmakelife easierforyou,foryourfamilyandfortheEarth. InSweden,that’ssimplythe

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UltraCareDryingSystems UltraCareXXL DryingCabinets,Vented&VentlessDryer LaundrySystem

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UltraCareFullyIntegrated UltraCareFamily LaundrySystem LaundrySystem

Summary of the content on the page No. 6

UltraCare LaundrySolutions Nomatterwhatlifethrowsatyou,ASKOhastheperfect UltraCaresystemtomakeshortworkofyourlaundry. Fromthehigh-efficiency,high-performanceUltraCare FamilytothesupersizedUltraCareXXLworkhorse, ASKOhastheright-sizedlaundrysystemforanyfamily, largeorsmall. Perhapsyouwantatrulyfunctional,trulybeautiful laundryroomwithyourappliancesbuiltintoyour cabinetryandcompletewithcountertops?UltraCare washersanddryersareavailablewithplentyof featurestoconfigureyourperfectlaundryroom. Maybeyou

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UltraCareFamily LaundrySystem TheASKOUltraCareFamilyLaundrySystemmakes Oursolutionsextendbeyondthelaundryroom, lifebetterbysimplyworkingbetter. providingtremendousenvironmentalbenefitsaswellas fresh,cleanclothes.ENERGYSTARqualifiedUltraCare Forstarters,UltraCareFamilywasherstreatyourclothes Familywashersaresomeoftheworld’smostefficient, withTLC–evenitemslabeledforhand-washing. gettingyourclothescleanandfreshwithlessdetergent, However,don’tletthisgentleactionfoolyou.UltraCare lesswaterandlesselec

Summary of the content on the page No. 9

™ ThankstoitsButterflyDryingSystem ,theASKO Withlesshand-washing,lessironing,lesswearonyour UltraCareFamilydryertumblesclothesinafigure-eight clothes,lessimpactontheenvironment,lesscomplicated insteadofjustroundandroundinacircle.Thiskeeps programming–andmoreperformance–theASKO clothesfrombundlingandcreasingandreducesyour UltraCareFamilyLaundrySystemis,inthesimplest needforironing.Preciselytunedtemperatureand terms,thelaundrysolutionforsimplerliving. moisturesensorsworktogethertoendthedrying cycl

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Summary of the content on the page No. 11

UltraCare FullyIntegrated LaundrySystem Now,ASKOgivesyouawonderfulwaytosimplify thelookofyourlaundryroomortoinstalllaundry appliancesinadifferentroomaltogether–thankstothe world’sonlyfullyintegratedlaundrysystem.Withthe UltraCareFullyIntegratedLaundrySystem,thefrontsof yourUltraCarewasheranddryercomepreparedforyour cabinetmakertoeasilyinstallwoodenpanelsthatmatch yourothercabinetry.Orifyouchooseafinishotherthan wood,yourUltraCareIntegratedLaundrySystemis ™ availablewithwhite,blackorTouchProof st

Summary of the content on the page No. 12

UltraCareXXL LaundrySystem DoyousufferfromBigLaundry?Youknow–loadafter loadafterload–thekindoflaundrythatneverends? Finally,BigLaundryhasmetitsmatch.Theultra-high capacityoftheASKOUltraCareXXLLaundrySystem willhelpyoudofewerloadseveryweek.Builttogently cleanthemostdelicateitemsandstilltacklethetoughest stains,theUltraCareXXLWasherhas5temperature settings–fromcoldtoextra-hot–and5soillevel settings.Likewise,theUltraCareXXLDryerfeatures 5drynesslevelsand5temperaturesettingsinaddition toanti-creasec

Summary of the content on the page No. 13

Summary of the content on the page No. 14

UltraCare DryingSystems ASKOoffersacompleterangeofdryingsolutions fromtraditionalventeddryerstocondenser-equipped, ventlessdryerstoanincredibleappliance,the UltraCareDryingCabinet. UltraCareventeddryersusetraditionalexhaustventing systemsbutareotherwiseanythingbuttraditional.With state-of-the-arttechnology,easy-to-operatecontrols, precisemoisturesensors,wrinkle-reducingfeatures andmore,UltraCareventeddryersaresomeofthe world’smostadvanced. Thankstoaunique,built-incondenser,ASKO UltraCareventless

Summary of the content on the page No. 15

UltraCare ™ HiddenHelpers Neatlyoutofsightbutreadytoassistwithstorage, foldingandironing,you’llfindoptional,time-saving toolscalledHiddenHelpers,littleconveniencesthat makelifesoeasyyou’llneverwanttodowithout them.Designedtomakedoingyourlaundryasfast, simpleandorganizedaspossible,ASKOUltraCare HiddenHelpersincludespace-savingfeaturessuch asaconcealed,removablebasket,ahandyironing board,pull-outshelvesforsortingandfoldingclothes, asortingunitwithtworemovablelaundrybags,and platformsforeasyloading

Summary of the content on the page No. 16

Features&Specifications Washers W6222 W6903 W6903FI* WL6511XXL MinimumWaterConsumption(Gallons) 6.6 7.9 7.9 13 AutomaticLoadBalancingSystem •••• SpinSpeeds 800/1200 400-2000 400-2000 550-1150 ™ SensorLevelControl System •••• InternalWaterHeater •••• WashTemperatureOptions Cold,85-205 Cold,85-205 Cold,85-205 Cold,155 MaximumNumberofRinses 7774 Six-Way,AquaBlockWaterContainmentSystem • • StainlessSteelInnerandOuterTank • • • InnerOnly ™ SolidRubberSmartSeal DoorGasket • • • ™ Quattro™Suspension •

Summary of the content on the page No. 17

™ HiddenHelpers Ironing Board Laundry Basket 8080704-0=White(W6903) 8081560-0=White,-81=Titanium(LineSeries) 8080705-0=White,-81=Titanium(W6903FI,W6222) 8081558-0=White,-81=Titanium,-91=StainlessSteel Height 6" (Circle,FISeries) 1 Width 23 /2" Height 6" 1 1 Depth 23 /4" Width 23 /2" 1 1 DepthatMax.Reach 59 /2" Depth 23 /4" 1 5 1 IroningBoardDimensions 36 /2"longX12 /8"wide DepthatMax.Reach 37 /4" 3 1 ArmInsertWidth(Optional) 16 /4"addedto BasketWorkingSurface 17 /2"Lx widthwheninstalled 19"W Wei

Summary of the content on the page No. 18

P.O. Box 940609 • Plano,Texas 75094-0609 800-898-1879 • Part#071030180109

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